March 7, 2009



We just had square root day, Dwight Perry told me (3-3-09). He knows how I am with numbers. “one of only nine each century in which the month and day are the square roots of the year. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “The A phenomenon is especially revered in Arizona, ever since the Diamondbacks won  one in ’01.”

If A-Rod puts his bat back on the rack for an extended amount of time because he might have to undergo hip surgery for a torn labrum. Now, as I’ve said before A-Rod has been known to be a “cooler” who affects the results of his team when he plays. We’ll just have to see if the remaining Yankees will step-up, play well as a team, and keep the Yankees at the top of their division.                                                                                                   Mike Lowell had a similar injury last season with the Bosox and tried to play through the injury, but was saddled by excruciating pain, when he finally had the surgery he was lost for almost the entire season.                                                                                                                    T-O’s Age Factor                                                                                       T-O is a “brand” but his baggage weighs down any thoughts of adding his talent to be a successful WR for anyone. Tom Knott had it in a nutshell when he said that Terrell Owens was “35-years old going on 5.”  He is a marketer’s jackpot, a brand. No first or last name is necessary. Owens is the loudest, brashest player in the NFL, no disrespect to Ocho Cinco. He sells a zillion jerseys wherever he goes. He makes news by doing push-ups in the driveway of his home. Or by taking an overdose of prescription pain pills. Or by threatening to take his football home.

He could debate with anyone about who deserves more touches of the football. That is the beauty of Owens. He is always open. Or thinks he is open. And it is always the fault of the darn quarterback if the football goes to someone other than him, whether the quarterback is Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb or Tony Romo. That is the downside of Owens. He brings a certain amount of drama and baggage to a locker room. He undermines quarterbacks, teammates and coaching staffs. He has meltdowns during games. And he has butterfingers. He is what is euphemistically known in the NFL as a distraction. And you know how coaches, players and fans detest distractions. Other than that, Owens is the ideal teammate.”




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