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June 15, 2012




Gwen Knapp (SF Chronicle) suggested allowing another personal foul to eligible players in NBA games. “The NBA, and the college game for that matter, should add an extra foul for every two overtime periods. If a player had been benched in regulation, he would remain disqualified. But if a player can get through a full 48 minutes of NBA basketball, he should get something akin to a fresh start if the game keeps going.                                                                                                                              The current formula is simple. Colleges allow five over 40 minutes and the NBA six over 48 – one for every eight minutes. Allowing another for every two periods of overtime – 10 minutes – requires even more careful budgeting. It won’t produce a goon effect, with endless walks to the free-throw line. It will prevent the telecast of a great game from becoming a constant pan to the bench, showing the real players watching the action rather than delivering it.”       

Jenkins’ Jottings

Bruce Jenkins (SF Chronicle) gave us these thoughts: “We have no idea what Saturday night’s Game 7 (written before Miami beat Boston) may bring, just as we’re not sure how Tiger will fare on the spectacularly narrow fairways of the Olympic Club next week. We only know that nobody stirs the public’s interest quite like Tiger and LeBron. Some recoil, some rejoice. No one turns away. 

Please, give us just one look at Manny Ramirez in an A’s uniform. It could be terribly depressing, but on this club, what’s the downside?”

Backup Plan

Ian O’Connor (ESPN) wrote that Tim Tebow will really fill the need for a competent 2nd stringer who could step in in case of an injury. “As a second-stringer with some first-string qualities, as an athlete acquired to attack an area of weakness, Tim Tebow always made perfect football sense. Rex Ryan never had a worthy quarterback behind Mark Sanchez, and Tebow changed that in a New York minute.                                                                                                                   Tebow was hired to pump new blood into a fake contender desperate for some. He radiates a positive, can-do vibe; even the haters have to concede as much. Tebow can be a difference-maker in what was a divided, dysfunctional locker room in 2011.                     ‘I think everybody sees Tim for what he is,’ Ryan said after his final OTA, ‘and that’s a super-competitive guy, and he’s good with teammates. He’s always building guys up, I noticed, and by the way, he’s a talented kid.’                                                                                Ryan told a little story from his podium, told of walking into the weight room to find a big, beefy lineman challenging Tebow to a duel. The lineman grabbed a heavy weight with each hand, stretched his arms out wide as if to form a cross and held them for about a minute and four seconds, shaking the whole time before turning over the weights to Tebow.                                                                                                                              And Tim went for a minute and 18,” Ryan said.                                                              The coach went on about Tebow’s willingness to tuck the ball and run in practice, even when the defense is in a pass-friendly alignment and chirping at the newbie to put it in the air. ‘He’s done some things in previous practices,’ Ryan said, ‘where it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s a football player.’”

Shea’s Bull Pen

John Shea (SF Chronicle) filled us in about, “Albert Pujols‘ team? Until further notice, the Angels are Mike Trout‘s team. They were 6-14. Then promoted Trout. Since then, they’re 25-15.

All We Are Saying

Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) called for his Giants to use Barry Bonds as a hitting coach. “Bonds, based on anecdotal evidence and his own claims, has a near-mystical knowledge of the art and science of hitting. It is at least possible he could make an impact on this team.

No major shakeup needed. The Giants could have Bonds work with a few hitters behind the scenes.

Bonds’ calling card was selective – very selective – aggression. At his peak, he had no weakness, no holes or flaws in his swing or approach. And he knew why he was doing what he was doing. He knows stuff nobody else knows.

What if Bonds could unleash the dormant power of Brandon Belt? Or sell Pablo Sandoval on the value of patience?

All we are saying is give Bonds a chance.”

X Games                                                                                         Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us that, “The L.A. Coliseum, home to USC’s football team, was used as the scene of a pornographic movie 10 years ago, it was recently revealed.                                                                                       Red-faced school officials say they really shouldn’t comment until they’ve had a chance to study the films.”                                              More Dwight

“LSU pitcher Kevin Gausman, the Orioles’ first-round draft pick, superstitiously eats a doughnut before each game he pitches and four more during it.                                                                              To no one’s surprise, his out pitch is a glazing fastball.”


Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey, to the Chicago Tribune, on why there are so few knuckleball pitchers: “There’s not one scout looking for the next Hoyt Wilhelm.”


Q- How can you tell if Bob Arum isn’t being truthful?                               A- His mouth is open.

A Good Commentator

Bernard Hopkins spent five years behind bars for armed robbery and wasn’t isolated from the general population as is Floyd Mayweather. So, he is a good reference source about how Mayweather might be doing. “It will be easier for him to think about hjs plusses and minuses. He wants to go home to his mansion. But if he’d gone there instead to his girl friend’s place and assaulted her in front of her children, he wouldn’t be sitting in his jail cell now thinking there’s no place like home.”

SC’s Thoughts

The Sports Curmudgeon wrote, “Now, Pacquiao has lost a fight in a controversial decision. Just about everyone who covered the fight says that Pacquiao won the fight handily but two judges ruled that Bradley won the fight so that is the way it stands on the record. That event happened as Mayweather is in jail serving a 90-day sentence. So now, we have both fighters with “damaged reputations” and they can fight now with “Redemption” as the promotional theme.                                                                             Some folks have called for an investigation of the two judges who gave the decision to Bradley. That is not necessary- any more than it’s necessary to investigate ‘rassling’ referees.”





















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