February 9, 2009


I can’t imagine how A-Rod feels right now. And, I really don’t want to. He must have been tested more than once over the last six or seven years without coming up positive. But then again, Bruce Jenkins pointed out so did Marion Jones and Roger Clemens. What bothers me the most is the allegation that Gene Orza, an exec with the P/A, tipped off players when their “random drug tests” would occur.

HOW-EVAH- I AM going to follow Ray Ratto’s advice and not believe anything or anyone until this whole thing shakes out.

We’re starting to read statements from the “purity police” who are saying things like “cut him no matter what the cost.” It’s a little early for that.

We’re even seeing things from Curt Schilling, who is trying to remain relevant, who is saying that he was clean (or never been caught- I don’t know at this point which is true) and wants all 104 names of the players who had positive tests in the 2003 drug survey. Of course, the fact that the survey participants were assured of anonymity means nothing to Schilling.

The Frisco guys are all laughing up their sleeves at the NY press over all of this because of the way we rode them for giving Bonds a pass. Bruce Jenkins, of the SF Chronicle said he wants to see the reaction at Yankee Stadium if A-Rod comes out of this clean. I don’t think A-Rod is admitting anything so until it’s over, I’m going to sound a little like Sgt. Shultz in the “Hogan’s Heroes” TV program- I believe nothing, I believe nothing.

I mentioned Gene Orza a little earlier. He once said about steroids, “I have no doubt that they are not worse than cigarettes.” WHAT A HUCKLEBERRY! Can you blame the players if they don’t trust or believe their own guys?

Compared with the economic worries of today, the average baseball fan might not think this whole thing is that important and they- just- don’t- care!

For me, I’d like to see the Yankees trade A-Rod for some type A prospects like a catcher, a middle infielder, and/or a center fielder and sign Manny and Abreu.



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