Yankees, Redskins, George Steinbrenner, Daniel Snyder

March 5, 2009



I seem to remember when the Yankees ownership went from the dismal years of CBS to those belonging to an unknown “young” hotshot who inherited a shipbuilding business, George Steinbrenner.

There were a few years (relatively speaking) when the Yankee league standings didn’t change that much.

Improvements began when “The Boss”, Mr. Steinbrenner, pledged to return the Yankees to their “rightful” position atop the American League.

We saw, what the press called, a revolving door for field managers as well as front office personnel. Naturally the press was all over him saying that he never built anything, never could be called a winner, wasn’t a NY’er, and a lot worse back-handed slaps.

But with all of those changes (you could always find someone else who couldn’t do the job), The Boss started to change the Yankees profile from that of a loser to that of a winner.

Men like Al Rosen, Clyde King, and Gene Michael worked hard evaluating the Yankees farm system and other team’s rosters for other players and built teams that were not only winners but also exciting.

Strong personalities clashed behind closed doors and often in the open. But every clash showed the combatants wanted to win above everything else.

The Washington Redskins under the ownership of Daniel Snyder seems to be following the Yankees business plan (make no mistake, this is a BUSINESS) a looks to be entering the phase where big money is being spent for free agents who can create a winning atmosphere while the team itself is becoming an entity for whom free agents want to sign on.

In the early Steinbrenner years The Boss allowed the press to focus on him instead of the players who were deemed to be “keepers” or fodder for trades (in the long run, it was thought to be less expensive to sign a big ticket player who still had water in his well than waste money trying to develop draft choices who don’t pan out. If you make a mistake, just try to correct it and move on)

That’s what Snyder is doing RIGHT NOW!

It’ll be interesting to see how he makes out and if the Redskins “brand” will grow.


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