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January 27, 2012

Giants-‘Niners In OT
Did You happen to notice those big guys who formed a protective circle around Giant Coach Tom Coughlin and escorted him off the field after the Giants’ 20-17 win over the Forty-Niners? I guess the reports of the post game hooliganism by some Niner game attendees necessitated their presence.
The Giants had to beat two teams in that game- one was the ‘Niner team the other was the officiating team headed by Ed Hochuli. Some of Hochuli’s rulings were really head-scratchers (Vernon Davis stepped out of bounds and Chris Canty WAS NOT the aggressor yet was bounced) and other rulings and ball placements were questionable.
SF passed for 196 yards but only 123 if you deduct Davis’ 73yd TD-RAC. Eli was sacked 6 times and roughed quite a bit but there was not huffing and puffing by the Giants who ALL remained business-like.
A Contest On So Many Levels
The Patriots have dedicated this season to Myra Kraft, owner Robert Kraft’s wife, who passed away in July. The Giants are remembering Wellington Mara, who was such a presence around his team for so many years. So there we have it!
The rumbling in the skies that you’ve been hearing hasn’t been coming from thunder it’s heavenly cheering!
A Little Good News
In a little more than two weeks, it’ll be “Pitchers and Catchers.” We’ll hear that familiar sound of a baseball landing in a glove- thwack, thwack. I’ll, once again, be a little jealous of Dan Shaughnessy (Boston Globe) when he chides, Red Sox GM, Ben Charington while sitting on a spring training bench.
A Pain In The Neck
I keep reading about all of the possibilities attached to Peyton Manning becoming a free agent and moving from the Colts to a different NFL team.
Bruce Jenkins (SF Chronicle) pointed out that Manning will turn 36 in March, had THREE neck surgeries in less than two years, where the wrong hit could sideline him for the year or possibly leave him paralyzed for the rest of his life. I think he’ll retire after the Super Bowl and receive a $28million option-bonus due March eighth, unless he’s cut .
The Colts could trade the pick for a lot of draft choices (not likely, draft Luck and pay Payton to play (not likely), or draft Luck and have him play right away, hoping he’ll be as successful as Cam Newton, with a retired Payton acting as his mentor (most likely to me).
A Change For Ryan
Jack Finarelli (sportscurmudgeon.com) agreed with my assessment of Rex Ryan and sent this message: “Bob:
I believe that Rex Ryan needs to change his coaching style as you suggest this week. And I think this will be an interesting situation to watch because it will indicate the degree to which Rex Ryan coaches with his brain as opposed to his glands.
I think he will realize intellectually that he needs to do something differently but I am not sure that he will be able to pull that off.
Should be interesting to watch…”
Cashman Is A Gold Miner
Yankees GM, Brian Cashman was able to answer a lot of his own questions on Friday the 13th with a pitching bonanza. Wallace Matthews (ESPNNY.com) reported that Cashman has won the off-season so far- “Montero for him (Cashman) is pretty much an admission by the Yankees that they thought Montero would never develop into an everyday catcher. In 18 games last September, Montero hit .328 and showed the kind of opposite-field power that makes GMs drool. If the guy could catch, he’d be another Bill Dickey, an untouchable. Obviously, the Yankees thought he couldn’t. And if there’s one thing the Yankees have in abundance, it’s DHs, and DHs in waiting.
Already, they’ve re-signed Andruw Jones to take on some of the right-handed DH duties, and it’s likely they will intensify their efforts to re-sign Eric Chavez to do the same from the left side. There is talk they may look to add another bat, maybe Carlos Pena. But their roster is loaded with aging guys who could use at least one day off a week, and they may just choose to rotate Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Robby Cano and Curtis Granderson in and out of the DH slot to keep everyone fresh. Moving Montero allows them to do that.
And best of all, they hold on to the pitchers Cashman considers the prized jewels of the Yankees farm system, Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances, and to a lesser extent, Adam Warren and David Phelps.
Charlie “O” Lord Of The Realm
I keep remembering how Charles O. Finley opposed free agency while he owned the Oakland A’s. He wanted to make every player a free agent every year because the best players would still get their money and the lower rated players wouldn’t get those huge contracts.
John Shea (SF Chronicle) also quoted Finley on arbitration. “As Finley said of owners in ’73, according to the book “Lords of the Realm,” “We’ll be the nation’s biggest -holes if we do this. You can’t win. You’ll have guys with no baseball background setting salaries. You’ll have a system that drives up the average salary every year. Give them anything they want, but don’t give them arbitration.”
Some Loops From Drinnan
Greg Drinnan (Kamloopsnews.ca) said, “More than 16 years ago a woman in Sweden lost her wedding ring. She recently found it in her garden, wrapped around a carrot. “Would that make it a one-carrot diamond?”
“Following the death of bowling legend Don Carter, Bianchi brought out one of his favourite bowling-related quotes, attributed to Mike Bianchi (Orlando Sentinel): “One advantage of bowling over golf is that you never lose a bowling ball.”
Letter Rip
Sports quiz question, from RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com:
“Q: What’s the difference between Aussie Open tennis players Li Na and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova?
“A: Most of the alphabet.”
Feeling Sorry
You shouldn’t feel too sorry for Tennis pro Andy Roddick because he lost all of those major tournaments. When everything is over and done he’s able to go home with his wife, Brooklyn Dekker.


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