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January 25, 2013


What Was that?

Was all of that Garnett-Anthony business a “Melo-Drama?”

Ravens Blindside Patriots

Bill Plaschke (LA Times) quoted Ravens’ Terrell Suggs after he aired his feelings for the Patriots. “Terrell Suggs finished the locker room parade by pointing down the hall to where the Patriots were trudging inside and hollered, “Tell them to have fun in the Pro Bowl. Arrogant bleeps!”

Unhealthy Violence

In the wake of learning Junior Seau’s brain condition at the time of his death, Dan Daly (DC Times) wrote: “Back in the Dark Age — about three years ago — the NFL refused to acknowledge the sport’s connection to head injuries and brain disease. Testifying before Congress in October 2009, Commissioner Roger Goodell also defended the league’s policy on concussions. The scene was reminiscent of tobacco companies denying a link between smoking and lung cancer decades earlier.

The NFL has come a long way since then, spurred by the bevy of lawsuits. But evidence of its negligent past continues to surface. The National Institutes of Health said Thursday that Junior Seau suffered from the same degenerative brain disease — chronic traumatic encephalopathy — found in dozens of other players, some of whom committed suicide like Seau.

“The finding underscores the recognized need for additional research to accelerate a fuller understanding of CTE,” the league said Thursday in a statement. “We have work to do, and we’re doing it.”

Better late than never, although more research and more studies don’t address immediate needs. The NFL has taken steps in that area by revising tackling standards and protocol for in-game head injuries. That’s great.

But making changes on paper is much easier than making changes within the culture.

The current mindset still is closer to the old psyche, when getting your bell rung and playing through injury were badges of honor while management looked the other way.”

NFL’s Mindset

For years we’ve been hearing the stories of NFL players “playing hurt.” Joe Theismann explained, “You basically avoid the medical staff.You keep moving. The coach says, ‘How are you?’ and you say fine, unless it’s so bad, in your mind, that you just can’t move. There are times when you probably look like a baby fawn being born, but you feel like you’re OK. It’s what separates the good players from the guys that want to be great. That willingness to go as far as you can go.

“Robert (Griffin 111 of the Redskins) is such a fierce competitor. If he’s not on that field, it feels like a loss. And he hates to lose. Period.”

Is playing hurt a good way to go or is it an excuse by owners to keep an asset in play making THEM money?

I don’t think that booting kickoffs is the answer either. It STILL is one of the most exciting plays of the game and can remain so with only a few tweaks- eliminate chop blocks, head first blocks, and blocks from behind


Are the Jets telling us that Tim Tebow might not be leaving because they hired David Lee as the QB coach? Lee isn’t a “West Coast Offense” guy as is the new OC, Marty Mornhingweig. But then again Lee IS a “Wildcat” guy, so look for more team identity confusion.

To sign the correct players, a team MUST know who they are.

Earl Weaver Quotes

Thomas Boswell (DC Post) was the Orioles’ beat writer and was able to get a lot of column material over a nine year period. “On managing: “A manager wins games in December. He tries not to lose them in July. You win pennants in the offseason when you build your team. . . . Smart managing is dumb. The three-run homers you trade for in December will always beat brains. . . . I don’t welcome any ‘challenge.’ I’d rather have nine guys named Robinson” (Brooks and Frank).

Stan WAS The Man

John Shea (SF Chronicle) gave us only a few of Stan Musial’s legendary numbers. “Stan Musial struck out 18 times in 1943. The entire season: 157 games, 617 at-bats. Averaging one strikeout per 34.3 ABs. By comparison, Mark Reynolds whiffs every 2.65 ABs.

In an amazing career, one of Musial’s most amazing gifts was his ability to put bat on ball. In ’43, he didn’t strike out until his 28th game, in the nightcap of a doubleheader. He struck out once in his next 21 games.

We all can appreciate Musial, who died at 92’;/, as a hitter. His smooth and powerful left-handed swing during 22 seasons, all in St. Louis, provided a numbers nirvana. All types of juicy stuff jump off his career stats page, including 3,630 hits (fourth all time), 725 doubles (third), 475 homers, .331 average, .417 on-base percentage, seven batting titles and 24 All-Star Games.

Welcome Ichiro

Even though he turning 40, signing Ichiro Suzuki would be a good move by the Yankees. He’s a 10 time All-Star and Gold Glove winner who has chalked up 2606 major league hits in the 12 years he’s been in the league. His speed and strong throwing arm hasn’t diminished to date and would earn him a lot of starts in the corners of the Yankee outfield.

Tough Entry

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) reflected on the recent MLB-HOF election with Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle), “And you thought baseball voters had it tough this year?                                                                                     “Can you imagine the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if it had a character clause? It would be Barry Manilow, Taylor Swift and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. …                                                                   Ty Cobb, on an average day, broke seven or eight Commandments before breakfast.”


Bruce Popper (Record, Hackensack) enjoys the growing rivalry between NY & Bklyn, “It’s not Yankees versus Red Sox yet, and to tell the truth, it’s not even Knicks versus Celtics or Heat yet. The Knicks spent a decade down, and the Nets have dropped in recent years and even this season disposed of their coach, Avery Johnson, after just 28 games. That move played out in public like reality television, with the Nets the featured attraction on NBA TV’s “The Association” and Johnson left to play the role of the jilted lover.

“The place was loud,” Brook Lopez said afterward. “It was exciting.                                                                                        “And if they meet in the postseason?                                                 ‘A whole ‘nother level,’ Lopez said. ‘It’d be a lot of fun.’                 “Maybe it will be, but we won’t know for a while. The rivalry is over for now, all but the shouting.”

Geezer Report 

Mike Bianci (Orlando Sentinel) talked about Ozzie Osbourne and his gang, “Did you see where Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath are reuniting and putting out their first album in 35 years. I’m not saying these guys are old , but I hear they’re recording a sequel to “Iron Man” called “Iron Deficiency Man.”



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