March 27, 2009



Ok, Duke was spanked 77-54 by ‘Nova and knocked out of my Final Four. But do you know what- I don’t mind a bit that Duke lost.

Boston Ryan was at the Boston Garden, er-I’m sorry, that’s the T.D. Banknorth Garden for an NCAA playoff game, and said, “It was a different experience, and a fun time. The Garden was alive in a way that’s far different from the NBA experience. The NBA has been taken over by marketers and people, who, I swear, detest sports, and they have something they call “Game Presentation.” College doesn’t do “Game Presentation.” College does – I don’t know how else to put this – basketball. So there were cheerleaders, time-proven mascots, and bands. You know, live music, not irrelevant noise being pumped out from the sound system. And there was no applause meter encouraging people to cheer. I know this will be a difficult concept for the marketing geeks to understand, but these college fans actually know enough to cheer without prompting.”

Lance Armstrong recently had a visit from his old friend, Mr. Pain. He was racing his bike in Spain and had a tumble and wound up in a ditch with a broken collarbone. I don’t know if you’ve ever broken your collarbone but I have and it hurt like heck. If you move just a little bit before your arm is stabilized you see the flashing lights of pain. Armstrong (it’s too bad he wasn’t “shoulderstrong”) said that he didn’t want to feel around in case something, like a bone, was sticking out. I only cracked my collarbone but he “bustakated” into several pieces and he had to undergo (you never want to hear the words open reduction) surgery to attach a metal plate with twelve screws so the bone could be held together. Sally Jenkins said that “Armstrong views pain as corrective and cleansing.” Armstong has the belief that “Pain is temporary; quitting is permanent.” As soon as he is allowed he’ll start his rehab by riding a stationary bike on rollers in his living room. However, the worst part of that rehab will come when he’s on a bike a pedaling up hill. That’s when he’ll have to put weight on his arms on the handlebars. You can say whatever you want about Armstrong’s personal lifestyle. But there’s no denying all of the health problems that he’s had to overcome to be able to race again.





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