October 22, 2011

Giants-Jets Week 6
The Giants (4-2) scored a last minute FG to pull out a 27-24 win over the Bills (4-2). Eli was 21-32,292yds with no sacks or INTs. Ahmad Bradshaw ran 26 times for 104 yds. Jake Ballard is doing well at TE. This week saw Ballard get 81 yds. on 5 catches. The D had a good day except for Naamen Roosevelt had one rush for 60 yds and Fred Jackson had an 80 yd. RAC for a TD
The Jets (3-3) beat the Dolphins (0-5) 24-6. It was a game they HAD to win and should have had no trouble winning. Miami, however, outgained the Jets 308-296 net yards and it took 4 sacks, 2 INT’s, 5 forced fumbles, and a 100 yard INT return for a TD completed by Darrelle Revis and the rest of the NY-D to get the win. While this was a big win, it’s nothing to warrant any good feelings in the locker room.
The Cooler
A while ago I said that A-Rod was called “The Cooler” by a lot of other MLB players because, while he hit lots of home runs, his teams seemed to play better without him in the line-up.
In his final presser of the season Yankees manager Joe Girardi said the Yankees had a lot of bad luck in the post season this year that affected Swisher, Teixiera, as well as A-Rod.
I remember that Branch Rickey told Ralph Kiner, when Kiner asked for a raise after taking the home run title 2-years in a row, “The Pirates finished in last place with you and we can’t do any worse without you” (Kiner signed his contract without a raise right away). Rickey also said very often that luck was the residue of hard work and design.
The Yankees did pretty well while A-Rod was DL’d, so why pay him $20million/year for another five years? Was it because of his ability to play 3rd base? I don’t think so.
A-Rod’s batting has taken some backward steps in recent years, especially in the post season. His career post season OPS is .884 but in the last two years it read .606 and .374.
Gut Check For CC
Stephen A. Smith (ESPN.com) wrote that the Yankees will probably allow C.C. Sabathia to opt out of his contract and then chose to sweeten his 7-year $161million deal to bring him into the Cliff Lee, Roy Halliday range. Actually, they have no choice. There are no aces out there. They’re all in long term contracts.
One thing they can do, “HOW-EVAH” is limit the number of years and insist on CC be in better condition so he doesn’t tire out in the post-season
Fenway Fires
I have to tell you that I’m looking to being able to turn down my thermostat this winter because of the warmth from fires in the Fenway offices.
Just to bring you up to date- the guy who built the team that won the first Red Sox Championship since 1918, Theo Epstein, was allowed to move to the Cubs. The field manager who kept that team on the field long enough to win TWO titles was allowed to “resign” (not too many fans believed that spin). “Anonymous Team Sources” hinted Terry Francona had his judgment clouded by an over reliance on pain pills. The same “Team Sources” also smeared Lester, Lackey, and Becket by saying these starters ate fried chicken and drank beer in the clubhouse, during the game, when they weren’t playing.
When I write, I try not to use anonymous sources because every time I hear that phrase I wait to hear a hatchet job.
I think all of the Boston drama is the work of the team owners to changes the Red Sox personality from the tobacco chewers to bubble gum users.
Traci Hamilton (DC Post) pointed out that the Red Sox aren’t the first team that experienced the same drama/Their fans have also changed from the “loveable loosers” into fans “who couldn’t recognize Vermont and New Hampshire on a map and wore red hats with the tag hangling off the back.”
The Red Sox MUST win back their fans by being the “brand” New England wants and get that team fire going again
Yankees Trade/Free Agent Prospects
Prince Fielder 27-yrs old, 7-yrs in league, bats left 5’11”-275lbs .282 BA/ 37HR- yr/106 rbi-yr/ .929ops-career
C.J.Wilson 30-yrs old, 7yrs in league/ lefty/43-35/3.60 era/121 ip- yr/ 1.29 whip.
Mitch Albom
I read Mitch Albom’s Detroit Free Press column where he wrote about the Tigers’ “win- pack- it- up home field victory over the Rangers and it was a good read for me. Albom wrote about Tigers manager Jim Leyland, Miguel Cabrera, and Justin “just in time” Verlander who threw 133 pitches.
I enjoyed Albom’s positive and upbeat style that didn’t play the blame game. Am I doing an ostrich act? Maybe but so what, I liked it. It was ALL pro-Tigers without any hints of objectivity. This was the way that the late Bill Gallo used to write.
Here is an Albom example: “And so all afternoon, as a peeking sun turned to misty clouds and misty clouds turned to darkness, watching Verlander required two sets of eyes — how much was he flaming, how much was he flaming out? Verlander reached his 40th pitch the third inning, his 60th by the fourth. How many more drops in that canteen? How long before the team was parched and dry?” WHOOO!
An Oak Acorn
Charles Oakley is retired but still looks at himself as a NY Knick. He commented to ESPN.com about Isiah Thomas: “I don’t understand how he even got a job with management. He had nothing to do with the Knicks, then he talked bad about the Knicks … If I see him, he’d better turn around and go the other way.
On the Knicks and Ewing: “They don’t like Patrick. They won’t give Patrick a job, so I know they won’t give me a job. Patrick should have a job before anyone. He’s probably the best guy since Frazier, Monroe… he’s the main guy on the list.”


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