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April 12, 2013



The 3/30 broadcast of HBO Boxing After Dark had a match for the interim WBO Light Welterweight title that turned out to be one of this year’s top-ten. There was action from the opening bell until the final bell.

Rios began by staggering Alvarado with a jab, an uppercut, and a hook. Alvarado’s corner changed tactics, to slow down Rios by having Alvarado switch stances from left to right leads, which allowed Alvarado to win seven out of the final ten rounds.

I scored it 115-113 for Alvarado. But if Rios took the final round it would have been a draw. During the post-match interviews Rios looked almost unmarked while Alvarado was pretty lumped up and cut. It made you wonder who won? 

Boras Morass

“Super Agent” Scott Boras complained that the new MLB free agent system was unfair. I read this and said to my writing partner, Duffy T. Dogg, “Is he kidding? What’s the name of the planet on which he lives?” ESPN.com news service reported: “Scott Boras has routinely made millions for his clients in free agency, but a change in the compensation rules this year has the super agent questioning the fairness of the system.

Under compensation rules instituted this offseason, Major League Baseball teams had the option of offering $13.3 million qualifying offers to any of their pending free agents who spent the entire 2012 season with that team. If a player declined the offer and signed with another team, the player’s new team would have to forfeit its highest draft pick (except top-10 picks, which are protected) and the signing-bonus allocation slotted to that pick.

“When you have a system that does not reward performance, you know we have something corrupt in the major league process,” Boras told FoxSports.com. “You cannot have that in the major league system, because it’s not rewarding performance.” TWO Cleveland Indians signed free agent deals worth $104MILLION (Swisher 56m and Bourn 48m).

Brittney Griner

6’-8” Brittnty Griner from Baylor has been getting a lot of ink in recent days about the possibility of being the first female NBA-draftee. Greg Cote (Miami Herald) commented: “The loquacious Dallas Mavericks owner said this week he might select Griner, of Baylor, in the second round of June’s NBA Draft. It registered as a look-at-me publicity stab dressed in the refined clothing of championing equal opportunity.                                                            It served its purpose. It shone a light on Cuban as pro-woman, as an innovator.                                                                                     It did not, however, serve Griner or women’s basketball particularly well. Quite the opposite, it threw open the doors on a generally taboo subject in sports, which is that women cannot compete with men and dare not try when the sport involves physicality.                                                                                                  This is not sexist. It is reality.

Speaking Of Just Rewards

The Sports Curmudgeon pointed out that the head b-ball coaches from UCLA and Minnesota (Ben Howland, Tubby Smith) were let go. Towson University discontinued its intercollegiate soccer and baseball programs.

Let’s look closer- Howland in his 10yrs. at UCLA has taken his teams to the NCAA’s seven times; he also has won 69%of his games. Minnesota is in a conference where 5 of the 12 teams (Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin) are very good just about every year. Two other schools (Illinois and Purdue) are sometimes very good and always good.”                          The nexus of money and college athletics is always an interesting place to encounter pragmatism, greed and enlightened self-interest. One of the latest examples of all three of those qualities may be found at Towson University in Baltimore. The Towson Tigers will drop baseball and soccer as intercollegiate sports and devote the resources previously allocated there to basketball and football.

    In their five home games, they drew a total of 43,457 fans. The average attendance for home football games was 8,691 folks.

    The Homecoming Game drew 9828 fans; that was the second largest crowd of the season demonstrating how important a football game is to the alums at Towson.

Winter Forecast

Gerry Greene (Orlando Sentinel) was thinking of vacationing at an Olympics and wrote, “Definitely choosing Brazil over Russia as a vacation spot. Areal worry is that there won’t be enough snow on the ground for the Winter Olympics- so Mother Russia is spending $8m to store snow now. There are packing 450,000cubic meters (which means nothing to me but sounds like a lot) in case the white stuff is needed at the Sochi games. Sure would make one great snowman.”                                                                                          Orange Is Blue

I’m sorry- well not really- that I can’t feel that sorry for Syracuse B-Ball coach Jim Boeheim because his team dropped the NCAA Semi to Michigan, 61-56.

He’s a good coach based only on his won-loss record (920-313) which is the root of my displeasure. His teams have beaten my SJU Red Storm so often the look like they were an old rug.

Boeheim is a good recruiter and molds those young men into teams. Even keeping this in mind, he still annoys me.

New SC Science

This Comes from the Sports Curmudgeon: “I want to explore a new ”science” – actually one I just made up about an hour ago – and I will call it Nomenology. The fundamental precept of Nomenology is that what you name something or someone has a profound effect on the future of that thing or that person.                     Let us dispense with our own little name-calling exercise right now. You can call me an idiot and I will respond by calling you a non-believer and we can move on from there. If anyone takes this seriously enough to take offense, then my name for them would be Tommy Tightbutt.                                                                                                Nomenology would point out that the future of many of the tournament participants is already cast in concrete.                                                                                                    Consider:                                                                                                                            Austin Chatman – Creighton – ESPN studio host

Steven Pledger – Oklahoma – annoying guy on PBS twice a year

Terry Brutus – Ole Miss – backstabber

Jamal Crook – Western Kentucky – hopefully not…                                The “Trumpster” Isn’t That Bad

Greg Cote (The Miami Herald) told us that the, “Doral’s Blue Monster (Golf Course) is undergoing a $200 million renovation. Hmm. Anybody else notice that owner Donald Trump did not seek a referendum or public funds?”






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