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January 4, 2013


Playoffs, What Playoffs?
Neither of our teams made the playoffs this year so they’re in the same boat. Sanchez had another Jet hat trick- 2 fumbles and an INT. This team is demoralized an its managerial team is al in the wrong slots. Rich Cimini said that Ryan, “will (yet) get to hire another coordinator. He needs to find someone with a progressive approach, a playcaller who can fix Sanchez (if he’s back) and install a sophisticated passing attack. Ground-and-pound is old-school.” Wasn’t this team once 5-1 only to wind up 6-10.
The Giants ended up 9-7 with another December swoon- that’s on Coughlin. The team shouldn’t have to rely on outside inspiration to get them going. This year’s draft might be a good time to start looking for Eli’sussessor.
Face the music Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) quoted Scott Ostler asking, “So, how did acquiring Tim Tebow to push Mark Sanchez work out for the Jets? “If you seek to inspire the San Francisco Philharmonic to a higher level,” wrote Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, “you don’t try to scare ’em by bringing in a hot kazoo player.”
Campaigning FOR Tebow
Mike Bianci (Orlando Sentinel) wants Tim Tebow to sign with the Jaguars. “It’s puzzling and bumfuzzling to me why other young quarterbacks are drafted into the NFL and are given two and three years to develop, learn from their mistakes and go through the process of becoming an pro quarterback. Not Tebow. Nobody has ever given this kid a chance to grow and progress into an NFL quarterback. Never, ever.
Why it is that guys like Brandon Weeden, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Josh Freeman, Jake Locker, etc., etc. get opportunity after opportunity to fall on their face, but Tebow — one of the greatest players in college football history is on the verge of being drummed out of the NFL?
Not one time has any pro team ever committed to Tebow. Not once. Last year, the Broncos finally bowed to public pressure, threw him into the starting lineup for half-a-season and watched him lead the team into the postseason and to a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. And that was it. Denver acquired Peyton Manning and traded Tebow to the Jets, where he rotted on the bench this season while watching two lesser quarterbacks play ahead of him.
Memo to the Jaguars: Peyton Manning ain’t coming to Jacksonville.
When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.
Bring Tim Tebow back home where he belongs.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: If you have a once-in-a-lifetime freak athlete like Tebow — a big, bullishly strong man who can run the ball, take a pounding and throw when necessary — why not draft him, build a system around him and let him do his thing? Especially when his thing involves being the ultimate leader, winner, role model and rock star?
Swish Steve Swisher scored a 4-yr, $56mil deal, with the Indians, along with an easily reached mark governing a 5th year option. Swisher had been a good fit with NY, during the regular season, but not for $14mil/year. That’s Cold Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) quoted this headline from SportsPickle.com, “Gary Bettman fires NHL Network president over drop in TV ratings.” Bowl Game Swag Bag “The MAACO Bowl Las Vegas has this year’s best swag among the 35 bowls, according to the L.A. Times’ rankings,” Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote. “Washington and Boise State players got to choose a combination of gifts — including a 24-inch flat-screen TV, iPod Touch, a Blu-ray player or Nintendo Wii — totaling up to $550 from a list of 43 items.”
Dwight Just Wondered
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) asked, “Why is there a University of Phoenix Stadium, but no University of Phoenix football team?”
NHL Update
John Feinstein (DC Post) has been following NHL Owners-NHLPA negotiations and wrote that, “Since Gary Bettman became commissioner almost 20 years ago, the league has had three lockouts. The word “lockout” is important: It is never the players insisting they can no longer survive under the existing terms of the collective bargaining agreement; it is always the owners.
Bettman and hockey’s owners clearly don’t believe in compromise. To them, compromise means the players accept exactly what they are offered without negotiating and thank them for allowing them to share the same room.
That may sound harsh, but it is almost literally true. During one bargaining session, the owners made a proposal, and when the players responded by making counteroffers on three of the points in the proposal, the owners and their representatives got up and walked out of the meeting.
In fact, when NHL Players Association Executive Director Donald Fehr said a couple of weeks ago that he believed the players and owners were close to making a deal, Bettman was apoplectic, making it clear that they were not close to a deal and how dare Fehr imply such a thing.
Without getting too technical, here’s what that is about: The union voted last week to authorize its board to file a “disclaimer of interest.” This is a legal shortcut to decertifying. It would allow the players, because they would no longer be a union at that point, to file an antitrust lawsuit against the owners. That’s the last thing the owners want. In 1995, when baseball owners tried to field non-union teams, the baseball union — led by Fehr — took the owners to federal court and won, ending the strike. That was a different case than this because baseball owners were trying to unilaterally end free agency and arbitration. But if a court were to find the hockey owners have not bargained in good faith, it could order the lockout ended.” Our kind of 2012 stories Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times has listed stories that may create a few year-ending smiles, especially if you love the comic misfortunes of others. Jerry Greene (orlando sentinel) said that this is one of his favorite Sports Stories of 2012“My favorite is the hunter that tried to kill a mouse with the butt of his rifle and shot himself in the head. No, not dead but everybody knows he lost to a mouse.”


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