February 2, 2009


This year’s game wasn’t as exciting for me as last year’s game won by MY GIANTS. But there was other excitement in this game won by the Steelers 27-23.

Ya know, I found my self ready to walk away at the end of the 3rd with Pitt up 20-7. In fact, I had already put on my PJ’s when the Cards made their come-back, led by Warner and Fitzgerald, then taking the lead 23-20.

Then it was Pitt’s turn to take the lead with 35 seconds to go. I think everybody expected them to get in position to kick a FG for the tie and then go into OT.

Earlier Matt Lauer interviewed President Obama (technical glitch and all) and Bob Costas interviewed Bruce Springsteen. Scott Ostler said in the SF Chronicle: “What a country! On TV you get interviews with Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama.—the Boss and THE BOSS.”

Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of the National Anthem was so stirring that I was cheering at the TV set.

This wasn’t a game of running, in fact combined there were 32 runs for 92 net yards. Roethlisberger was 21 for 30, 256 yards and 1 TD. Kurt Warner was 31 for 43, 377yards, and 3 TD’s. Each team had 1 INT but Arizona’s was run back 100 yards by the 240 lb LB James Harrison just before the half.

For the pool people: 1stQ     Half     3rd Q    Final

Pitt                               3          17      20        27

Ariz                             0           7       7          23

Santana Holmes was named the game’s MVP because of his good catch and it was his team that won the game. Otherwise, a good case could be made for Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald:

Holmes      9 catches for 131 yards and 1 TD

Fitzgerald  7 catches for 127 yards and 2 TD’s

As a quick aside- I liked the Doritos ads as well as the Bud Lite meeting ad when the guy went out the window. I didn’t like, Pepsi with Bob Dylan, or the with Ed McMahon.




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