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November 4, 2011

Giants (5-2)
The Giants eked out a 20-17 win over the Dolphins (0-7) by having Eli light it up in the 2nd half. The G-Men racked up over 400yds. in the game with only 58yds coming from 23 rushes. Reggie Bush rushed 15 times for 103yds.
Eli threw 31 for 349 while the D had 5 sacks and 1 INT.
It would have been a disaster if they lost this game and they MUST play at a higher level and much better next week against the Patriots.
Does NFL stand for National Flag League? Not as in “Flag Football” (well, maybe) but as in a lot of penalties for physical play are being called. And, some interference penalties and roughing the passer calls are like “pitty-pat” fouls. They’re fouls that wouldn’t even crack a saltine.
Tom Coughlin
Ian O’Connor (ESPN.com) said that the HC of the NY Giants, Yom Coughlin is unlike the Coach of the Jets in that “he doesn’t talk bigger than his team plays.”
Al Davis
Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) wrote about Al Davis saying, “When the Raiders trained in Santa Rosa, Davis had a private booth in the hotel’s restaurant, equipped with a then-hip telephone. John Lee Hooker had a private booth in his Fillmore blues joint, the Boom Boom Room. Davis was hired by the Raiders in 1963, a year after Hooker had a hit with “Boom Boom.” Each man cultivated a bad-ass mystique. They had a lot in common, the bluesman and the bruise man. Seems fitting that they now rest next to one another.”
Norman Chad writing as “The Couch Slouch” posted, with tongue in cheek, that he would like to , “Ask (NBA) Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov(about the NBA lockout) if he knows any persuasive Russian ‘negotiators.’”
Cardinal Chaos
The button pushing St. Louis Cardinal manager, Tony LaRussa, experienced a mental or mechanical blow-up.
Let’s set the stage- its game 5 in the WS; the score and the series is tied at 2; its inning 7; Cardinal Pitcher Chris Carpenter has thrown 101 pitches when LaRussa comes out and yanks him (Carpenter often throws more than
The reliever gives up a double and a walk. LaRussa brings in Rzepcznski who turns a DP into an infield hit. LaRussa claimed he asked the bull pen to have Rzepcznski and Mott (who throws 100MPH) warm up. The pen says they heard Rzepczski and Lynn (who should have been unavailable) and heard Lynn twice (that’s their story).
Thomas Boswell (DC Post) wrote, “LaRussa loves to pull levers more than anyone in baseball. But this time, every one was connected to a keg of dynamite. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Out go the lights.”
I’ve been hearing that a lot of pressure was put on Joe Torre to call game 6 early by the TV people. The network people would rather have game 7 on Friday night than on Thursday. The NL people weren’t against that because it gave Carpenter an extra day’s rest so he was able to start that 7th game.
I also heard that the skies cleared after the game was called. Frankie Frisch and Dizzy Dean must have been working on the other side.
Possible Yankees Targets
Roy Oswalt 33yrs, righty,159-93 but 22-23 last 3/yr,220IP, 180k/yr, 3.5 K/BB 1.19WHIP, but his lower back health is questionable.
Mark Buehrle 32yrs,lefty, 161-119, 223IP/yr, 126K/Y,2.5K/BB,1.28WHIP
Edwin Jackson 27yrs,righty,60-60, 195IP/yr, 195K/yr,140K/y,3.7 k/BB, 1.48 WHIP
All 3 of them are back of the rotation pitchers and might be not as good as Freddy Garcia- 34yrs. righty,145-95, 215IP/yr,154K/yr, 2.11K/BB, 1.3WHIP
A Good Read
DJ Gallo (ESPN.com) said we should read the Wake Forrest football program and check out the team’s roster that includes the names of TE Gelo Orange and TE Dino Folino and he said, “If you don’t like saying ‘Dino Folino,’ we can’t be friends.”
BTW, DJ Gallo is the founder of SportsPickle.com.
Pro Basketball News
Do you miss reading about NBA games, who won, who was the leading scorer, who was arrested? I sure don’t!
A Hole In One
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) asked, “Hear about the guy who got booted from the golf-themed funeral?
He broke the silence by blurting, ‘Get in the hole!’”
More From Dwight
“Two Drake University basketball players were arrested for shoplifting.
“Which certainly puts a whole new spin on ‘pickup game.’”
Sonny Boy
Bill Conlin (Philly Daily News) wrote about heavyweight champ Sonny Liston, whose contract was owned by Blinky Palermo and Frankie Carbo (“two proud alums of New York’s Lucchesi “Murder Incorporated” family”).
He was an imposing and scary figure who used to pick up extra pocket cash by making collections for some of Philly’s under world. After he KO’d Floyd Patterson he returned to Philly and Larry Merchant wrote, “Emily Post would probably recommend a ticker-tape parade. For confetti, we can use shredded warrants of arrest.”
He was even scarier than Tyson , of whom Conlin wrote, “Tyson’s physical and psychological annihilation in Atlantic City of Michael Spinks answered the question: “Are boxers ever scared before a fight?” Michael looked so terrified, I figured he had to be wearing Depends to avoid an involuntary “startage” in a bout where he got involuntary “stoppage” instead.”
This was all a lead in to his thoughts on the Hopkins-Dawson debacle. “Referee Pat Russell and the California State Athletic Commission stole $60 from me.
That’s what it cost to watch HBO present 46-year-old Philly homeboy Bernard Hopkins and light-heavyweight challenger Chad Dawson go two rounds with one more tackle than scoring blows.
Toward the end of a listless Round 2, B-Hop threw a right Dawson ducked under. Everybody but Russell saw Chad wrap both gloves around the X-Man’s legs, lift him and throw him through the ropes and onto the ring apron.
If the Eagles had tackled like that this season, they’d be 6-0.
Look, it was a foul. The result should have been either an immediate disqualification of Dawson or, what the WBC decided it was Thursday, a Technical No Decision. California won’t rule until December. But who cares?”
Fantasy Draft
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us, “Well, duh: The No. 1 pick in our Professional Bull Riders fantasy league was Ryan Dirteater.”


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