April 27, 2012

Massarotti’s Musing

Tony Massarotti (Boston Globe) described his sports writing style as “sprinkling the infield with a little sunshine, a little rain, and a whole lot of fertilizer.”

No Valentine’s Cards For The Sawx

I want to go on record as not liking the Red Sox very much and I like Bobby Valentine even less. I don’t think that Valentine ever met a live mic that he didn’t like.

Yet, I don’t believe ALL of Boston’s early season’s woes are his fault. The Sawx changed while Epstein was GM. After the team won two World Series, he thought he could do it all by himself, without help from a support staff. WRONG!

The Mark Of Cain

“Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear” when MLB finished what they started and relievers were older starters. A pitch count might be a foreign royal.

SF Giant matt Cain had a perfect game spoiled when he allowed the game’s only hit to the opposing pitcher. Cain threw 106 pitches and, lo and behold, his arm didn’t fall off.

The “Joba Chamberlain pitch count rules” didn’t protect Chamberlain or DC Nats’ Steven Strasberg from arm injury. Both had season ending surgeries last year.

Chalk one up to Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan Dave Righetti, and Jim Katt for their views on throwing.  

Pizza Man

Phil Rogers (ChiTrib) reported about Jeff Francoeur of the KC Royals, “The Royals’ Jeff Francoeur loves the right-field bleacher fans in Oakland. He sent 20 pizzas to Section 149 on Thursday.
“They’re diehards,” Francoeur said. “Those are the people you feel bad for with all the stuff that’s going on right now — whether they’re going to move or not. Those are the fans who obviously love coming out and being a part of it.”
Oakland fans and Francoeur bonded over bacon, of all things. Francoeur told the San Francisco Chronicle that he was getting kidded by fans two years ago and got into an exchange that somehow led to the subject of bacon. So naturally Francoeur tossed them a ball wrapped in a $100 bill, suggesting they get themselves some bacon and beer.
When the Royals got to Oakland last week, fans presented Francoeur a green T-shirt with the words “Second Annual Bacon Fest sponsored by Jeff Francoeur.” They called it Bacon Tuesday.
“I’m going to wear it, and they’re getting me another one signed by the whole group,” Francoeur said. “It’s awesome. Baseball to me is fun. We can take it too seriously sometimes. It’s nights like last night that make it a lot of fun to play this game. It’s something more than just baseball. It’s interacting with fans and having an experience you can talk about.”

Saints’ Death Penalty

Art Garfumides (ESPN.com) wrote that the NFL didn’t go far enough with their sanctions on NO Coaches Sean Peyton and Joe Vitt along with GM Mickey Loomis. He said that the “maim-for-bucks scandal should get the SMU treatment . The NFL should suspend the entire football operation for a year- no draft picks, no training camp, no exhibition games, and no regular season games. “They (NFL) need to send a message heard around the league that is so strong, nobody will even utter the word ‘bounty’ in a locker room again.”                                                                                         

Knucklehead Of The Week

Scott Ostler told us that Dallas Maverick Delonte West was fined $25K for sticking his index finger into, Jazz swingman, Gordon Hayward’s ear.

“Now we know the cost of a wet willy. My sources inside the league office tell me Commissioner David Stern has a menu for similar infractions. A noogie will cost you $15,000, a wedgie $35,000. “ 


Scott Ostler also has some sympathy for Tiger Wood’s woods, “You’re a touring golf pro, so you can’t just kick your clubs like a baby, but it’s a frustrating game. What would Ky Laffoon (what a name!) do? Laffoon, a notoriously blow-top pro in the 1930s and ’40s, lost a tournament because his putter betrayed him. Laffoon got a long piece of rope, tied one end around his putter and the other end around the rear bumper of his car, and drove 500 miles to the next tour stop.

— Seriously, there was a golfer named Ky Laffoon. Won 10 tournaments.”

Golf Purse

Greg Drinnin (Kamloops Daily News) passed along this tweet from comedian Gerry Dee: “Congrats to Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren who each won $500,040 at this week’s PGA event at Bay Hill.”

Cote’s Bon Mots

Gregg Cote (Miami Herald) wrote:

“True story: The London Olympics invited The Who to participate in a salute to British music and inquired on the whereabouts of drummer Keith Moon. Moon died in 1978.

“Parting thought: Saints replaced coach Sean Payton, suspended for the season in the bounty scandal, with coach Joe Vitt, who is suspended six games. It’s a sports first: A team’s interim coach needs an interim coach.”


Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote, “Boston Bruins forward David Krejci escaped with only minor aches around the collar after a sheet of glass fell on him while celebrating his team’s first playoff win.                                                                            Doctors, unsure how to list it on the insurance report, finally settled on pane in the neck.”

Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoad.com) Maranara

“When the NFL moved up the kickoff to the 35 last season, touchbacks increased from 16.4 percent to 43.4 percent, which led to a reduction in concussions. Now it leads Giants owner John Mara to envision a day when NFL games are played without kickoffs. Unlikely, but food for thought.                                                                                              It’s amazing that SMU would hire 71-year-old Larry Brown to coach its basketball team. I mean, who even knew SMU played basketball?                                                                                       In case you didn’t know, and I needed reminding, SMU – still located in Dallas – joins the Big East in 2013. Makes about as much sense as most conference moves these days.”

Chad’s Blabs

Syndicated Sports Reporter, has a column called “Couch Slouch” appearing in the DC Post and wrote, “When I’m watching “Mad Men” on TiVo, there is perverse joy in fast-forwarding through the commercials on a show about an ad agency.”                                                                                                                        And “If everyone is using cell service now, can’t we replace all the telephone poles with maple trees?”













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