February 21, 2009


Bruce Jenkins wrote in his “Three Dot Blog” about the character clause in MLB-HOF Rules of Induction should be eliminated. “Specifically, it stipulates ‘playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and contribution to the team(s) on which the player played.’ I’m sure it sounded good when the rules were drawn up, but if you eliminated all the gamblers, cheats, racists, drunks, gun-toters, shameless womanizers, drug users, amphetamine-dependent stars and all-around bad guys from the Hall of Fame, you’d realize that the “character” issue has seldom been acknowledged by the writers. Whether it’s Cobb, Gaylord Perry, Ferguson Jenkins, Orlando Cepeda, Bonds or (eventually) Rodriguez, come on — are you kidding? The Hall is about performance on the field, the really influential players, not who performed the most community service.  He’s right.


I going to MSG this evening to see the fights that are being headlined by welterweights Miguel Cotto (32-1, 26 KO) and Michael Jennings (34-1,16 KO). This is a come-back fight for Cotto who was stopped in a TKO in his last outing by Antonio Margarito. Jennings is looking to use this win (if he wins) as a springboard to a title bout.

Also on the card is middleweight John Duddy (25-0, 17 KO) against Matt Vanda (39-8, 22 KO). Duddy has still another trainer who is supposed to cut down on the punishment taken by Duddy in recent bouts.

There is supposed to be a closed circuit broadcast of a bout between Pawel Wolack (22-1,15 KO) and Norberto Bravo (27-16, 15 KO) from Europe.

Super featherweight Maureen Shea (13-0, 7 KO) goes against Kina Malparteda (8-3, 1 KO).

I’ve been working on a way to evaluate the overall effectiveness pro basketball players that looks at more than only scoring points.

I’m going to use the player’s per game averages for turn-overs plus personal fouls divided by the total of points, rebounds, and assists.

I compared Kobe Bryant        – .151

                  LeBron                   .135

                  Magic Johnson       .196

                  Michael Jordan       .148

                  David Lee               .195

                 Amare Stoudemire – . 187

                 Steve Nash             – . 190

                 Shaq                         .195

                 Dwight Howard        .193

HMMM, Verrry Interesting



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