March 11, 2009



When I think about all the HOO-HAA about A-Rod’s hip problem caused by a cyst and torn cartilage, I can’t help think about Albert Belle and Bo Jackson.

Both Belle and Jackson had their careers shortened by strange problems. Belle couldn’t continue with his baseball playing because of Arthritis when he was 33.

Belle played 12-years, averaging 40 homers a year. He was averaged 31 homers a year for years 2-6 but it jumped to 42 in years 7-10 with a lot of suspicions of steroid use.

Bo Jackson played football four years and baseball for eight years. Jackson also had arthritic hips.

I don’t mean to imply, in any way that A-Rod’s psychical problems were caused by steroid use but don’t body parts start breaking down when unnaturally over-grown muscles start putting undue stress on them.

By the way, Belle played until he was 33 and that’s A-Rod’s age now.

Still I have to tell you that whenever one of these star athletes go down with an unexpected physical ailment; my eyebrows go up guessing the cause.

Thom Loverro, of the DC Times, said that NOTHING goes as planned with A-Rod. The Yankees are even saying he’ll be back on the field in May- of course they didn’t say he’d be playing or being a spectator.

“There are always surprises,” Thom wrote, “None of them good.”

(I’m told A-Rod is a big fan of this blog as is Greg Cote. Well, actually, I wasn’t really told that- but they MIGHT be,)   


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