March 21, 2009

 Wilbon wrote about how he always enjoys looking for that “Cinderella Team. He first thought it might have been American playing ‘Nova in Philly, “There was a moment, a three-point attempt in the air, when it looked like American University was going to be 17 points up on Villanova in the second half, in Philly. Goliath couldn’t get little David off of him. It’s what every kid dreams of who isn’t quite good enough to be recruited by one of the glamour schools. And with all due respect to Magic and Larry, even Michael Jordan and John Wooden, it’s David firing the occasional rock upside Goliath’s head that more than anything has turned a college basketball tournament into a calendar-defining event in America. Sure enough, Villanova methodically chased down American and won, by a rather comfortable 13 points, no less, 80-67. Somewhat predictably, the tighter the game got the tighter the AU players got. The sure shooting, freewheeling passing, dribbling and cutting to the basket from the first half disappeared. Garrison Carr’s wondrous three-pointers, the shots that had him looking like the new Stephen Curry for 20 minutes, were all short, as if he was jumping out of quicksand. There was no buzzer-beater Thursday, no overtime, no Final Four hopeful sitting on the bench crying. Yet, it was the stuff that made you move forward in your seat and made you wait for halftime before going to the bathroom or the fridge.” Bob Molinaro wrote: “Top seed North Carolina didn’t need any help to run over Radford on Thursday in Greensboro, N.C., for yet another year Roy Williams’ team remains comfortably at home in the Tar Heel state. Last year, you might recall, Carolina opened the tournament in Raleigh before moving to Charlotte for the regional. As Gregg Doyle pointed out on, in the past decade, tournament teams with ‘de facto home games’ are 71-8. “


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