February 12, 2009

 “Make a list, check it 103 times,” that’s what Dan Daly said to do in the DC Times. I’ve changed my mind about revealing the names on that list. Now I’m in favor of doing that. I do still think that the people or person who leaked info from the court mandated confidentiality of the list are/is guilty of a crime (contempt of court). The test was taken about six years ago and the average MLB career is 5.6 years so perhaps we can reduce that list by 90%. What’s the greatest fear of the remaining 10%, going to jail like Marion Jones? Why don’t we give them immunity from prosecution so we can have everything open and above board? Somebody must have told “Uncle Bud” Selig that if they were him they would be mad about the way A-Rod lied. That made Seig start to Stamp his feet and say, “You’re right,” first in a whisper, again in a normal voice, and finally at the top of his lungs. He probably would end with a “HARUMPH.” I don’t know why he’s getting mad now when this has been going on for more than 15 years- remember the “Canseco Cocktail” in Oakland? It’s just dumb. Speaking of dumb- who was that self appointed guardian of baseball’s good and welfare who asked President Obama that question about how he felt about A-Rod’s admission, during the Presidential News Conference. That was way over the top as if A-Rod’s situation was on a par with what Madoff did. Selig was carrying on about A-Rod admitting he used steroids (although he didn’t know their names- HE SAID) before testing in MLB began. My thought is if baseball is so diligent how come they don’t test for HGH yet even after so many athletes said they take it? Is this just a money thing? Although I guess not after Selig made $17.5 MILLION last year. Maybe the owners don’t want any more lower numbers. In any event, is this catastrophe on an equal plane with President Obama’s financial catastrophe? I think not.


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