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November 30, 2012

A Team Grows In Brooklyn
Ian O’Connor (ESPN.com) gave us this recap: “As the New York Knicks staggered off the floor and toward the Barclays Center tunnel, looking very much like a team that had just lost a sudden-death game, a fan edged up to a waist-high barrier and shouted words of consolation never before heard in this basketball town.
“It’s OK, Manhattan,” he cried. “Don’t worry about it, Manhattan.” Brooklyn showed the same grit and resolve that defined their coach when he won a championship as quarterback of the San Antonio Spurs. Johnson warned his players afterward, “There are no parades, there are no trophies right now,” even if someone with a Steinbrennerian stomach for the intra-city fight would’ve wanted to hand the Nets the Mayor’s Trophy right then and there. The Nets have a ton going for them. They have contending talent (at last), a royal first couple (Jay-Z and Beyonce) for front-row face time on national TV, and enough loyal customers to shout down the same Knicks fans who once owned the arenas in Jersey. “The atmosphere in here was unbelievable,” Anthony said. “It was a special place to play.” The Nets became the first Eastern Conference opponent to beat the Knicks, and the home team pulled it off Monday night in a game, Chandler said, “where both teams understood what was at stake.” So the Knicks should be afraid of Brooklyn, very, very afraid. They shouldn’t worry so much about getting out of the East, not when there’s suddenly a real reason to believe they might not get out of New York.
Week 12 Giants (7-4) 38- Packers (7-4) 10
The Giants sacked Aaron Rogers 5 times and they held the high-flying packers to 201yds, passing and 116yds on 26 rushes. Eli was 16/30,243, 1 sack 0 INTs. The Giants exhibited an intense determination that worked against GB.

No Chance- Until There Is
Are the Yankees for sale? Is Rupert Murdock taking out his checkbook? Wallace Matthews looked at those questions and wrote, “Rupert Murdoch is knocking on the door of Yankee Stadium. How long will it be before he owns the entire building, and everything in it?
According to a New York Times report, News Corporation, the multimedia behemoth run by Murdoch, is on the verge of acquiring 49% of the YES Network.
A senior New York Yankees official, who insisted upon anonymity, confirmed the impending deal, although the official insisted it was merely “the stockholders looking to monetize their investment.”
“This has nothing to do with selling the team,” the official said. “Under no circumstances will the team be sold.”
The point is, nothing is ever precisely the way the New York Yankees portray it to be.
George was in charge, until he wasn’t. Joe Torre was the manager, until he was fired. And the team isn’t up for sale.
Until it is.
The sale of nearly half of the YES Network to Rupert Murdoch may be as simple as the senior team official says it is, an expedient way for Goldman Sachs — which makes its living buying and selling off assets — to score a cool $1.5 billion or more on its 10-year-old investment.
Or it could be the first step in an exit strategy designed to get the Steinbrenner family out of the baseball business within the next three to five years. Perhaps the sale of nearly half the YES Network to News Corp is as simple as the Yankees team official is trying to make it appear. Or perhaps the self-confessed finance geek has taken a look around his ballpark, at his roster and at his beloved balance sheets and calculated that it is time to get out while the getting’s good.”
Jerry Greene (Orlando Sentinel) said that after commissioner Bud Selig vowed to keep Marlins fans in mind while monitoring Miami’s salary-dump trade to the Blue Jays: “And the amazing thing is that his nose didn’t grow an inch.”
Put It In Perspective
Then Norman Chad gave us his thoughts about the high scoring Jack Taylor, “I don’t want to take anything away from a fella who scores 138 points in a game, but afterward he said, ‘It felt like anything I tossed up was going in.’ Really? He missed FIFTY-SIX shots.”
Stick A Fork In Ryan
Ian O’Connor and Rich Cimini, both with ESPNNY.com, wrote about Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum with regard to their future with the Jets. “Ryan talked a lot about his decision (to dress injured Tebow and not activate McElroy) in a conference call with reporters, and he kept going in circles. At one point, he sounded like a concerned father, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize Tebow’s health by putting him into the game. In his next breath, he said, “He absolutely, 100 percent could’ve played.” There’s an irony here, of course. The Jets don’t play Tebow when he’s healthy, but they were willing to play him with busted-up ribs. Ryan said he’s not concerned about losing his job, but you can bet he’s feeling pressure. People in the Jets’ facility are walking on egg shells; there’s a sense they’ll be goners if they don’t get it turned around. Perhaps Ryan’s judgment was clouded by the mounting pressure. Ryan said he’s not concerned about losing his job, but you can bet he’s feeling pressure. People in the Jets’ facility are walking on egg shells; there’s a sense they’ll be goners if they don’t get it turned around. Woody Johnson will ride out the rest of this lost season with Tannenbaum and Ryan, but he has to begin making some back-room moves now. He needs to start putting out feelers to the free-agent likes of Sean Payton, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher, and to the biggest stars of the college game, the Nick Sabans and Brian Kelly.”
At Least It Wasn’t “Excessive” Stickum
Fred Billetnikoff was a wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, in the mid 1960’s and always played with white tape on his fore arms, sticky side out, helping him catch passes. The tape was intended to push the envelope as far as possible without being penalized for use of foreign bodies.


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