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September 28, 2012

Week 3 Jets (2-1) 23-Dolphins (1-2) 20

The Dolphins lost this game more than the Jets won it. The Jets gave up close to 400 total yards- nearly 200 on the ground and in the air. They also had over 100 yards on 11 penalties. Adding injury to insult Revis hurt his knee.

Switching QBs, from Sanchez to Tebow in the middle of a possession DOES disrupt a QB’s rhythm, if he has any

The game began with the team playing “Jets football.” Sanchez threw an interception and the fish scored a TD 2 plays later.

I really don’t know if anyone with the Jets has ANY clue about the team’s ID or where they’re going. It doesn’t look like it, to me.  


The substitute NFL officials don’t possess the levels of competence that allows players to play safely. They’ve risked the health of valuable NFL assets. The league MUST bring back the regular officials. Tracee Hamilton DC Post wrote about officials in the Rams-Skins game. “What happened Sunday in St. Louis was a travesty, from beginning to end. The league and the union must put aside their differences, get back in a room and hammer something out, because — and I can’t believe I’m writing these words — the integrity of the game is at stake.                                                                                        Well, maybe “integrity” is a strong word. “Image” is probably better. With these weekly gaffes and blunders, the league’s image is taking a real hit — an illegal hit, shoulder to the chin, the kind that makes your head snap back as your body flops to the turf. Sort of like the hit Fred Davis took Sunday — with no penalty called.                                                   That was the most egregious of the officiating mistakes in the game, and that’s the one that matters most. It was clearly an illegal hit, the kind the league said it would end, the kind any official worth his stripes would have called. Instead, while the NFL and the union squabble, the health and safety of their players are in jeopardy. (Note to the NFL and the union: Without the players, you’re a bunch of guys in suits. It behooves you to protect them.) Dan Daly (DC Times) wrote about the same game. “There was so much trash talking, finger pointing, facemask tugging and late hitting — among other unpleasantries — that the action teetered on the edge of professional wrestling at times. About the only thing we didn’t have was one player accusing another of using a Foreign Object. Nerves were rubbed so raw by the end that Joshua Morgan ridiculously overreacted to a veritable love tap from St. Louis’ Cortland Finnegan, costing the Redskins 15 yards and killing any realistic chance they had of sending the game into overtime.


MLB-Commissioner “Uncle” Bud Selig has done it again. In this year’s playoffs, the team with the best record begins their play on the road for two games. If the home, wildcard team wins both of those games, then the team with the best record over 162 games MUST win three in a row to advance.                                          Did anyone say that coming in second is better than coming in first? They open at home in their 2-2-1 series (I think).

Walking With The NHL

Norman Chad went off on Donald Fehr (me, too). “I’m sorry, how is it possible that Donald Fehr is the NHL Players Association executive director? How much sports labor strife can one man subsidize in a single lifetime? Is there no new sports-labor blood out there? My goodness, even Jimmy Hoffa moved on from the Teamsters. Granted, the NHL and Fehr are meant for each other. The league canceled its entire 2004-05 season, and this is the third work stoppage during Gary Bettman’s tenure as commissioner; Fehr orchestrated a players strike that ended the 1994 MLB season with no World Series.                                                                                                                 I’m pro-labor, but if Donald Fehr walks into my union meeting, I send him out to Blockbuster for a digitized version of “Norma Rae” and close shop before he returns.                                Anyway, if all else fails, there is a proposal to put Fehr, Bettman and 15 rabid weasels into a room until an agreement is reached.                                                                          My money’s on the weasels just walking out.”   

Bye-Bye Hockey

Games in the NHL run from the end of the baseball season, through football basketball, and back into baseball again. The average fan has only so-much interest to spread around and that is given to teams that play.

The last hockey work stoppage wasn’t about anything major such as a living wage. It just divided a financial pie between millionaire owners and players.

I used to be a rabid Ranger fan who could debate line make-ups but after that stoppage, I never had the same interest and I don’t think I’m alone.

So, my final comment about all of that hockey hoo-hah- who cares?  

Sergio Martinez- Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

If this fight was scripted the outcome might have been different but Sergio Martinez (50-2-2,29KO) put an old fashioned “whupping” on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (48-1-1,32KO).

The judges only gave JCC one round- I didn’t give him any even though Martinez was knocked down in the final round.

Chavez’ left eye was closed, his right eye was half closed, his nose was bleeding, and his face was swollen, yet when he dropped Martinez the crowd thought it might be his father all over again. But it was not to be. Martinez got up and Chavez couldn’t put him away.





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September 21, 2012

Week 2 Giants (1-1) 41- Tampa Bay (1-1) 34
The Giants had a fantastic comeback despite the poor officiating and the un-flagged Bucs’ fouls. The most egregious foul came at game’s end when as Eli was taking a knee and a TB defenders fired out at full strength knocking Eli to the turf (no penalty but a memory). Eli was 31/51, 504yds. The team had over 600 total yards. Nicks and Cruz each had double figure catches with close to 400 yards. The NY DBs have to get better. TB passed for 243 yards
Steelers (1-1) 27- Jets (1-1) 10
The rumored Jet D doesn’t seem to be that good having given up 721 yards and allowed 55 points in two games. Roethlisberger was 24/32, 275; Jets passed 10/27,138yds. and ran 28 times for 66yds. What “wildcat” offense?
Week 3 Giants (2-1) 36- Panthers (2-1) 7
After the Giants scored 40pts in a win over the Bucs, some of the southern guys were saying that they wanted to see if the “G-Men” could do it again.
Well they didn’t score 40 but did score 36 in beating Carolina.
Darden, Bennett, & Brown were asked to step-up and play in place for injured regulars. Step-up they did(Darden 9/138, Brown ran 20/113)
The Giant D only gave up 60yds on the ground but allowed 288 in the air (no TDs); remarkable, on three days’ rest.
Elite QBs
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) ranked some of the top NFL QBs:
“Elite 1. Tom Brady, Patriots; 2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers; 3. Drew Brees, Saints; and 4. Manning, Broncos. Near elite 5. Eli Manning, Giants; 6. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers; and 7. Philip Rivers, Chargers. Next tier 8. Matt Ryan, Falcons; 9. Joe Flacco, Ravens; 10. Matt Schaub, Texans; 11. Matthew Stafford, Lions; 12. Tony Romo, Cowboys; and 13. Cam Newton, Panthers.”
More On Bounty-Gate
Dan Daly (DC Times) had these thoughts: “The league has always contended that some of those big plays were deliberate attempts to injure. The question has always been: How much? But that isn’t the question Vilma and the others have been preoccupied with. What they’ve been preoccupied with is: How much does the NFL really know, and how much do we have to admit to? Or to put it another way, it’s become a battle between the Best Interests of Football and the Best Interests of Four Players — and there’s no intersection between the two. Up to now, the Bounty Four have been perfectly content to hang the whole thing on a rogue coach (Williams) who’s been banished from the league for a year. That “affect the head” business? Oh, that was just Gregg being theatrical. Nobody took that seriously. One piece of evidence the NFL showed the union, though, listed the Saints‘ “2010 ‘kill the head’ totals,” Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com reported. “It’s a simple column that has player names and then the phrase ‘kill the heads’ with numbers underneath. Vilma, for example, had 62 kill the heads.”
Workload Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) wrote that, “It’s hard not to be cynical about the NFL’s professed concern for players’ health and safety while teams are asked to go to work on short rest in order to satisfy the Thursday night schedule. When the Ravens play the Browns on Thursday, Sept. 27, it will be Baltimore’s fourth game in 17 days.”
“Sawx” Sale
Tony Mazz (Boston Globe) talked about some rumblings. “Charles Gasparino of the FOX Business Network has reported that the Red Sox are at least “mulling” a sale in the wake of the historic trade that felt like a corporate gutting. Henry denies this. On the baseball side, Boston felt liberated by the trade that sent Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford to the Los Angeles Dodgers. On the business side, people like Gasparino saw it as a quarter-billion-dollar downsizing that could make the Sox far more appealing to prospective buyers. The truth, as always, probably rests somewhere in the space between, and we all know that semantics are everything when the temperature gets hottest. If the Sox are “mulling” a sale, does that mean they will sell? No. But even Henry has publicly stated that he never intended to own the club for more than 20-25 years, which puts him and his partners somewhere around the 50-yard line.”
NHL Lockout?
John Feinstein (DC Post) wrote that, “The NHL wants more and it wants the players to accept less — again. The players, led by former baseball union chief Donald Fehr, are willing to accept some cuts — but not the cuts the owners want. And so, there is a good chance that hockey fans — arguably the most loyal fans in sports — will face another fall without hockey. What’s worth remembering is that this is not Fehr’s first rodeo. He ran the baseball union during numerous work stoppages, including the strike of 1994-95, when the owners cancelled a World Series and actually began spring training with replacement players.
And then there’s one other question: Do the two sides understand how sick and tired all fans, even hockey fans, are of hearing millionaires bickering with billionaires?”
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez (18-3, 6KO), from the one time “House of Champions” Webster PAL Center beat Jelena Mrdjenovich (28-9, 14KO) in British Columbia, for the WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association featherweight title/WBC female featherweight title in a 10 round unanimous decision. A lot of the amateur boxers from Webster, which ended its boxing program, have found a home representing the “Teddy Atlas Cops & Kids Boxing Program.”
Cold in Houston Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) talked about the effects of weather, “July 2012 was the hottest month ever recorded, according to the Weather Channel. Try telling that to the Astros. They went 3-24.”
Say what?
Dwight Perry passed along this quote from Brad Dickson (Omaha World-Herald), “Andy Roddick, 30, has retired and Vin Scully, 84, announced he is coming back for another season. For those of you who don’t follow sports: This is not a misprint.” Pineapple Surprise Dwight also gave us, “An army vet fishing for bass near Springfield, Mo., reeled in a sock with a live hand grenade in it. It’s already being hailed as the fastest catch-and-release in angling history.”

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September 14, 2012

Week 1 Jets (1-0) Buffalo (28)
Fantastic! That was my initial reaction to the game played by the Jets. Then I looked at the numbers that told me the Jets had a lot of work to do on their rushing D. Buffalo ran for almost 200yds, an average of 7 ½yds per run.
The Jets DID unveil their wildcat offense that looked rather toothless, which is probably why they kept it under wraps.
Mark Sanchez did very well putting the QB controversy to rest. He was 19/27, 266yds with 3 TDs and only 1int.
Home, Home Of The Strange- A Poem
Oh give me a home where the Buffalos roam
And the Ends and the Flankers play.
Where seldom is heard a boastful word
Because Rex was quiet all day.
Stephen A. On Jet Outlook
Stephen A. Smith (ESPNNewYork.com) gave us his opinion of how the Jets opened and what we should do. “The Jets are still mediocre until they show us otherwise. They’re still a team devoid of a franchise quarterback until further notice. There’s still the potential of a quarterback controversy as long as zealots are out there clamoring for Tim Tebow and his humility-on-Broadway persona.
Call me after the Jets play at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. After they play the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans within the next month, then we can talk. Until then, nobody should want to hear anything from the Jets because all the rhetoric is irrelevant.
“All I’m going to say is that I believe in our team,” Jets coach Rex Ryan has said repeatedly. “We believe in each other. We know what we’re capable of, and we plan on proving it week in and week out.”
We’ll see!
We’ll learn a lot about the Jets over the next few weeks. No matter what we saw against the hapless Bills, we need more evidence before the Jets earn our confidence and faith.
Things are expected to get pretty difficult on Sunday because the Jets will visit a Steelers squad that got ramrodded by the NFL, which decided to send Pittsburgh on the road to face the Denver Broncos in Peyton Manning’s debut. If the Jets show up and drop half as many points on Pittsburgh’s defense and manage to force three interceptions and render Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown nonexistent, a little chatter will be deemed tolerable.”
Dumb And Dumber
Mike Bianchi (Orlando Sentinel) asked: “What was the dumber play — the Kent State player who ran 68 yards the wrong way with a fumble on Thursday night or the two Towson State players who tackled him before he got to the end zone? Let’s defer to Joe Theismann, who once said, “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.’”
I Can’t Get No Gratification
When the Sports Curmudgeon returned from vacation he wrote about the Jaguars. “While I was gone the Jacksonville Jaguars made the news. I read that coach Mike Mularkey announced that he will donate $250 out of his pocket to the Ronald McDonald House for every time a Jaguar player scores a TD and then simply hands the ball to an official instead of breaking into some kind of elaborate end-zone dance. This puts the Jaguars’ players in an interesting position.. If they score and do a dance, they are now sending this message: ‘Gratification of my need for attention is more important than sick kids and their families getting a donation from my coach.’”
Peter Prognosticator
Mike Bianch (Orlando Sentinel) talked about statements made by College football coaches: “After the Florida State Seminoles beat Murray State 69-3 last week, Murray coach Chris Hatcher was asked if he, like many college football experts, think the Seminoles will finish No. 1 in the nation. Replied Hatcher: “I’m no procrastinator.” Sort of reminds us of Bill Petersen, former FSU coach and master of the malapropism. Three Coach Pete gems to remember: (1) “Lead us in a few words of silent prayer.” (2) “The greatest thing just happened to me. I just got indicted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame. They had a standing observation for me.” (3) “Just remember the words of Patrick Henry — ‘Kill me or let me live.’ ”
Is This TV Spot Believable?
Gene Collier (Pgh. Post-Gazette) said that Peyton Manning was, “Unbelievably, perfectly believable as the host of “Saturday Night Live. On top of all that, now you’re supposed to believe that Peyton Manning is driving a Buick with a sticker price of less than $24,000.
Well now it’s gone too far, right?
I mean that’s preposterous.
The only thing more patently unbelievable is that Shaq is driving the same model in the same color.”
Random Evidence Of A Cluttered Mind
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) gave us these thoughts, “An arbitration panel overturned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s player suspensions in the Saints’ bounty-gate matter, freeing Jonathan Vilma and three others to play. An angry Goodell immediately suspended the arbitration panel.
“Twins Bob and Mike Bryan set a modern record by making the U.S. Open their 12th major doubles title. (Let’s not tell them that only people who play doubles tennis care about it.)”
NHL Commissioner
Doesn’t it seem as though NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman should have his office in Las Vegas with that name?
Who’s He?
John Shea (SF Chronicle) wrote: “First baseman Luis Jimenez, whose pro career began in the A’s system in 1999 as a 16-year-old out of Venezuela, finally reached the majors as a Mariner. He’s 30 and 6-foot-4, 285 pounds. His nickname: “Big Sloppy.”
Was He Paid By The Stroke?
Norman Chad thought there might have been historical precedence in Stephen Strasberg being shut down by the DC Nats, “Michelangelo, suffering from “artists’ elbow,” was limited by Vatican doctors to 33,500 painting strokes per annum; as a result, it took him four years to complete the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
“Inveterate explorer Ferdinand Magellan got seasick if he sailed more than 21 consecutive days, so when he led the first around-the-world expedition, he docked frequently at various ports, his favorite being – oddly enough – Atlantic City.”

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September 7, 2012


The Empty Chair

Some lame-brained commentators ripped Clint Eastwood for the way he delivered his message at the RNC because they couldn’t criticize WHAT he said. They also didn’t realize that the empty chair symbolized Obama’s inability to show any Presidential ability.                                                                                                 I wonder if Obama or Biden could speak for more than two minutes without a teleprompter or without “mis-speaking.” Biden might say something like: “It’s all about these three letters, J-O-B-S.”  By the way- how do you put someone back to work at a job they might have held for years by providing training, paid for by the government, for a new career?        

Week-1   Cowboys 27  Giants 17

This game wasn’t that close. The “G-Men” scored a late garbage-time TD, were out gained 433 to 269 (including 100yds. on KO returns), only had 82yds. rushing (the Cowboys had 143), had187yds. passing to the Coyboys’143, the DBs didn’t do the job, Cruz had 2 BIG DROPS. Well I guess that’s enough from me for them on which they should work. Hopefully, next week will be better.

Philly Fans Didn’t Boo This Time                                                                              Dwight Perry(Seattle Times) quoted Glenn Beckert, “Cubs third baseman Ron Santo — who had just rounded the bases after hitting a three-run homer at Connie Mack Stadium in 1969 — was stunned to see the notoriously cantankerous Phillies fans on their feet cheering as he returned to the visitors’ dugout.                            “(Santo) comes over to me and says, ‘I’ve never had a standing ovation on a road trip,’ ” former teammate Glenn Beckert recalled during Friday’s Cubs-Rockies telecast. ‘I said, You still haven’t, Ron.                                                                                                Take a look at the scoreboard. A man just walked on the            moon.’”

Slouch Forecast and Brother Acts

The Couch Slouch (Norman Chad) wrote: “Usually, I find a doormat franchise and pronounce it improbably Super Bowl-bound. But this year is different. Instead, I have found not just one, but two traditional winning teams which — hidden in plain sight, as it were — are destined to meet in Super Bowl XLVII.                                         Yes, these are solid teams, but no one expects either to make it to the February finale. I know otherwise — for I am Couch Slouch, a post-modern Newtonian/Euclidean/­Keynesian NFL savant with a beanbag-infused brilliance not seen since Theo van Gogh shepherded brother Vincent through the political minefield of Western European art dealers.                                                                                                                             Ladies and gentlemen — and Rex Ryan, if you’re reading — I give you the Denver Broncos vs. the New Orleans Saints.                          Mock me if you will — heck, I wake up most mornings and hear the mocking before I have one foot out of the Murphy bed — but I’ll take my chances on Peyton Manning and Drew Brees against the field.                                                                                                                               You don’t think Peyton is motivated this season?                          He’s been written off because of a serious neck injury that would reduce most mortals to throwing popcorn in the stands rather than taking hits on the field.                                                                                                                          “Neither Ryan Zimmerman and Jordan Zimmermann nor Frank and Brooks Robinson are brothers. But your errant inquiry reminded me of baseball’s foremost sibling teammates, the Alou boys — Felipe, Matty, Jesus and Boog.

Stephen A.: “The Jets Are A Joke

Stephen A. Smith (ESPNNewYork.com) wrote: “No matter how much talent the New York Jets possess, which coaches are guiding them, what prognostications eminate from their camp — habitually different than what anyone else thinks, of course — all we need are two good eyes and a spec of common sense to see where Rex Ryan’s crew is heading this season.

Which is to say … nowhere at all.

Blame a general manager in Mike Tannenbaum who forgot about his offense this offseason. Blame a coach who probably encouraged him to do so. Pay attention to the absence of a bona fide No. 1 receiver, no-names as No. 2 wideouts and an offensive line still in training, and what you have is a mediocre team trying to sell itself as something better.                                                                                                      Meanwhile, the Jets ranked 22nd in rushing last season and still plan on relying on Shonn Greene. We know Greene can play, that he rushed for 1,054 yards and showed some effectiveness as a receiver. But Greene is the same dude who didn’t eclipse 60 yards rushing in a game until Week 5.                                                                                      And not knowing who the New York Jets are, four years into the Rex Ryan era, is absolutely unacceptable. Who will pay the price for that — Ryan or Tannenbaum — remains to be seen.

Dumb And Dumber

Mike Biachi (Orlando Semtinel) asked: “What was the dumber play — the Kent State player who ran 68 yards the wrong way with a fumble on Thursday night or the two Towson State players who tackled him before he got to the end zone? Let’s defer to Joe Theismann, who once said, “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.’”                                                            

The Year Of The Rook

We haven’t seen more than two rookies start for an NFL team since the year of the NFL-AFL Merger (1970) but this year we have five: Andrew Luck (Indianapolis), Brandon Weeden (Cleveland), Robert Griffin III (DC), Russell Wilson (Seattle), and Ryan Tannehill (Miami). But watch out for Greg McElroy (Jets) who currently is listed as 3rd string but might take over for the other two mediocre QB’s

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) talked about LeBron’s newly marketed sneakers. “Nike’s new LeBron X Nike Plus will go for about $300 a pair. They’re nice sneaks, but I’m waiting for the 2013 model, with a GPS that tells you how far your head is up your armpit.”

Drinking At Sporting Events

Norman Chad thought Bowling. “Speaking of which, if every American bowled at least once a month, 35 percent of our problems would disappear. Bowling more would reduce the federal deficit and global warming. And I firmly believe that, in addition to having a valid birth certificate, every U.S. president be required to have a 145 average.”

The Brooklyn Bridge

RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com, on Andy Roddick, 30, announcing his retirement from tennis: “This means spending more time with Brooklyn Decker. What took him so long?”