March 16, 2009


                                                                                                                                                A lot of players, as well as writers, didn’t like Bosox reliever Jonathon Papelbon’s knucklehead behavior (strange for a right-hander-but not a reliever). He certainly could have used a better choice of words. Especially from someone who was with Boston for all that Manny Ramirez contributed to the Red Sox World Series win in 2007. It didn’t seem to be a very brave thing to do a year after Manny left the team. I wonder what would have happened if he said what he did (I’m deliberately not quoting him because I think it’s a rotten thing to say- you can google it if you want) and Manny were standing next to him in the clubhouse. I doubt he‘d have the moxie then… Vets like Varitek and Ortiz never said anything bad about Manny because THEY remember his contributions 

It’s hard not to yell at the TV when Tony LaRussa talks about zero tolerance for players who use performance enhancers. To this day, he hasn’t owned up, as the Cardinal field manager, to the fact that Mark McGwire’s alleged juicing when he was a St. Louis Cardinal chasing and passing Roger Maris’ single season home run mark in the late 90’s                                    

Tim Keown, espn.com wrote: “The appeal of the college (basketball) game is the beautiful panic. Consider the scene just after a timeout call. There always is some backup forward hopping out to midcourt, getting into his point guard’s face to exhort him to greater heights. There are eight 19-year-olds going absolutely nuts while the coach, clipboard in hand, neck veins distended, is trying to impose some level of order. He’s trying to calm them down, and the only way to do it is to scream and point. Then, of course, there’s the star of March: the clapping coach. You know this guy — every bench has one. His job is to clap and nod vigorously as the guys come off the court, then clap and nod vigorously when the head coach is finished screaming and the guys are heading back onto the court.”

I printed out my NCAA brackets and have Louisville, UConn, Duke, and Syracuse as my final four. On my first draft, I had Louisville going against Duke in the Final, with Louisville winning. But, I changed it to Louisville and Syracuse in the Final, again with Louisville winning. I didn’t pick Syracuse because I’ve never liked Jim Boeheim and think his teams always find a way to lose the “Big Game.” But, that’s just me.



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