February 24, 2009


Friends, Romans, Sportsmen

T.J. Simers wrote a column in the LA Times that took the paper’s Mary McNamara to task for being so negative in reporting what happened at the Oscar Awards Ceremony to the night’s winners, past winners, and all the glitterati. Near the start of his piece Simers asked: “I just don’t get it. Why do writers always have to be so negative? Why are they so intent on tearing things down?”

He also said: “Now just imagine the practice time involved here…putting it all on the line for such a huge audience- the great ones responding when the pressure is on.”

I had to read this twice to see if Simers really was listed as the author because he has always been known as for his sharp barbs that have been aimed at athletes in every sport. This piece could have easily been written by one of Simers’ critics about HIM.

He wrote: “Some people are never pleased. He (writing about another Timester Patrick Goldstein) probably is nothing but a disturber, if you know what I mean, who writes only to get a rise out of people or sell more papers.” “Just how hard is it to give someone their due?”

Simers, here, has answered HIS critics without overtly saying what he’s doing.

He’s a good read who hasn’t shed all of his East Coast sarcasm. It’s not hard, at all, giving him HIS due!


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