April 12, 2009



Kenny Perry indeed showed Saturday that he has finally figured out how to handle adversity as Plaschke reported. “He was brought to his knees in Amen Corner with consecutive poor-putted bogeys, but he survived to hit a perfect approach shot to set up a birdie on 13, and finished with five consecutive pars to hold a piece of the lead against the charging Cabrera.
“I had a tough day out there. . . . I was struggling. . . . I was nervous,” he said.
He showed these nerves once more on the 18th hole when, before setting up for a birdie putt, he turned and stared at the giant scoreboard, and who does that?
“Looking at the leaderboard, there are actually quite a few guys who have a shot at this thing,” he said.
Nice pep talk, hmm?
Sure, he’s right; he will be chased by the major-winning likes of Cabrera, Jim Furyk, Todd Hamilton and, from a distance, Woods and Mickelson.
But none of those guys ever responded as Kenny Perry did when I asked him how he would spend the eve of the most important round of his life.
It is a question someone asks every Masters leader on Saturday night and virtually all of them announce they will spend it at their rented home with friends.
Perry is the only one to give me the name of the actual street.
“Hey, I got about 20 folks there, we’re going to kick back and have a good ol’ time,” he said with an aged, honest cackle.”
Here’s hoping that green jacket comes in a size regular

Bruce Jenkins complained that “The CBS coverage of the Masters began at 3:30 EDT Saturday afternoon — inexcusably late. Some two and a half hours before, Tiger Woods had double-bogeyed the first hole, a historically shocking development that just might have wrecked his chances to win. But no, CBS and the Masters can’t be bothered to show the entire third round live. It’s only the tournament every golf fan in the country wants to see. I know that Augusta National is very protective about its television coverage, particularly in the first two rounds, and CBS has to follow Augusta officials around like a little puppy dog, catering to their every whim. But if you can’t show Tiger Woods live, at 1 p.m. Eastern, to begin the third round of the Masters, you’ve got one lousy television package.”

Just to let you know- Ben Hogan was the only player to lose in a playoff twice at The Masters



“Now let’s turn to Fox Sports for another inexcusable marriage,” said Bruce. “We’ve reached a point in major league baseball where nearly every game is on, day and night, and that’s exactly how it should be. Sometimes we have to pay for the privilege, most notably the comprehensive “Extra Innings” package on DirecTV, but we should be well past the blackout era. Not so on Saturdays, where Fox has an exclusive window to televise afternoon games. The “Extra Innings” afternoon schedule is completely blank, in deference to Fox’ 1 p.m. game between the Red Sox and Angels. Make no mistake, that’s the game to watch today, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of every other option (night games are allowed to be telecast, a big reason the Giants have moved so many home-Saturday starts to 6 p.m.).So it is that the new Major League Baseball Network, nothing short of a revelation during the first week of the regular season, backs off so horribly today. Its schedule features nothing but retro highlights — and who can forget that 1934 World Series — until 5 p.m., when its own Saturday package kicks in (Dodgers-Arizona). That’s right; the MLB Network can’t even show highlights of today’s games until that afternoon window expires. The Fox-MLB package is pathetic enough in the postseason, with so many games (including the entire World Series) starting at 8:30 p.m. Eastern while kids drift off to sleep. But this Saturday deal has to go. In fact, get Fox the hell out, now. Their greed is making everyone sick.”

Dwight Perry by way of the BBC reported that “In the face of 1,962 viewers’ complaints — issued an apology after Clare Balding, during an interview with winning jockey Liam Treadwell after the Grand National, said of Treadwell’s teeth: “He hasn’t got the best in the world, but you can afford to go and get them done now.”                                                                                                      On the plus side, at least she didn’t offer him a carrot.”






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