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February 10, 2012

General Comments

Here are a couple of thoughts from the Sports Curmudgeon that were made before the Super Bowl:                                               “The people who show up at “Media Day” for the Super Bowl must spend several weeks trying to come up with the dumbest questions possible just so they – – as the askers – – can get a measure of reflected fame from the player to whom they put the question. Otherwise, why would anyone think it worth asking Vince Wilfork what he likes to grill? Take a look at the man; what is it that might be cooked on a grill that he would not like? Filet of wombat?                                                                                                                           “By the way, there are only two QBs who have won the Super Bowl twice who are not in the Hall of Fame. One is Ben Roethlisberger; he is still playing and so is not eligible. However, the other two-time winner not in the Hall is Jim Plunkett. If Bob Greise, Bart Starr and Roger Staubach are in, why is Plunkett not in?”

My SB Thoughts

I think that Coach Bill calls certain plays to break an opponents will to win when they succeed For example- allowing Bradshaw to score so the Pats would have more time to march down the field for a score and a win (how’d that work out?). He also saw NY win a game with a called play end-zone pass resembling a hail-Mary. He seemed to think, “Oh yeah? We can do that and do it in a big stage.”

I thought that NBC’s TV cameras did well by showing Coughlin’s rage when the zebras missed an interference call. They also caught Ballard collapsing on the sideline testing his injured knee.

If Brady is such a super-star, how come he’s never led his team down the field for a TD in one of these big games.

Dan Shaughnessy (Boston Globe) wrote this, “Madonna’s halftime show was all smoke and mirrors, but effective; a perfect metaphor for the Patriots’ first half. What are the most disappointing losses in New England sports history? Where do we put Sunday night’s disaster at Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium? Is it the worst loss ever, the worst loss in Patriots history, or just a crushing night that won’t hurt so much after we let a few weeks pass?  A team that overachieved is suddenly under the gun.The Patriots have the longest championship drought among the four New England sports franchises. But it is folly to suggest this is the worst loss ever. It’s not as bad as the Buckner Game, not as bad as the Dent Game, and certainly not as bad as Super Bowl XLII.”                                                      

Billy Crystal said that Ahmad Bradshaw’s score was, “The first tushdown I had ever seen.”

Doritos won my prize for best commercial with the sling-shot and the dog bribing his master.

Death Of The Interview

Tim Keown (ESPN.com) looked at one aspect of the immediate, all-access, all the time world of social networking and how it impacts the sports reporting world. It tries to get athletes to say something- anything and it is devoid of texture and perspective. These reports further separate the athletes from the people who watch games and read newspapers. They aim to please the watchers of screen bottom scrawls. The reports also seem to take unsubstantiated stands where a player who says something positive about a teammate might see that he issued an uncomplimentary statement about another player.

In today’s 140 character twitter news release, we could never have appreciated the description of Notre Dame’s four horsemen.,

No Clue

Do the Knicks have any idea of what they are doing? Do they have a plan at all?

These questions wouldn’t arise if Donnie Walsh were still running the team.

No Point

When the “Klucks” lost to the Bulls earlier in February their need for an experienced point guard was pretty evident. Chicago scored 44pts. along with 13 assists (all from Rose) while NY’s second unit was outscored 25-6. Tony Douglas shot 2-7 and had 3 turnovers; Shumpert was OK scoring 10 with 8 assists but turned it over 4 times.                                                                                         What did D’Antoni think? “We’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball down and not turning it over.” Gee, do you think? I guess the Chauncey Billups amnesty cut isn’t working out. We’re still waiting for Baron Davis to pull som irons out of the fire.                     Exactly why is D’Antoni coaching NY and Thibodeau coaching in Chicago? Why, NY had first choice of course.

Ring Tone

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote that, “Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks are sporting gaudy new NBA championship rings worth a reported $50,000 each.                                      Or roughly what the average WNBA player gets paid.”

A Savior

Do you remember that news story where a female deer crashed through the window of a goodwill store?

R.J. Currie (SportsDeke.com) said, “She may have been looking to save a buck.”

A Kodak Moment

After Kodak declared bankruptcy I remembered the story about the sports photog who was saddled with a tight deadline. He stopped at the photo that was notoriously slow completing their work to see how his work was doing. When he found out it was going to be late he sang, “Someday my prints will come.”

Happy Birthday

Greg Drinnin (Kamloops Daily News) passed along this note: “Some recent birthday wishes from Steve Rushin of SI.com: ‘Happy 110th birthday to Frank Zamboni, who left us in 1988 but still resurfaces periodically.’”                                                         UGH!

It sounds like a fingernail being scratched across a blackboard every time  I hear someone say, on TV: “It was a really fun(?) thing to do.”                                                                              Important Headline

Another Dwight Perry find, “Headline in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, on New Zealand sheepshearers pushing to make it an Olympic sport: “Baa, humbug!”

Sheep Shearing                                                                                     Greg Drinnin (Kamloops Daily News) sent us this item With the news that some New Zealanders are pushing for sheep-shearing to be named an Olympic sport, Ian Hamilton of the Regina Leader-Post notes: “Actually, sheep-shearing seems a natural for the Olympics. Crooked members of the IOC have been pulling the wool over people’s eyes for years.”





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