January 28, 2009



Thom Loverro, of the DC Times, tried to make a point when he asked what the big draw was for having the Super Bowl in a warm weather city like Tampa- “The Waffle House capitol of the world,” then in Miami, next to the everglades next season and “The insult in Dallas” Jerry Jones’ new Cowboy Stadium the next year.

The main idea of the warm weather site has been that the warmth draws tourists who will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the Super Bowl experience with all of the attending hoopla.

Loverro said that DC would have made a better choice this year with President Barack Obama’s inauguration going on. I disagree with that because I think that it might turn the inauguration from being a solemn, orderly, peaceful transfer of power from one political side to another into a Mardi Gras type carnival.

Keep the SB in a warm site so that when, not if, the economy rebounds and regains its robustness, it will provide an earned mid-year respite from the stresses of business.

Loverro said that DC “wasn’t Tampa. It’s a big event Town.”


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