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October 19, 2012

Week 6
Giants (4-2) 26 Niners (4-2) 3
Victor Cruz said this win was a “Signature Game.” That game’s signature was as big as John Hancock’s on the Declaration Of Independence.
The Giants usually have a hard time when they travel to ‘Frisco, but this time they quieted the Niners all over the field. They had 3 ints & 6 sacks on Alex Smith. Wilson is exciting on runbacks and could break one every time he runs one back.
Jets (3-3) 35 Colts (2-3) 0
Is a fake punt a Wildcat? Who cares, when it works (as it did in the Colts game). Dominant- that’s how I’d describe the Jets performance. They had 2 picks and 4 sacks. Shonn Green ran for 161yds. & McKnight had 71. Sanchez threw 11/18,82 and Tebow was 1/1,23
What Could I Buy?
Those Congressional earmarks our DC Reps added onto the Federal Budget total about 1% of the expenditures. That doesn’t sound like a lot but remember the budget spending total is more than $3.5Trillion. I can’t check that because all of those zeros made me dizzy.
In The Final Analysis
Was all the money spent by the US Anti-Doping Agency to investigate Lance Armstrong warranted? Was it spent to justify their existence? Did taxpayer money pay for that?
Chamberlain Was Lucky
Joba Chamberlain was hit on the elbow by the fat end of a shattered maple bat. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured by one of these sharp missiles. Uncle Bud Selig sounds like Sgt. Schultz when Schultz used to say, “I see nothing. I see nothing.”
The A-Rod Question
Mike Bianci (OrlandoSentinel) asked if anyone else felt that A-Rod’s power shortage started when Rodriguez stopped using steroids.
Gambling & The NFL
Norman Chad had some thoughts about the NFL’s hypocrisy. “(Hypocrisy was a spiritual descendant of the Greek god Hypocrates, who never practiced what he preached and purportedly was the first Raiders fan.) The NFL’s spectacular growth over the past half-century has been dual-fueled by television and gambling. The league puts out a compelling product greatly enhanced by broadcasters and bookies, yet the league has always distanced itself from the serious and friendly money wagered on all of its games. This year, for the first time, the league is allowing teams to display local casino advertising in stadiums, as long as the casino does not have a sports book. “We remain steadfast in our opposition to the proliferation of gambling on NFL games,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy announced. “There is a distinction between accepting advertising in a limited fashion and gambling on the outcome of our games. “Let’s review both parts of that statement. ‘We remain steadfast in our opposition to the proliferation of gambling on NFL games.’
Translation: ‘Where would we be WITHOUT the proliferation of gambling on our games?’ ‘There is a distinction between accepting advertising in a limited fashion and gambling on the outcome of our games.’ Translation: ‘Casino millions, come on down!!!’ Speaking of the proliferation of gambling on NFL games, the league has its own website – nfl.com/fantasy. As in fantasy football.”
GMs Try To Improve The Team
Baseball’s off-season is the time that teams analyze their make-up and look for areas where improvements can be made.
The field manager’s job is important but not THAT important. “In baseball the players make the manager far more frequently than the other way around,” Tony Mazz of the Boston Globe said. But to get those players, the team MUST have someone who is able to evaluate potential signees- someone like, the Yankees’, Gene Michael. There must also be a group in place who can scout and has smarts.
If Tim Tebow weren’t a member of the Jets along with the accompanying media hoo-ha, the talents of the men in green would be evident. All the warts could be seen- they can’t rush the ball, pass the ball, defend passes, rush the passer, or stop the run game. What they CAN do is cash their paychecks.
King David Sternn’s Edict
Mike Bianci (Orlando Sentinel) talked about a possible restraint of trade. “If it’s true that ESPN didn’t hire Stan Van Gundy because of objections from NBA Commissioner David Stern, then Van Gundy’s original premise is absolutely right. He’s not allowed to have an opinion — even though he no longer works in the league. NBA spokesman Mike Bass said in an email Thursday that, “It was ESPN and ESPN alone that made any decisions about Stan Van Gundy.”
If this is true then why was ESPN hotly pursuing Van Gundy at one point and then inexplicably backing off a few weeks later? It was ESPN that called Van Gundy. It was ESPN that flew him up to network headquarters in Bristol, Conn. It was ESPN that, Van Gundy said, “sold us [him and his agent] on doing their studio show Friday nights on ESPN and Sundays on ABC.”
Van Gundy said he thought the deal was all but done and it was just a matter of working out a schedule and negotiating a salary.
“Two weeks later,” Van Gundy says, “they [ESPN] very abruptly said, ‘No, we’ve changed our mind.’ In the journalism profession, it would be a sad, sad day if “The Worldwide Leader” allowed itself to be bullied by a so-called third-world dictator. If this truly happened, ESPN would stand for “Embarrassingly, Stern’s Propaganda Network.”
Like Thinking
Brad Rock (Salt Lake’s Deseret News) and Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) happened to write about the same topic- spending within your income. “Money and Rulon Gardiner never seemed to mesh. The green stuff slipped away from him like an escaping foe. Now he’s bankrupt, $3million in debt on a $37,000 income.His motorcycle, watches, knives, guns, jewelry and SUV are scheduled to be auctioned later in October. His Olympic wrestling medals would be, too, except he says someone stpole them.
He survived a plane crash, a motorcycle accident and a winter wilderness scare, not to mention, a massive Greco-Roman wrestler. But financial woes?
He’s been pinned.
How Weird Was That?
Did anyone else think it was strange that Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner landed in Roswell, NM?


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