February 14, 2009


Fehr and Orza play hardball with players’ money, careers, and lives. Even players who have been retired for more than a short while don’t like to cross swords with them. To get them out of their positions (Fehr became the General Counsel for the association in ’77 and Executive Director in ’85- Orza became the Associate General Counsel in ’84 and CEO in 2004) the players would have to make a sustained united stand which won’t happen because historically the players don’t like to do anything that MIGHT affect their money.

Even though there has been quite a lot of ink from columnists around the nation pointing out that Fehr and Orza might have just as much blame to shoulder as Selig for stone-walling drug test questions One guy even said: “These are the jokers who fought so hard against drug testing and, by all accounts, got into the habit of warning players of impending tests ahead of time — to say nothing of failing to destroy the so-called “anonymous” positive tests from the 2003 survey program. It won’t be easy getting rid of them.”

This “taint” has even crossed over to George Mitchell and his report. How hard-nosed could it have been if Mitchell recommended that all the positive testers be made to say they were sorry, so to speak, and not punish them at all. By the way- how many players from the Boston Red Sox were rumored to be mentioned in the report? Mitchell was and still is a member of the Red Sox Board of Directors, so my guess is none.

As far as Selig’s threat to re-write the records of outed offenders goes- that won’t happen, just as the records set during the “Dead Ball Era,” “The Spitball Era,” “The Peach-Basket Glove Era,” or even “The Segregation Era” records weren’t re-written. Why should they start now?

This whole mess has really been around for about 20-years when some average sized guys showed up for spring training looking like body-builders. They SAID they were doing weight training with some NFL players. UN-HUH.   


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