May 24, 2009

Boston Ryan had a few things to say to the West Coast Snobs who think they’re the authority on everything baseball and we should listen to them because it’s obvious (only to them) they know better.                                                                                                                                         
“The effrontery,” Ryan wrote in The Boston Globe, “The brazenness, the absolute gall of someone in PDT whining about the potential viewing hardship of a
late-afternoon start is beneath contempt. Those people have been living charmed sports viewing lives for their entire existences. It’s time we EDT/ESTers got a break.                                                                                      
Here’s the real, actual, irrefutable honest-to-God truth of the matter: For decades upon decades, people from the East Coast have made all the viewing
sacrifices. Those West Coast dilettantes haven’t been asked to make any.                                                                                                     
 It’s time those pampered PDT/PSTers had to live with World Series, baseball playoffs, NBA Finals, and Final Four starting times that either a) prevent
normal working people from seeing the finish of games or b) preclude the youth of America from watching these games at all. That’s the reality of life on the
East Coast.                                                                                                         
Aren’t they ridiculous? I’m asking you, which is worse: missing the first two innings or first quarter or missing the last three innings or fourth quarter? It’s not
even close.                                              
And this is without even mentioning the plight of the actual EDT paying customers. At least the people at home can turn off the TV and go to bed as soon as
the late-finishing game is over. The people who, as the beleaguered Oregonian Bob Abernathy would put it, actually pay up and go to the games must then
file out, get to wherever they’ve parked, and drive home. All this could easily take two hours, meaning that an extra-inning postseason baseball game might result in some EDTer getting home around 3 a.m.                                                                                         
So we just don’t want to hear about the trials and tribulations of living on the West Coast. Boo bleepin’ hoo.                                                                                                              
The networks are the obvious villains here, but the real enemies of the people are the commissioners and owners, who always, always, always
seek every last penny they can extract from the networks, sacrificing the integrity of the game and the best interests of their fans with their greed. They have
surrendered control of their own events in exchange for the maximum dollars. They tell you when you’ll play, rather than the other way around, so common
sense is abrogated.                                                                                                                                   
Has it ever occurred to the PDTers who are sincerely interested in the baseball playoffs and/or World Series that all games are on this interesting
contraption called radio and that there are far worse things in life than listening to an inning or three on radio whilst driving home before plopping down in
front of the TV? As a lifelong EDTer, I would gladly take that scenario over the one we endure on an annual basis, watching games drag on (another story
for another day) past midnight.                                                                                                                                    
Yeah, I know. Makes too much sense. Yeah, I know, never happen. But I can dream, can’t I?”

There are reasons that Jake Peavy didn’t have MLB-GM’s beating down the door to the Padres management offices. He has a career 3.26 ERA pitching
for the NL-Padres and that could translate to a 4.26 in the AL. The SD ballpark is cavernous and is pitcher-friendly where his ERA is 2.79 as opposed to
3.78 on the road since 2006. Most importantly his career WHIP is 1.182 (he had a 1.04 in 05 and a 1.06 in 07) with a 3.1 K to BB ratio.                                                                                                                       
But the San Diego financial picture is cloudy at best and GMA Kevin Towers will want to get out from under the $50-$60 million of guaranteed money so
SD will be in the trade market


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