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July 27, 2012

Mama, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Catchers
The Yankees signed their top amateur draft pick (30th pick) pitcher Ty Hensley for a $1.2MILLION BONUS- that’s $400k low (you can’t be serious!) because an MRI showed he has an unsound shoulder. Is America great or what?
Davey Johnson has the DC Nats 2 ½ games ahead of the Atlanta Braves in the NL-East as of 7/21. This is the deepest into the season that a DC nine was in 1st since WWII.
Johnson doesn’t get that much credit for being a field general but then again, neither does Buck Showalter or Jim Leyland.
Ichiro and Youkilis
The Yankees got Ichiro from Seattle Just as the ChiSox got Youkilis from Boston.
It’s that latest CBA that eliminated draft choice awards. It was supposed to benfit the “have-nots” (money) but- what a surprise- it will help well-to-do teams more often.
Only they can afford 2-month rentals of aging stars.
Dwight’s Plight
Bruce Jenkins (SF Chronicle) talked about the Hoo-haa around Dwight Howard. “Wouldn’t it be great to see Dwight Howard stuck in Orlando? I happen to believe the man is too bright to have created this mess all by himself. Count on a bunch of sycophantic morons steering him the wrong way behind the scenes. But by agreeing in March to play one more season in Orlando, Howard lamely signed away his free agency for another year. And for him to say, “Brooklyn or bust,” that’s just plain crazy. Who wouldn’t want to play in Los Angeles alongside Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol? Very smart of Orlando, by the way, to turn down the Nets’ pile-of-junk trade offer.” Putter Tweeter
Dan Daly (DC Times) sent out a tweet (so I’m told) that said, “The hardest thing for those golfers about using a long putter I that it’s hard to decide which chin to anchor it to.”
Slick Vic
Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) wrote about Victor Conte, who now claims to be a law-and-order guy. “If there is a Cheater’s Hall of Fame, Conte’s in it. So who better to give us the inside dope (so to speak) on the upcoming Olympics? People who were around Conte during his 2005 plea bargain for steroid distribution warned me before our interview. Be careful. He’s a con man. He’s slick. I’ll leave that judgment to others. Whether or not Conte truly has left the cheatin’ side of town to work for law and order, as he claims, he does have intimate knowledge of performance enhancing drugs – how to use ’em and how to catch the users. Should we listen to him? As Conte says, “If somebody broke into your office and stole everything, wouldn’t you want to listen to an expert tell you how they got in, so next time you can keep ’em out?”
YEAH, but not from the original burgler
“Stupidest Things in Sports.”
Here are some of the things that Norman Chad gave us: “Football players dumping Gatorade on their coach in the waning moments of a victory. First of all, this celebratory gesture lost its appeal about 2,700 gallons of Gatorade ago. Second of all — and maybe this is just me — but I’d consider it more appropriate to dump Gatorade on a coach after losing a game.
Baseball teams paying millionaire players meal money. Think about it. ‘J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!’ I mean, how hard is it to spell ‘Jets’? Jets fans act as if they just discovered plutonium. Granted, they’re well-lubricated, but I’d be a lot more impressed if the MetLife Stadium faithful spelled out ‘Neanderthals.’
When you’re thinking of stupid sports stuff, there should always be a Bud Selig inclusion. It’s hard to ignore the glaringly ludicrous fact that, in MLB, whichever league wins the All-Star Game — an exhibition — gets home-field advantage in the World Series.
The flyover. Really? Come on.”
The Latest NCAA Rule-breaker
The Sport Curmudgeon said it was Cal Tech. “That’s right; “Brainiac University”, a school that has been known to go a decade or more between wins in a sport like basketball ran afoul of the NCAA rules for using “academically ineligible players”. Here is what got Cal Tech on the wrong side of the NCAA. Students at Cal Tech – – ALL students and not just ones who might also wish to be on a sports team – – have the opportunity to “shop for courses”. That means they can attend the courses for three weeks before they decide if they want to register to take the course for credit and for a grade. Students are not required to do this shopping, but any student who wants to do so may do so. And therein lies the rub… Because some Cal Tech players were shopping for courses at the beginning of a semester, they did not meet the criteria of the NCAA as full time students at the time when they either began practicing with a team or played in some games. The fact that they eventually signed up for a full academic load at a school with as high a set of academic standards as any in the country does not matter. The NCAA sees these students as academically ineligible and Cal Tech is now on probation. Given that it is the NCAA making the call here, I am not all that surprised…”
As Dean Wormer Said
Dwight Perry quoted Plaschke (LA Times) about this “hollow sanction,” “Said Bill Plaschke of the L.A. Times, noting the basketball team’s 310-game conference losing streak that ended last season: “The baseball team will vacate all wins during a period in which it went 0-112. The men’s water polo team will vacate every win achieved while going 0-66. “Caltech (is) the school that couldn’t succeed at sports if it cheated.”
Same guy
Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) pointed out that, “Rex Ryan reportedly has lost 106 pounds. The Jets coach could lose another 100 and still be the NFL’s biggest gasbag.”
Mike Bianci (Orlando Sentinel) said, “I got one of these new-fangled smart phones a few days ago and I can’t even figure out how to answer it. I want my old, dumb, stupid phone back.”


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