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November 25, 2011

Ryan’s Holiday Ode
Coach Rex Ryan
Sat down a cryin’
Eating a holiday humble pie.
He stuck in a pin
And pulled out a win
Then said what a good coach am I!
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) said that Miami’s Dr.Krop High School was fined $35K for using an ineligible basketball player in a game. “When Dr. Krop breaks the rules, do they call it malpractice?”
Onion.com Headline
Dwight Perry (Seattle.com) passed this along, “Joe Theisman’s contract enters 26th year.”
This Is A Real Kick
Sam Farmer (LA Times) pointed out that now these are personal kicking coaches for NFL kickers, kicking camps and punting camps for younger kickers, and even camps for long snappers.
The expectation has changed in the league. Detroit kicker Jason Hanson said ‘If they put you out there, you’re supposed to make it.’ All of a sudden, a 48-yarder has become like one from the 32.”
The Detroit Lions QB, Matthew Stafford, was fined $7500 for grabbing an opposing player by the helmet and throwing him to the ground.
Earl Bennett of the Chicago Bears was fined $10000 for wearing orange shoes in a game.
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) said that it was a good thing that Stafford wasn’t wearing orange shoes when he committed that foul.
NY Giants-Phila. Eagles Week 11
The Eagles (4-6) beat the Giants (6-4)17-10 in a typical Eagles-Giants neighborhood game complete with late hits, cheap shots, and punch-ups. The NY “D” allowed 258 passing yds, 136 rushing yds, and 87 return yards. The Giants didn’t lose the game late in the fourth-it was a game-long problem.
Tom Canavan (AP) included this in his game recap: “DeSean Jackson, who was benched last week for missing a team meeting, finished with six catches for 88 yards. Cooper had five receptions for 75 yards, while LeSean McCoy added 113 yards rushing, with 60 coming on a late run that iced the game.”
Upon Further Review
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) asked, “How would the Immaculate Reception hold up under the instant replay hood?”
Passing By Tebow
I’d hate to see QB Tim Tebow ever become afflicted by a kidney stone.
Everybody knows that he can’t pass.
Debunking A Myth
Rich Cimini (ESPN.com) along passed along this bit of information: “A disciplined team doesn’t guarantee team success. Three of the four leaders (as of 11/21) in fewest penalties — Dolphins, Jaguars and Redskins — have a combined record of 8-21. The fourth team is the Packers, who seems to do just about everything well.
The Face Behind The NBA Curtain
Jeffrey Kessler has become known for his success as THE legal eagle of sports’ antitrust cases. Lance Pugmire (LA Times) wrote this profile saying, “Kessler, 57, made his reputation by handling complex antitrust and sports law cases and also teaches at Columbia Law School. He said the NBA labor dispute is easy to resolve.
“Remember, this is a lockout. The NBA can end this lockout if it wants right now. Open up the doors and the players will show up,” Kessler said. “The players are asserting their antitrust rights now and very much want there to be a season.
“In the 1970s, Kessler’s antitrust work at a New York law firm got him involved in a class-action case NBA star Oscar Robertson filed against the league. A settlement was struck, eliminating the league’s reserve clause and opening the door to free agency.
“Kessler then presided over the 1987 antitrust suit against the NBA that ultimately led to unrestricted free agency. And he has negotiated every labor deal since — in 1996, 1999 and 2005. But the current negotiations have been contentious.
“In the previous labor deal, NBA players earned 57% of basketball-related income, worth more than $2.15 billion last season. Now, owners want players to accept as little as 49%, while installing a strict luxury tax on teams that exceed the salary cap while reducing guaranteed money and shortening the lengths of contracts.
“The NBA is trying to severely penalize “players No. 4 through 10 on the roster,” he contends.
So, expected in court soon are superstars such as Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant, plus Derrick Williams, the La Mirada High grad who’s part of the Minnesota lawsuit, awaiting his first NBA contract — all led by their experienced attorney.”
Jose Reyes Game Plan
Jose Reyes’ game is all about Jose Reyes. He’s only played in 259 games for the Mets in the last two seasons- that’s 80% of the games. I wonder if he offered to return 20% of his salary. I don’t think so. Don’t forget Reyes took himself out of the final game to preserve his BA to finish with the top average in the NL. If you asked any member of the Yankees murderers row line-up what was his BA. He didn’t know. They only cared about wins.
Yankees Shortstop
I hope that the Yankees don’t trade Eduordo Nunez- they’re going to need him.
Jair Jurrjens is going to be a free agent in two years. His stats aren’t that hot (50-33 in 5-yrs. 1.28 WHIP, 2:1 K to BB, RGT-hander)
I watched the fight’s replay and saw it as 115-113 Marquez.
I appreciate good counter and recall Willie Pep saying that he could win a round without throwing a punch and in a different round without throwing a lead- he backed itup!
In The Loop
Greg Drinnan wrote in the Kamloops News- “With some chatter in our country about the future of the beaver as a national symbol, Brad Dickson of the Omaha World-Herald wondered: ‘How can a country obsessed with hockey have a mascot with teeth?’
“He’d rather we used a young and smiling Bobby Clarke?
“Sidney Crosby must be about ready to return to the Pittsburgh Penguins. We know this because the Penguins have sent enforcer Steve MacIntyre to the AHL’s Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins on a conditioning assignment. MacIntyre, who is expected to be to Crosby what Dave Semenko was to Wayne Gretzky, signed as a free agent on July 12. However, MacIntyre played just four games with Pittsburgh in Sid the Kid’s absence.”


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