April 15, 2009



Thomas Boswell wrote in the DC Post:                                                                              “The Phillies, as might be expected of world champions and friends, bid farewell to their beloved broadcast voice of the last 38 years, Harry Kalas, who died, in the utterly inadequate but nevertheless appropriate way. They won a ballgame they hardly wanted to play. That was the only available testimony to Kalas, so they took it. Seldom has a record crowd, such as the 40,386 in Nationals Park, been so willing to cede the hour and day to the visiting team. Before the national anthem, a moment of silence was held for Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, who was killed in Los Angeles by a drunk driver. And, by the middle innings, word arrived that the eccentric Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, 54, who talked to the ball on the mound and had a brief but brilliant pitching career in the 1970s, had been killed in an accident at his home. One was young and had just pitched six scoreless innings in the third game of the season, then died within hours as a car passenger. One was middle-aged and found under a truck he had apparently been working on at his farm. And Kalas, older but still vital, had just had one of his finest memories, calling the World Series victory last October for the team with which his name is always linked.These slap-in-the-face moments in life, which don’t directly concern us yet affect us more deeply than we might suspect, have a sobering tonic quality. They take us out of ourselves for a moment and let us see matters — not life-and-death things, just our everyday reality — with more distance and less anxiety.

I remembered that there was a MLB-pitcher who took his nickname from Fidrych. He was Doug “The Fidrych” Bird and he pitched for the Royals, the Phillies, the Yankees, the White Sox, and the Red Sox with a 73-60 record over 11-years and a 3.99 ERA

Norman Chad writes a syndicated sports column that I read every chance I get. Here are some facts, tried and true, he said, about the widening world of sports TV:

1)      “Do you know how many times I have fallen asleep watching a Braves game on TBS and, when I awaken, Chipper Jones is still at-bat?”

2)      “He might be the best golfer ever, but almost every time I look up on Sunday, Tiger Woods is dueling some guy who was in line next to me at Target last month..”

3)      “I hate three-man booths, but ABC’s NBA team of Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy is too good to hate.”

4)      “Odd historical nugget: When the Christians were fed to the lions in ancient Rome, local cable TV used sideline reporters.”                                                                   

5)      “You can now watch a basketball game on your cell phone. I’m old school: I’d rather play Tetris on my cell phone.”

6)      “What exactly was Melba thinking the first time she made Melba toast.”

7)      “If Paul Revere were alive in 2009, he’d ride through the streets of Concord, Mass., shouting, “Tim McCarver is coming, Tim McCarver is coming.”






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