March 14, 2009



We seem to be hearing a lot of noise recently from basketball network commentators and team drum beaters who are recommending that the potential 2010 free agents re-sign with their current teams.

They’re using the country’s poor economy as the governing factor.

These, so called expert, pundits are even hinting that NBA Commissioner “King David” Stern might open the current CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) for the purpose of lowering the salary cap. If that happens there certainly may be violent objections from the players association (read that as a walk-out) as well as from the owners (read that as a lock-out).

The drum beaters are saying that it would be best if the players took contract extensions assuring them of making more money, giving them more security, and allowing them to have calmer minds.

Of course this all centers on LeBron James. So the Cleveland teams drummers are leaking stories about LeBron’s comfort in playing for the Cavaliers because he id a native of Cleveland (remember the CC Sabathia comfort with San Francisco stories and where they went). The drummers are also saying that if Cleveland wins an NBA title would like to have that next to his name.

The players seem to have divided themselves into two groups. The first group wants contract extensions (Manu Ginobili-Spurs, Dirk Nowitzki- Stars, Yao Ming- Rockets, and Ray Allen- Celtics). The other group wants to test the free agency waters (Dwayne Wade-Heat, Michael Redd-Bucks, Joe Johnson-Hawks, Shaq-Suns) and doesn’t believe the drum beaters.

We’ll have to wait to see if the economy gets any worse.

Also on the horizon are the European leagues that have been scorned. However, if the Euro-Dollar gets stronger that conception might change.    


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