January 30, 2009



Today is the day when those wimpy sports writers, who have been running down the Cardinals’ chances of winning the Super Bowl, start putting their words in reverse.

Today we start hearing that the Steelers first year coach, Mike Tomlin doesn’t have the experience necessary to handle a game this big, We also hear how Dick LeBeau is over the hill. Which in a way is pretty funny- Tomlin is too young and LeBeau is too old. We hear how Ben Roethlisberger has been hampered by his several concussions.

But look, in recent years the Steelers have lost Neil O’Donnell,Chad Brown, Leon Searcy, Carnell Lake, Rod Woodson, Plaxico Burress, Joey Porter, Neil Faneca to free agency yet they still have remained at the top of their game. Their scouting MUST be the best talent evaluators and game planners. Why should they fall down now.

My “guess”-the Steelers by 10.

I’ll be very happy when the Super Bowl is over and I can begin yelling at Curt Shilling again.

The Barry Bonds saga is getting old. We’ve heard the same rumors, innuendos, and unproven accusations for years now and the Feds haven’t moved on him yet. Is it possible that their case is too weak to procede? 


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