May 22, 2009

NY is getting ready for the Phillies-Mets rivalry by playing the Red Sox. The Sports Curmudgeon told us that: “According to a website called “letsgomets.
vox.com”, the NY Mets’ payroll for 2009 is $138.2M.  The team has certainly not skimped on expenses.  Earlier this week, someone on the business side
of things in the Mets’ organization had to be wondering what he had to do in order to get his money’s worth here.  In a single game, the Mets committed five
fielding errors AND they had a runner called out on an appeal play – negating a run scored – because the runner failed to tag third base while coming around
 to score.  Oh, and he did not miss that bag by only an inch either…”
Then Bill Conlin wrote from Philly to say, “Hopefully, the blue-ribbon panel (from The Sporting News) missed the Dodgers’ three-game sweep of manager
Jerry Manuel’s Hollywood revival of the Keystone Kops. The only thing missing from the end game of the second game of the series was calliope music and
a ringmaster. Players were provided by Hertz Rent-a-Clown.”

This sounds like a law suit being typed up: “Ramirez tested positive for significantly elevated levels of testosterone, and the subsequent investigation
uncovered a prescription for another banned substance, HCG.
Ramirez accepted the suspension based on the indisputable evidence of the prescription. Before baseball officials discovered the prescription in his medical
files, Ramirez and his representatives had been prepared to argue that the positive test could have been triggered by DHEA, a substance classified as a
steroid and banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency but not forbidden under baseball’s drug policy or restricted by the federal government.
Selig would not say whether he believed the government should classify DHEA as a controlled substance, the Associated Press reported. Such classification
would result in the immediate addition of DHEA to baseball’s list of banned substances.”
Should the Doctor have known what was banned by baseball before he prescribed the medicine? We won’t know if Manny doesn’t tell why it was
prescribed- and that may be a little too much information.

Mike Penner forwarded this under the title of “Do not adjust your television set.” “It has taken Lakers fans two games to settle in, study the new designs,
get used to the new patterns and accept the new angles for what they are: dazzling examples of multicolored body art marked all over the Denver Nuggets.
As Bob Molinaro of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot recently wrote, “If you’re turned off by the sight of copious body art, don’t watch the multi-tattooed Denver
Nuggets. The typical Nuggets player is more inked up than the Sunday edition of the New York Times.”


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