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June 8, 2012




It Makes Me Proud

I’m proud to say I’ve known Peter Quillin since he appeared, in a four rounder, on a John Duddy St. Patrick’s Day card at the Garden. Quillin (27-0, 20KO) has matured, improved his skills and become a force, within the Middleweight boxing division, with whom to be reckoned.

He won his match with Winky Wright handily (97-92, 98-91, 98-91). But it was the way he allowed Wright to finish on his feet (51-6-1, 25KO) when he had Wright rocked in the ninth that impressed me the most. Quillin was aware that this ex-World Champ had never been KO’d.

I Vote NO About Instant Replay

It’s pretty much a given that the quality of play among today’s Major Leaguers is not as high as it once was because the number  of Major League teams has increased and the player-selection pools are smaller. Likewise, the prospective umpire pools have gotten smaller.

So, don’t be so quick to jump on the instant replay bandwagon.

Initiation of instant replays will eliminate the human factor from baseball to a large degree. The game will become sterile, shiny, and glimmer like stainless steel. It’s the human factor that allows fans to be able to argue over interpretations among themselves ( I STILL think Jackie Robinson was out when he tried to steal home in the World Series but was tagged by Yogi Berra),

Bruce Jenkins (SF Chronicle) disagreed and said, “Umpires will lose quite a bit of authority. But they have lost the right – through sheer incompetence – to keep the traditional system. Technology is worthless if you don’t put it in play.”

I figure there were an average of 260 pitches to be called per game; plus 51 put-outs called in a game; figure 310 times 162 games per season; times 14.5 teams= almost ¾ of a million umpire calls.

Umpires DO matter, need to be in charge, and be the live arbiters.
Another Annoying Thing

When I read or hear a recap about a pitcher’s no hitter and the reporter refers to it as a “no-no,” it makes me shudder as though I just heard nails scraping across a blackboard.                                  It isn’t cute or hip.

Rogue Ump

Joe Girardi is playing down Russell Martin’s trip to the AL office to talk about the back-and-forth he had with umpire Laz          Diaz.  Diaz might have just had a bad day before coming to the park because after Martin complained about some balls and strikes calls, Diaz refused to allow Martin to throw replacement balls back to the pitcher, saying that Martin had to EARN (?) that privilege. The league might have their eyes on Diaz to see if there’s a repeat. 

I Feel A Draft

There are 40 rounds in this year’s amateur draft for MLB. At the max, it could mean that 1200 players could be chosen. You might have to find a new newspaper delivery person.                         Steve Rosenbloom (ChiTrib) wrote in his “Rosenblog”, “That the amateur draft will continue, I believe, until every graduating high school student in America is selected.”                                                                                     Former ChiSox GM, Ron Scheuler, drafted his daughter in the 43rd round of the 1993 draft.                                                                        

What A Difference An “A” Makes

It didn’t seem too long after Osi Umenyiora parted ways with his agent Tony Agnone that the Giants announced that Osi’s contract was “restructured.” Umenyiora said he wasn’t going to sign on with another agent for now. We might see Agnone return at the nd of next season when Osi’s interim deal expires.

NBA Draft

Brad Dickson (Omaha World-Herald) comment about this year’s NBA draft lottery, “As usual Kim Kardashian got first pick.” Local Amateur Draft

It’s always near impossible to predict where these players will be in four years.

At first look, I’d give the Mets a C+ by picking Gavin Cecchini (shortstop) as # 1 and Kevin Plawecki (catcher).

The Yankees get a B from me for picking Ty Hensley (right handed P) as #1; Austin Aune (cf) and Peter O’Brien (catcher) in the 2nd round.

Start Me Up

Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) wrote, “The Warriors took about a week to iindentify a new arena site, make plans and announce their intent. Meanwhile, Bud Selig‘s blue-ribbon committee is making plans to celebrate its fourth season of dithering.

— That blue-ribbon committee has been around longer than the Rolling Stones.”  Scott also wrote: “If you are a person who whines, ‘C’mon, refs, let the players decide the game,’ next time you are the victim of a crime, don’t call the cops, work it out with the criminal.”                                                                                                         

A Crisis In Waiting

The Sports Curmudgeon looked at the upcoming NHL talks with doubts, “Well, you do have to consider that the NHLPA has a new leader. Donald Fehr is now in charge there and Donald Fehr has a history of work stoppages and obstructionism that goes along with any and all of the benefits that he has accrued for players in unions under his direction. Moreover, Donald Fehr has an ego-bruise that he needs to soothe. When last we saw Donald Fehr in a “starring role” he was sitting in a Congressional hearing room being dressed down like an impudent schoolboy by a bunch of Congressthings over his obstructionism regarding steroid testing in MLB. He has a need to remind folks that he is indeed the “smartest guy in the room”                                                                                              Remember you read it here second!

Mutt-check time                                                                      Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote, “A veterinarian told CBS he’s spotted golf balls, fish hooks, needles and toys when X-raying a dog’s stomach.                                                                                       ‘They’ve pretty much seen it all,’ noted Cam Hutchinson of the Saskatoon Express, ‘… well, except homework.’”

How Fitting

Dwight remarked that the Charlotte Bobcats, “After posting the worst winning percentage in NBA history- couldn’t win the draft lottery, either.”                                                                        Dwight passed this along from Brad Dickson (Omaha Neb. World-Herald), on Barry Bonds’ desire to work for the Giants in some capacity: “Baseball executives said Bonds will be welcomed back with open arms, just as soon as the commissioner can find jobs for the 1919 Chicago Black Sox.”






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