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November 30, 2012

A Team Grows In Brooklyn
Ian O’Connor (ESPN.com) gave us this recap: “As the New York Knicks staggered off the floor and toward the Barclays Center tunnel, looking very much like a team that had just lost a sudden-death game, a fan edged up to a waist-high barrier and shouted words of consolation never before heard in this basketball town.
“It’s OK, Manhattan,” he cried. “Don’t worry about it, Manhattan.” Brooklyn showed the same grit and resolve that defined their coach when he won a championship as quarterback of the San Antonio Spurs. Johnson warned his players afterward, “There are no parades, there are no trophies right now,” even if someone with a Steinbrennerian stomach for the intra-city fight would’ve wanted to hand the Nets the Mayor’s Trophy right then and there. The Nets have a ton going for them. They have contending talent (at last), a royal first couple (Jay-Z and Beyonce) for front-row face time on national TV, and enough loyal customers to shout down the same Knicks fans who once owned the arenas in Jersey. “The atmosphere in here was unbelievable,” Anthony said. “It was a special place to play.” The Nets became the first Eastern Conference opponent to beat the Knicks, and the home team pulled it off Monday night in a game, Chandler said, “where both teams understood what was at stake.” So the Knicks should be afraid of Brooklyn, very, very afraid. They shouldn’t worry so much about getting out of the East, not when there’s suddenly a real reason to believe they might not get out of New York.
Week 12 Giants (7-4) 38- Packers (7-4) 10
The Giants sacked Aaron Rogers 5 times and they held the high-flying packers to 201yds, passing and 116yds on 26 rushes. Eli was 16/30,243, 1 sack 0 INTs. The Giants exhibited an intense determination that worked against GB.

No Chance- Until There Is
Are the Yankees for sale? Is Rupert Murdock taking out his checkbook? Wallace Matthews looked at those questions and wrote, “Rupert Murdoch is knocking on the door of Yankee Stadium. How long will it be before he owns the entire building, and everything in it?
According to a New York Times report, News Corporation, the multimedia behemoth run by Murdoch, is on the verge of acquiring 49% of the YES Network.
A senior New York Yankees official, who insisted upon anonymity, confirmed the impending deal, although the official insisted it was merely “the stockholders looking to monetize their investment.”
“This has nothing to do with selling the team,” the official said. “Under no circumstances will the team be sold.”
The point is, nothing is ever precisely the way the New York Yankees portray it to be.
George was in charge, until he wasn’t. Joe Torre was the manager, until he was fired. And the team isn’t up for sale.
Until it is.
The sale of nearly half of the YES Network to Rupert Murdoch may be as simple as the senior team official says it is, an expedient way for Goldman Sachs — which makes its living buying and selling off assets — to score a cool $1.5 billion or more on its 10-year-old investment.
Or it could be the first step in an exit strategy designed to get the Steinbrenner family out of the baseball business within the next three to five years. Perhaps the sale of nearly half the YES Network to News Corp is as simple as the Yankees team official is trying to make it appear. Or perhaps the self-confessed finance geek has taken a look around his ballpark, at his roster and at his beloved balance sheets and calculated that it is time to get out while the getting’s good.”
Jerry Greene (Orlando Sentinel) said that after commissioner Bud Selig vowed to keep Marlins fans in mind while monitoring Miami’s salary-dump trade to the Blue Jays: “And the amazing thing is that his nose didn’t grow an inch.”
Put It In Perspective
Then Norman Chad gave us his thoughts about the high scoring Jack Taylor, “I don’t want to take anything away from a fella who scores 138 points in a game, but afterward he said, ‘It felt like anything I tossed up was going in.’ Really? He missed FIFTY-SIX shots.”
Stick A Fork In Ryan
Ian O’Connor and Rich Cimini, both with ESPNNY.com, wrote about Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum with regard to their future with the Jets. “Ryan talked a lot about his decision (to dress injured Tebow and not activate McElroy) in a conference call with reporters, and he kept going in circles. At one point, he sounded like a concerned father, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize Tebow’s health by putting him into the game. In his next breath, he said, “He absolutely, 100 percent could’ve played.” There’s an irony here, of course. The Jets don’t play Tebow when he’s healthy, but they were willing to play him with busted-up ribs. Ryan said he’s not concerned about losing his job, but you can bet he’s feeling pressure. People in the Jets’ facility are walking on egg shells; there’s a sense they’ll be goners if they don’t get it turned around. Perhaps Ryan’s judgment was clouded by the mounting pressure. Ryan said he’s not concerned about losing his job, but you can bet he’s feeling pressure. People in the Jets’ facility are walking on egg shells; there’s a sense they’ll be goners if they don’t get it turned around. Woody Johnson will ride out the rest of this lost season with Tannenbaum and Ryan, but he has to begin making some back-room moves now. He needs to start putting out feelers to the free-agent likes of Sean Payton, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher, and to the biggest stars of the college game, the Nick Sabans and Brian Kelly.”
At Least It Wasn’t “Excessive” Stickum
Fred Billetnikoff was a wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, in the mid 1960’s and always played with white tape on his fore arms, sticky side out, helping him catch passes. The tape was intended to push the envelope as far as possible without being penalized for use of foreign bodies.


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November 23, 2012


Land Speculators
I’d hate to see the houses in Breezy Point get plowed to the ground and have the land condemned due to inhabitability. I’d be afraid that the land could be taken over by developers after the city declared it an eminent domain situation.
Week 11  Patriots 49    Jets  19
Some things that the Jets DO have- are inconsistency and turnovers. Against the Pats they allowed 2 sacks and 1 INT. They also had 5 (4 lost) fumbles. Sanchez was 26/36 and averaged 7.5yds per completion. Kerley caught 7 (36yds Longest). Keller got 5 (22). Cumberland got 4 (39). The D gave up 152yds rushing, 323 in the air, and had no sacks or INTs. The Jets 30% 3rd down efficiency.
“Dandy Don” Meredith would have started to sing, “Turnout the lights. The party’s over. It’s time for all good things to end.”     
How Many More Losses?
I don’t think it’ll take that many more “L’s” before we start the “Good-bye Rex” chanting.
Rex Ryan may be starting to see hand writing on the wall and it’s not graffiti. He said the team “needs a win desperately” (he’s included there). Owner Woody Johnson  didn’t help him or GM Mike Tannenbaum when he said, “I didn’t sign up for 3-6.”  He said something like this in 2005 just before Herm Edwards was shipped out
A lot of fans blamed Brian Schottenheimer for the poor start to Mark Sanchez’s career but the only consistency here was Ryan’s presence.
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) was talking about his Marlins when he wrote, “London’s Oxford University Press, the dictionary folks, have revealed their 2012 Word of the Year. It is “omnishambles,” which is defined as, “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged and is characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.”                                                                                     Are you thinking what I’m thinking Jet fans?
Week 11 Jets (4-6)27- Rams (3-6-1)13
The Jets posted their desperation W, but don’t get too excited it was against the equally inept Rams. Tebow touched the ball six times for a MINUS 5yds The Jets rushed the ball 41 times for 124yds. but were tackled behind the line 7 times. The O also allowed 3 sacks. Yet in the final analysis, a win is a win.
Blowout Mania
The Patriots were still running an up-tempo offense against the Indy Colts with less than 4 minutes in the game and a huge lead. After scoring a TD that made the score 58-24, Rob Gronkoski was on the field for the PAT and he broke his forearm.
I know that injuries CAN happen but I feel that Coach Belichick angered the football gods by playing this way and they reacted.
Poor Running
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote about Washington State’s run game. “Washington State rushed for 1 yard on 19 carries in Saturday’s 46-7 loss at Arizona State.                                                                                                                        Just 190 pops into the line at that rate, and the Cougs have themselves a first down.”
Tony (maz) Massarotti (Boston Globe) gave a few thoughts, “Unfortunately, the MVP is not a Player of the Year award. That was true in 1978, when Jim Rice beat out Ron Guidry in a controversial vote, and it was true in 1986, when Roger Clemens edged out Don Mattingly. It remains true now. On the ballot, voters are instructed to choose the player they deem to be most valuable to his team, which introduces an array of biases and subjectivities.                                                                              Stats, too, are biased, and the modern seamheads would be wise to note that their metrics can be as flawed as any other. According to some data, after all, Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano was the second-best left fielder in the game in 2012, and yet any new mother would be foolish to hand Soriano her bundle of joy. The man is a butcher in the outfield and he always has been.”    
A Jeter Comeback
As a person whose broken bone needed an open reduction (a feared word meaning reset by surgery), I have a feeling for what awaits Derek Jeter. Wallace Matthews (ESPNNY.com) wrote, “Jeter suffered the injury in the 12th inning of Game 1 of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers, and originally was believed not to need surgery and to require no more than three months’ recovery time, which would have had him ready to resume baseball activities in mid-January.
But after consulting with a foot and ankle specialist, Jeter wound up having an operation to set the fracture, and his recovery time was lengthened to four to five months, which puts him into March.
Pressed to explain why he now thought an Opening Day return for Jeter — who will turn 39 in June — might be unrealistic, Girardi said, “Well, just because of the rehab and you have to get the full strength and maybe you’re not able to start doing the things you normally would in January. So I think there’s a little bit of a question, but I think he’ll find a way, because he always has. That’s who he is.”
Ya Know What?
Just when the Knicks needed David Lee during the last two years he wasn’t there for them. HE WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO averaging 20.1ppg and 9.6 rebounds per game.                          Company line                                                                                                                            Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) will always place the needle in the correct spot. “ (Jolly) Roger Goodell said the other day that TV does such a good job of showcasing NFL games that more fans are choosing to stay home. The rising costs of tickets, parking and concessions have nothing to do with it, you understand.”          High Life
Some voters in the upper NW-USA live in high altitude areas. Greg Cote (Miami Herald) wrote that, “Voters in Colorado and Washington State approved recreational use of marijuana, but the new law has not caused the immediate population boom expected. It’s because most of the folks driving there stopped their VW vans en route to have a snack and forgot where they were going or why.”                                                                                                      Brown  Power                                                                                    Microsoft’s latest venture: a sewage-powered data center in Cheyenne, Wyo., and the possibilities are endless.                          Just the byproducts of boxing press conferences, you have to figure, could keep Las Vegas lit for years.

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November 16, 2012


Week 10 UGH
Cinci (4-5) 31   Giants (6-4) 13
The Game stats didn’t report the true story for this game. The Giants’ intensity was somewhere else- perhaps looking for the bye-week. It certainly wasn’t on the field with the Bagels. There were miscommunications all over the field for the “G-Men.” The team seemed listless, playing sloppily, and tackling poorly. I hope Coughlin prepares the Giants better for the rest of the season.
Seattle (6-4) 28   Jets (3-6)  7
Sharpen the cutlery because the Jets are almost done. Mark Sanchez (Ryan’s QB choice) was 9/22 against the Hawks. Tebow was 3-3 but that doesn’t mean anything. Seattle’s rushing 187yds says a lot. There’s nothing Ryan can say that will spin this’.
Hey Joe, You Said It So It Must Be So
Since the middle of last season Joe Namath has been laying into the Jets management team because of their apparent lack of dedication to posting wins. Most recently Namath said that the teams management was more interested in selling tickets than winning. What outlook would face the team if the opposite were true? It’s almost an egg and chicken situation. But to me it seems that there isn’t ANY plan for future concentration.
How long will sell outs continue in the face of losing seasons?  
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) passed along this Ferk.com headline: “Michael Vick blames the media for speculation he might be benched, despite the fact that in the first six games he’s thrown eight interceptions, lost five fumbles, and bitten two mailmen.”
Congratulations to Dwight Perry who has posted 3,000 columns (“Sideline Chatter) in the Seattle Times.
More Seasoning Please
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) shows that he hasn’t lost a step for  humor with, “This would be one spicy sideline interview: ESPN reporter Lisa Salters and Bears defensive end Julius Peppers.”
No Limit
Reggie Hayes (Fort Wayne (Ind.) News-Sentinel) wrote after South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said Alabama could beat a pro team or two: “In defense of those NFL teams, they might be at a disadvantage since Alabama doesn’t have a salary cap.”
They’re Trying To Suck Me Back In
I don’t know what’s going on. As of 11/14 there was one unbeaten NBA team and it was the KNICKS. We heard all during the preseason that NY was too old, they’re easily injured, and that the team had too many odd parts. But they don’t look that way now. I’m not sure how long this giddiness is going to last, I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.
Thanks But No Thanks
Word had it that Phil Jackson wanted to finish his career by coaching the NY Knicks, but “Garden Dolan” never called him. Instead Dolan chose to hire Mike Woodson as coach. He was demanding a lot lower salary than Jackson and I don’t think Dolan was afraid of him.
Whatever the reasons are I happy he’s here. Woodson has a 22-6 record as the Knicks coach and the team is playing DEFENSE. In the four wins this year none of the opponents have scored more than 40 points in the second half.
Speaking of the Lakers- word has it that Phil Jackson was shocked and disappointed that he wasn’t chosen to be the new Lakers coach.          
Maybe it something to do with his desire for deal calling for $10-12 mil/yr. A bigger roadblock, however, was his interest in getting a piece of the team and more front office control.                                                                                             
It’s Absurd
John Shea talked about those big numbers. “Pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, a non-starter and non-closer, is getting a reported $18 million over three years, and hardly anyone raises an eyebrow. The comments section under The Chronicle’s website story on Affeldt’s deal is full of support for the signing. There’s a “the absurdity continues” grumble, but mostly praise from people who realize the lefty’s value – and a few suggestions that he avoid those pesky frozen hamburger patties.
So no need to fret over Affeldt’s contract or looming deals for Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro.
By today’s standards, nobody’s overpaid.
Caltech’s Probation
We revisited the NCAA’s treatment of Caltech with some insight from Norman Chad. “This is the thing about Caltech — if those folks are cheating, they’re doing a lousy job of it.
The baseball team’s lost 237 straight games, the men’s basketball team ended a 310-game conference losing streak two seasons ago, the women’s volleyball team has lost all 168 of its conference games and the men’s water polo team had a seven-year winless streak.
There are no athletic scholarships at Caltech — you have to be a student-scholar to be admitted.
So what was Division III Caltech doing wrong?
In the first three weeks of each trimester, students there are allowed to “sample” classes and “shop” for courses before registering for them.* These students are technically part-time until they enroll for their courses, and part-time students cannot participate in NCAA sports. This happened with 30 Caltech athletes in 12 sports between 2007 and 2010.
(*Here are some of the classes Caltech offers: “Optical Wave Propagation,” “Markov Chains, Discrete Stochastic Processes and Applications” and “Signal Transduction and Biomechanics in Eukaryotic Cell Morphogenesis.”
When I matriculated at Maryland, I took “Sociology of the Soap Opera.” For real. If I had Caltech’s course load in College Park, I’d still be 18 credits short of graduating.)
Caltech turned itself in.
What did the NCAA do? They threw the book at ’em.
(At least when you throw the book at Caltech, someone there can actually read it.)
Three years’ probation, a one-year postseason ban in the affected sports, vacated wins gained with ineligible athletes and a ban on off-campus recruiting.
The long arm of the NCAA law comically reached out to prevent Caltech from competing for championships it never wins and to cease recruiting it never does.
(Banning Caltech from postseason is akin to forbidding Pope Benedict XVI from breakdancing.)
Parting thought
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) said that, “It was announced Danica Patrick would appear in two new Super Bowl ads, extending her all-time lead in ratio of Super Bowl ads to winning anything.”

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November 9, 2012

Hot Stove Thoughts
The Mets shouldn’t consider going after Melky Cabrera. Even though I always liked him, I feel that a PED user needs a full year to get his body back- think Giambi. I hope the Yanks sign Kuroda, Swisher, Martin, Soriano, and Pettitte while keeping an eye open for a starter who could eat innings.
Week 9
Pgh (5-3) 24 Giants (5-3) 20
The “Cardiac Kids) didn’t do it this time. The Steelers were the team that had the 2nd half comeback.
In fact, the Giants only ran 9 plays (3 3&outs) in the 4th quarter for -18 yards. Pgh showed why they have the top-rated pass D- Eli had a QB game rating of 41.1. The team rushed for 68 yards making good on only 2 out of 10 3rd down situations. This also was a week where it was NY that blew a 20-10 lead in the 4th quarter. The Giants were terrible, terrible covering punts and kicks.
Put this game aside and move on.
Were They Kidding
Thursday night’s basketball game between the Knicks and the Nets was finally postponed Tuesday afternoon after a lot of back and forth.
Ian O’Connor (ESPNNY.com) had a good take, “Lives, homes and entire neighborhoods were destroyed in the storm, yet some voices out there suggested New Yorkers could use this opening night inside the brand new Barclays Center as a temporary sanctuary, a place to hide from the pain.
As if a traumatized family of Knicks fans from Breezy Point might feel a bit better after watching Carmelo Anthony jack up 25 shots against the Nets.” After Bloomberg pulled the plug on the game, Brett Yormark released this statement, “”Our hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. We know these are trying times for so many of you and our thoughts are with you.”
“It would have been a terrible mistake to play Thursday’s Nets season’s opener in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. If your heart was going out to everyone affected by the hurricane, Brett, why didn’t you apply a little common sense and decency to the process and fight for the postponement of the game?” said O’Connor
That sound you hear in the background is the rumble of drums promoting the next Knicks-Nets meeting.
This rivalry is starting to form up to be one of great interest. The Knicks have started the season 3-0. But, I somehow doubt that they won’t go 82-0.
Interesting Quote
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) passed this along, “Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, after WWE rassler C M Punk accidentally slugged a spectator: ‘Ironically, this was the only fan who left the arena thinking that pro wrestling is real.’”
Rant On Bloviating
The Sports Curmudgeon, who is a fellow member of Grumps-R-Us, delivered this rant about Rex Ryan’s hot air production (I wish it could be harnessed to heat some of Sandy’s victims). “I have gotten tired of hearing Rex Ryan say after every Jets’ loss – or even after some wins where the offense looked miserable – that he is sticking with Mark Sanchez because he is convinced that Sanchez is a great QB and gives the team the best chance to win. Since Ryan’s job depends on the team winning, he will always use the QB that he thinks gives the team the best chance to win. To do otherwise would be to act in opposition to his self-interest and football coaches are not designed to do that. Football coaches may not be MENSA candidates, but they have mastered the art of enlightened self-interest. At the same time, Rex Ryan needs to take a deep breath and get away from a microphone for a moment and think about the fact that he finds it necessary to make the statement that he is confident in Mark Sanchez and thinks he is a great QB at least a couple of times a month. Coaches do not have to do that for QBs who are actually great; QBs who are actually great let their play on the field make those kinds of statements most eloquently. Mark Sanchez is not a great QB. In fact, he is probably in the Bottom 10 when it comes to starting QBs in the NFL in 2012. However, he is a better QB than his back-up, Tim Tebow, has ever shown himself to be. Therefore, Ryan should stick with Sanchez as long as Sanchez is vertical and taking nourishment and he should also stop with the bi-weekly (at least) affirmations that Sanchez is his starter and a great QB.
Replay Rant
The Sports Curmudgeon talked about potential drawbacks of instant replays. “Do not even think about the idea of using instant replay for blocking/charging calls in basketball unless you want to have officials watching super slow motion replays about 20 times a game… That last comment also points to another liability that comes with instant replay. The games are meant to be entertainment. Each sport has a pace or a rhythm to it; basketball – outside the final two minutes – is a quicker game than baseball. That is not a value judgment; that is a fact. However, even the slowest baseball game ever played would become a terminal bore if the umpires had to leave the field to go view something on instant replay once every half inning.”
Not Cancelled By Sandy
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) talked about the latest NHL cancellation. “The NHL canceled its Winter Classic, latest casualty of the ongoing lockout. Said the organizer of the Winter Classic: “It’s like losing the Super Bowl.” Said everyone else: “Um, no it isn’t.” BTW
Was it Mayor Bloomberg or the NY Road Runners Club who was responsible for the cancellation of the marathon? Late Night Conan Tip Dwight Perry passed along this tip from Conan O’Brien: “The Lance Armstrong saga continues, with the IOC now saying Lance’s bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics could be in jeopardy. ’A little tip for the IOC,” noted TBS’s Conan O’Brien. “If Lance was on steroids and he came in third, you might want to take a peek at the guys with gold and silver.’”

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November 2, 2012


Thank You

Thanks to my neighbors for helping me to operate my power recliner in Sandy’s aftermath. This type neighborliness is nothing new for Edgewater. It’s been going on for generations.

Jeff’s A Gem

A very special thank you to State Senator Jeff Klein for working some very special magic to help get my power up and working.

Speaking Of Sandy

This wasn’t “Little Orphan Annie’s” Sandy. I heard there was a guy on Tremont Avenue selling Arks, named Noah da Ark Guy. He said, “Yes, I am related.” He said that he was also related to Jeanne D’Arc but she was more into a career in millinery but her HS guidance counselor misheard and thought she said military-the rest is history.   

Week  8

Dolphins  30   Jets 9

Did the Jets play the Dolphins on the 28th – because they didn’t show up for it? Maybe they were hoping for Sandy to arrive early.

It wasn’t just the blocked Jet punt that allowed a Miami TD. It wasn’t just the blocked field goal. It wasn’t just the un-covered on-side Miami kick off. It wasn’t just the 57yd runback of a Jet kickoff after a Jet field goal resulting in a TD. It was everything. Good teams find a way to win and bad teams always find ways to lose.

Giants 29   Cowboys 24

My partner, Duffy T Dogg, is a Giants fan so when he saw me yelling at the TV set because of a questionable call FOR Dallas, he also yelped at the set. The Cowboys only had 19yds rushing but had 415 through the air, allowed 4 sacks, threw 4 INTs, and were guilty of several uncalled personal fouls. After one of these non-calls, the zebra walked after the Giant player lecturing HIM to not foul and was letting it go THIS time. Can you tell that I dislike the Cowboys?  

Yeah Duffy, 415 passing yards allowed is atrocious and I’m also puzzled about how the Cowboys ran 3 plays in 10 seconds.

What Did He Say?

Norman Chad (DC Post) complained about the broadcasting people for NFL games and said, “Most football broadcasting can be divided into four simple categories: smart (10 percent), dumb (54 percent), spectacularly dumb (21 percent) or Tony Siragusa (2 percent). The rest (13 percent) is all cliched turnovers. “They’re better than their record indicates.” No, no, no, no, no, no, no — as Bill Parcells used to point out repeatedly, you are EXACTLY as your record indicates. Next. ‘… great hand-eye coordination.’  When you think about it, the key to most success in American history — Edison’s invention of the light bulb, Burger King’s creation of the Whopper, Warren Beatty’s whirlwind courtship of Annette Bening — is the result of great hand-eye coordination.

What Would George Do?

Wallace Matthews (espnny.com) asked that question and went on to list cuts he felt that GMS would have made.

My thinking is that Mr. Steinbrenner would have moved quickly to correct the Yankees’ problems without looks in a wallet, listened to Stick, and moved on to the winner’s circle.

A GMS Wannabee

Greg Cote (Miami Herald) ranted about the way Jeffrey Lotia, the owner of the Marlins, but it’s funny how some of what he wrote was familiar. “Loria is today searching for the eighth manager of his 11-year ownership and the fifth just since early 2010, a reckless, outlandish, embarrassing instability that is the hub of this club’s dysfunction.

A baseball club with a meddlesome owner whose impatience conveys a lack of direction, and invites a lack of faith in his stewardship.”                                                                                        It was amazing how much GMS seemed to have learned after he won those championships.

Headlines, Nip & Tuck, Charges

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) sent these along:

“At SportsPickle.com: ‘France disbands after achieving destruction of Lance Armstrong.’”

“Owner Jerry Jones says he believes the Cowboys can win the Super Bowl this year,” noted RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com. “That’s an even bigger stretch than his last face-lift.”

“The NFL is investigating whether San Diego receivers used an illegal sticky substance on their hands against the Broncos, but proving it might be difficult.                                                     Heck, the Chargers couldn’t even hang on to a 24-0 halftime lead.”

RAI-DAH Lester Hayes

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) quoted ex-Raider cornerback Lester Hayes  “to ESPN, when the NFL banned the use of Stickum in 1981: ‘You won’t see guys catching passes anymore with their elbows.’”

Pro Bowl

Dan Daly (DC Times) wrote about Pro Bowls from a previous era. “There was more bad blood when the NFL was smaller (i.e. 12 franchises for most of the ‘50s) because teams bumped into one another more often. At times, that enmity could spill over into the Pro Bowl (as it did after the 1964 season when Frank Ryan, quarterback of the champion Cleveland Browns, suffered a dislocated shoulder courtesy of Gino Marchetti, whose Baltimore Colts had lost the title game to the Browns).

National Fossil Day

RJ Currie (SportsDeke.com) wrote: “In a related story, Evander Holyfield announced he wants another title shot.”                           Picky, Picky In The World Series                                                                                           Dwight Perry also told us that, “Justin Verlander, the Tigers’ ace pitcher, has a glaring weakness after all: He’s 0 for 33 lifetime as a big-league hitter.                                                                                               Which is kind of like complaining that Brooklyn Decker doesn’t like to cook.”

Just Piling On

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) talked, tongue in cheek, about all of the hoo-ha attached to Lance Armstrong. “What, stripping him of seven Tour de France titles wasn’t punishment enough?                                                          Now comes word that the New York City Marathon — which also falls under the auspices of the USADA — will likely erase Lance Armstrong’s name from the results of its 2006 race, too.                                                                                                                 He finished 868th.                                                                           More Bob                                                                                     The Sports Curmudgeon thanked me for my inclusion of his piece on Robert Griffin III and sent this along, “By the way, here is another good thing about the name “Bob”.  Remember when we learned that Nomar Garciaperra’s mother had named him Nomar as a way to honor his father whose name was” Ramon”?  She just spelled Dad’s name backwards…  Well if the dad’s name had been “Bob”, then his son would also have been “Bob”.