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November 16, 2012


Week 10 UGH
Cinci (4-5) 31   Giants (6-4) 13
The Game stats didn’t report the true story for this game. The Giants’ intensity was somewhere else- perhaps looking for the bye-week. It certainly wasn’t on the field with the Bagels. There were miscommunications all over the field for the “G-Men.” The team seemed listless, playing sloppily, and tackling poorly. I hope Coughlin prepares the Giants better for the rest of the season.
Seattle (6-4) 28   Jets (3-6)  7
Sharpen the cutlery because the Jets are almost done. Mark Sanchez (Ryan’s QB choice) was 9/22 against the Hawks. Tebow was 3-3 but that doesn’t mean anything. Seattle’s rushing 187yds says a lot. There’s nothing Ryan can say that will spin this’.
Hey Joe, You Said It So It Must Be So
Since the middle of last season Joe Namath has been laying into the Jets management team because of their apparent lack of dedication to posting wins. Most recently Namath said that the teams management was more interested in selling tickets than winning. What outlook would face the team if the opposite were true? It’s almost an egg and chicken situation. But to me it seems that there isn’t ANY plan for future concentration.
How long will sell outs continue in the face of losing seasons?  
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) passed along this Ferk.com headline: “Michael Vick blames the media for speculation he might be benched, despite the fact that in the first six games he’s thrown eight interceptions, lost five fumbles, and bitten two mailmen.”
Congratulations to Dwight Perry who has posted 3,000 columns (“Sideline Chatter) in the Seattle Times.
More Seasoning Please
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) shows that he hasn’t lost a step for  humor with, “This would be one spicy sideline interview: ESPN reporter Lisa Salters and Bears defensive end Julius Peppers.”
No Limit
Reggie Hayes (Fort Wayne (Ind.) News-Sentinel) wrote after South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said Alabama could beat a pro team or two: “In defense of those NFL teams, they might be at a disadvantage since Alabama doesn’t have a salary cap.”
They’re Trying To Suck Me Back In
I don’t know what’s going on. As of 11/14 there was one unbeaten NBA team and it was the KNICKS. We heard all during the preseason that NY was too old, they’re easily injured, and that the team had too many odd parts. But they don’t look that way now. I’m not sure how long this giddiness is going to last, I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.
Thanks But No Thanks
Word had it that Phil Jackson wanted to finish his career by coaching the NY Knicks, but “Garden Dolan” never called him. Instead Dolan chose to hire Mike Woodson as coach. He was demanding a lot lower salary than Jackson and I don’t think Dolan was afraid of him.
Whatever the reasons are I happy he’s here. Woodson has a 22-6 record as the Knicks coach and the team is playing DEFENSE. In the four wins this year none of the opponents have scored more than 40 points in the second half.
Speaking of the Lakers- word has it that Phil Jackson was shocked and disappointed that he wasn’t chosen to be the new Lakers coach.          
Maybe it something to do with his desire for deal calling for $10-12 mil/yr. A bigger roadblock, however, was his interest in getting a piece of the team and more front office control.                                                                                             
It’s Absurd
John Shea talked about those big numbers. “Pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, a non-starter and non-closer, is getting a reported $18 million over three years, and hardly anyone raises an eyebrow. The comments section under The Chronicle’s website story on Affeldt’s deal is full of support for the signing. There’s a “the absurdity continues” grumble, but mostly praise from people who realize the lefty’s value – and a few suggestions that he avoid those pesky frozen hamburger patties.
So no need to fret over Affeldt’s contract or looming deals for Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro.
By today’s standards, nobody’s overpaid.
Caltech’s Probation
We revisited the NCAA’s treatment of Caltech with some insight from Norman Chad. “This is the thing about Caltech — if those folks are cheating, they’re doing a lousy job of it.
The baseball team’s lost 237 straight games, the men’s basketball team ended a 310-game conference losing streak two seasons ago, the women’s volleyball team has lost all 168 of its conference games and the men’s water polo team had a seven-year winless streak.
There are no athletic scholarships at Caltech — you have to be a student-scholar to be admitted.
So what was Division III Caltech doing wrong?
In the first three weeks of each trimester, students there are allowed to “sample” classes and “shop” for courses before registering for them.* These students are technically part-time until they enroll for their courses, and part-time students cannot participate in NCAA sports. This happened with 30 Caltech athletes in 12 sports between 2007 and 2010.
(*Here are some of the classes Caltech offers: “Optical Wave Propagation,” “Markov Chains, Discrete Stochastic Processes and Applications” and “Signal Transduction and Biomechanics in Eukaryotic Cell Morphogenesis.”
When I matriculated at Maryland, I took “Sociology of the Soap Opera.” For real. If I had Caltech’s course load in College Park, I’d still be 18 credits short of graduating.)
Caltech turned itself in.
What did the NCAA do? They threw the book at ’em.
(At least when you throw the book at Caltech, someone there can actually read it.)
Three years’ probation, a one-year postseason ban in the affected sports, vacated wins gained with ineligible athletes and a ban on off-campus recruiting.
The long arm of the NCAA law comically reached out to prevent Caltech from competing for championships it never wins and to cease recruiting it never does.
(Banning Caltech from postseason is akin to forbidding Pope Benedict XVI from breakdancing.)
Parting thought
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) said that, “It was announced Danica Patrick would appear in two new Super Bowl ads, extending her all-time lead in ratio of Super Bowl ads to winning anything.”


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