February 26, 2009

 Scott Ostler, of the SF Chronicle, wasn’t surprised that Tiger Woods had an impressive opening match on the first day of a match-play tournament at the Ritz Carleton Country Club in Tucson, AR, against Brendan Jones. Woods had been out with a torn ACL for the last eight months. During that period, the other golfers on the pro-tour took turns hoisting the winner’s cups over their heads. But now, they might just as well go back and play in the “Garage and Attic Classic” types of tournaments. Scott recently heard that Tiger “ran a 4.29 40 at the combine and bench pressed his caddie 14 times.” The Golf Channel AND ESPN figure that now, with Tiger’s return, the ratings for their broadcasts just might top those showing rhythmic gymnastics. I agree with Scott when he said that Woods “looked fit and not at all rusty. He’s thinner in the waist, thicker in the shoulders, and biceps. THIS IS JUST WRONG- “He’s aging like Benjamin Button.” When Woods opened his play with birdie-eagle on the first two holes, Jones looked around for a bus to throw himself under. Growth Industries Even though our economic are creating massive layoffs, one of the areas, aside from the federal government, that seems to be spending money hand over fist is pro-sports. That industry MUST be growing if Manny Ramirez can turn down $25 million for one year and Matt Holliday can turn down $72 million, as he did last spring. NOW, we have to prepare our selves for the NFL free agent market that opens its doors today. We should be ready to see numbers lit $30 million being laid out with a sizeable portion being paid as a guaranteed signing bonus. I can almost hear Bert Lahr saying, “Make me an offer. Make me an offer.” How many people would hire Bud Selig to run their business? Raise your hands. Are you voting, sir? Oh, it’s the second door on the left. With his $17.5 million salary Kreiger said in the Rocky Mountain News, that it’s comparable to Barney Fife being the highest paid law enforcer in America. It’s unbelievable.


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