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October 28, 2011

Jets Week 7
The Jets (4-3) beat the Chargers (4-2) 27-21 in yet another come from behind win. The Jets had 162yds. rushing but that included Shonn Green’s 20 runs for 112yds. (without that they had- 11rushes for 50yds.
S.D. passed 18/33, 156yds. all in the 1st half. At the half, it was decided to use more zone D to help Cromartie. While watching Cromartie, I decided that he had a lot of A.J.Burnette in him. Before the game, the Coach wanted to know who was going to play that day- the good Cro, or the bad Cro.
Burress had 3 TD’s but before you get excited, remember he’s 6-5 and his defender was 5-8.
More Acorns From Oak
On Coach Mike D’Antoni’s system: “I don’t think [it can be successful], but that’s his coaching style. They knew when they signed him. … When you go buy a Bentley, you know it’s not a Volkswagen. When they signed him, they knew what they were getting. That conversation should be dead, because it’s a West Coast offense playing in a hard-nosed city. You always give somebody a chance to prove themselves. I mean, this is his fourth year. He’s had a lot of time. … I think it’s just more half-court offense, and they need the big, tough guy. He don’t want to play that way, but finesse, it’s not gonna work.”
On Anthony and Stoudemire: “I mean, they’ve got hype. But hype don’t win nothing.”
On Stoudemire’s play: “Amare’s good; he’s good in his way. He’s a West Coast player trying to translate to the East Coast. And the longer he plays in the East, the more his body’s gonna get damaged, because he’s got to take a beating now.”
NBA Business Plan
Norman Chad wrote in the DC Post: “The NBA produces $4 billion annually in revenue, but the owners says they’re losing several hundred million a year. That’s some BAD ownership. How many businesses in America generate $114,155 every 15 minutes of every day and lose money? Heck, a Geico caveman could operate an NBA franchise in the black.”
Invitation To Irrelevance
Bob Ryan (Boston Globe) hit the nail on the head when he warned the NBA players and the NBA team owners that if they aren’t careful their labor squabble is going to hurt them more than they can imagine. He said, “What both sides must realize is that the sports world will get along very nicely without the NBA. Do these people not understand that in this country at the present time, there is the NFL, and there is Everything Else? America grew very antsy as football training camp time approached and there was no deal. The NBA cancels a portion of its regular season and in many locales the news isn’t even reported on the first sports page. Football now runs until the first Sunday in February. Pitchers and catchers report two weeks later. March Madness takes care of that month. The NHL actually has gained some national traction. Who needs the NBA?”
Scott’s Jots
Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) made this comment about the NBA, “The NBA lockout reminds us that basketball is the best sport. It’s the only major sport that millionaire pro players play for free in their spare time. You never see major-league baseball players or NFL players running around looking for pickup games.
Swat The “Bug-Weiser”
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) passed along a clip from Brad Rock (Salt Lake City Desert News): “A recent study showed drinking beer can help ward off mosquitoes,” wrote Brad Rock of Salt Lake City’s Desert News. “Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen a can of OFF! at a Raiders game?”
Silver And Black Personality
I’m anxious to see if the ascent of Mark Davis to be the Managing General Partner of the Oakland Raiders, succeeding his father the late Al Davis, will change the team’s personality as being a league renegade.
The acquisition of QB Carson Palmer might have been the opening salvo and a harbinger of things to come. Now Coach Hue Jackson might bring back the Snake Stabler days. But we should make up our minds after just one week.
Cub Talk
How difficult is it to understand, for some of the media, that MLB prohibits ANY talk of senior personnel changes until the World Series is completed? If there is a rapid announcement about Epstein going to the Cubs, are we expected to believe there were no talks going on during the WS?
Not-So-Free Agents
I don’t think that the Yankees will spend very much time thinking about adding Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder as a replacement at 1B for Mark Teixeira. All of the noise is coming from agent-hype because it’s well known that if the Yankees are in the mix the player’s return would grow.
That reminds me of the Charlie Finley idea of controlling the huge payments gives to free agents. Finley’s proposition was that every major leaguer would become a free agent every year after the World Series. “The Yankees,” he said, “can sign the best 25. Then the rest of us cab split the rest.”
Yu Darvish Stats
Baseball-reference.com had stats for Darvish:
6’5”, 185lbs, 23-yrs old, right hander, 4-yrs Japan’s minor league, 58-22, 98 starts, 10cg/yr, 198ip/yr, 201k/yr, 9.2k/9inn, 4.36 k/bb, 1.81ERA, 0.909WHIP
Arthur Rhodes
I couldn’t believe that he was still active. He’s virtually spent his 20-year career as a set-up guy with 762 appearances with 289 saves. He has a 1.30 WHIP and has gives up an average of 1HR/9INNGS.
I don’t know what is his big drawing point, but whatever it is, it’s made him a good living.
Another note from Dwight Perry (Seattle Times). This time it’s followed by an OOOF. “Q: What do they call it when that new golf-themed cemetery in Bellevue buries an atheist?A: An unprayable lie.”
What’s The Count? Dwight then sent along, “Ian Hamilton of the Regina (Sask.) Leader-Post, after Fox’s Tim McCarver said strike is “a five-letter” word and then proceeded to spell out all six letters: “It’s a sad thing when a color man doesn’t know the count.”


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  1. Glad to have you back and posting your columns.

  2. bob said

    Yu Darvish(Nippon Ham) Posting Player

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