February 7, 2009


Gwen Knapp wrote in the SF Chronicle that she thinks that drug testing on athletes is a violation of their civil liberties. She wrote, “The validity of all sports testing should be called into question. Players, unions, and agents should call for the immediate suspension of all drug-screening and Olympic athletes should consider their own rebellion.”

Let’s back up a minute- if there weren’t any suspicions of the uses of performance enhancing chemicals to begin with, the “ugly necessity of testing wouldn’t be present.

There’s a lot of posturing being done, right now by the athletes, the agents, the PR people, and assorted bomb-throwers who just enjoy as .anarchists.

Ya know- I haven’t heard that much noise about saying- “I didn’t do it.”

What I HAVE heard is- “It’s not my fault; don’t blame me;” “I didn’t know what it was; don’t blame me;” “My trainer sad it was flax-seed oil; don’t blame me;” “I thought it was a vitamin injection; don’t blame me;” “I don’t want to talk about the past; don’t blame me!”

Why is the method of delivering a message criticized so much?” Maybe it’s to move emphasis away from where it should be!

Are we going to hear that perpetrators were let off on technicalities? Never mind that they were seen committing the deed. Never mind they admitted and gloried in blowing up the USS Cole, they should be freed.

Knapp ended by saying, “We’re probably better off with dirty athletes.”


Bobby Abreu, Adam Dunn, and Manny Ramirez still haven’t been signed to play baseball as of 2/7 and it isn’t a case of collusion. It IS fiscal accountability.

Abreu doesn’t like to run near outfield walls- never has, never will. That’s his only minus.

Dunn strikes out as easily as he draws a breath.

The Ramirez story has been told too many times already  



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