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March 29, 2013

“NCAA M—- M–ness!”

Greg Cote (Miami Herald) sounded like a rabble rouser when he wrote: “The origin of the trademarked phrase actually involves a broadcaster, but not Dick Vitale. It’s Brent Musberger! Yes, long before he lusted on the air over Miss Alabama, Musberger began referring to the NCAA Tournament as “March Madness” in 1982 on a CBS broadcast.                                                                        Why? Because Musberger knew the Illinois High School Association had been referring to its own state basketball tournament as March Madness since the 1940s, when he worked in Chicago.                                                                                                       A trademark infringement suit in 1996 led to a joint venture called the March Madness Athletic Association, which consists only of the NCAA and the IHSA.                                                               Now only they may legally use the phrase, along with the millions more of us scofflaws who routinely do so with no fear of reprisal whatsoever.                                                                                    Do not kowtow to technicality, Bracket-heads. Stand up for your free-speech rights. Fly your anti-establishment flag and stick it The Man! Raise a fist and join my chant:                                                  “MARCH MADNESS! MARCH MADNESS! MARCH MADNESS …!”                                                                         

Stat Of The Day

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us that in a recent game, the Raptors outrebounded the Heat by nearly double (51-26)- enroute to losing by 17 points. “No word how they did on time os possession.”

Two Kings                                                                                      Jim Litke (Boston Herald) compared the kingdoms belonging to LeBron James and Lionel Messi. “Both were hyped as teenagers, both proved to be better than their press, and both have garnered enough individual awards to stock side-by-side mansions. In the meantime, with the next World Cup still a year off, Messi mesmerizes like no other athlete on the planet. There was even a rumor making the rounds Tuesday afternoon that the cardinals in Rome trying to elect a pope conveniently called it a day a half-hour before the Barcelona-Milan game so they could catch the broadcast.                                                                                         “So,” Reynolds asked James at the end of their brief conversation, “he’s the soccer version of LeBron?”                                                        “Is he?” James demurred. “I’ll let you decide.”                                                   If anything, it’s the other way around.”                                                 Elbowing in the hall                                                                       Dr. Frank Jobe and ex-pitcher Tommy John — who introduced “Tommy John surgery” to the sports lexicon in 1974 — will be honored at the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony this season,” said Dwight Perry.                                                                                            “Fittingly, John will throw a speech together and Jobe gets to make the final cuts.”                                                                                 Let’s Go Mets

Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) quoted RJ Currie, SportsDeke.com, as saying that “A New Yorker is selling an ultra-strong coffee called Death Wish, which carries the warning ‘many sleepless nights.’ Hey, it’s cheaper than Mets tickets.”

As I See It                                                                                    That “new” interpretation of the NFL’s tuck rule is as clear as MLB’s explanation of the infield fly rule.                                                  

Quick Thought

There’s about a month to go before the NFL draft and the “draft-info-geeks” are moving around. How much of a difference is there between an athlete running 4.9 and 4.3 in the 40 yard dash? A little more than half a second- linemen are slow at 4.9.


Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) gave this interpretation of another NFL rule: “Now there’s a rule prohibiting NFL ball carriers who are outside the tackle box from using their heads to strike tacklers. When you think about it, though, anybody who risks bodily harm in the way pro football players do rarely ever use their heads.

Things “Ain’t” The Way They Used To Be                                         Scott Ostler (SF  Chronicle) talked about feelings in the league for admitted PED users. “Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera probably owe a debt of gratitude to the earlier juicers, confessed or suspected, like Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.                                                                                  Partly because many in that first wave of bustees had quirky, prickly personalities, they took a lot of public abuse. They dishonored the game! They corrupted the world’s youth!                   Now? Eh.                                                                                                To forgive is divine, right? Jason Giambi, he was a disgraced Yankee who seemingly ‘roided himself right out of baseball in 2009. But he’s still playing, partly because he’s a likable lug who copped to his misdeeds. Giambi is even talking about eventually coaching or managing, and he would be a hugely popular manager in the Dusty Baker mold.                                                                            The moral, I hope, is not that juicing is OK, even beneficial. Reputations and legacies are still tarnished, bodies are harmed in ways we don’t entirely know yet, team and individual triumphs are cheapened, character is compromised.                                                                      Juicing is not the way to go, kids. But punishment-wise, it beats robbing banks.”                                                                                      Not So Green With Envy

Jets’ GM John Idzik is quickly becoming the latest “ringmaster” of the Jets’ circus.

The latest addition stuffed into the clown car is David Garrard, who hasn’t played in two years but is expected to move Mark Sanchez toward the door or into the unfamiliar land of winning QB’s.                                                                                                  Rich Cimini (ESPNNY.com) gave us his take on the Jets’s gamble. “The big question with Garrard is whether his body can hold up. He underwent back surgery after his surprising release from the Jaguars in 2011 and he needed arthroscopic knee surgery last August, ruining his chance of making the Miami Dolphins‘ roster.

“His knee is a concern,” an AFC personnel executive said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “He’ll look fine in drills, but I don’t know if he can take a hit.” (not if but when)


He really impressed the Jets’ brass, which evidently feels he’s a fit for Marty Mornhinweg’s West Coast system. His 62 percent career completion rate suggests he might be.

But they’re in desperation mode, bringing in options in case Mornhinweg can’t be the Quarterback Whisperer for Sanchez.”

Cleat Test

A potential draft choice was asked, at the NFL combine, why he had TGIF inked on the fronts of his cleats. The askers expected to hear “Thank God It’s Friday” but were startled when the young man explained that it meant- “Toes Go In First.”  

Sometimes These Items Just Write Themselves                                         Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote about the , “Word that a woman is suing an Indianapolis church after its cemetery rejected her late husband’s headstone because it had a NASCAR logo on it. The dearly departed’s name: Jason Carr.”







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