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April 26, 2013





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Anthony’s Growth

Much of the NY media has been saying that Jason Kidd brought about Carmelo Anthony’s growth as a b-ball player. But I think it was because of Anthony’s recent Olympic experience playing for Coach K. Coach K has long been a proponent of the “team-game.” This is the philosophy that produced Olympic Gold as well as NCAA Championships  

Conspiracy Hype

Clarkson accused the Jets of undermining Tebow by now allowing him to master the entire offense.                                                        Clarkson also said he worked on Tebow’s throwing mechanics and footwork. He’s confident Tebow is fixed.” He didn’t say anything about Tebows’s throwing strength.

Another Jet Circus

The Jets had the #1 “shut-down” corner-back in the NFL but sent the 27-year old Darrelle Revis to Atlanta for TWO DRAFT PICKS. Even though he’s coming off an ACL injury, he’s still more valuable than the 13th pick this year and a conditional pick next year. BTW, by going to a Florida team he pays no state tax giving him more than $538K additional bucks in his take home pay.

The Jets will find it difficult to fill Revis’ shoes for a long time.

Another BTW, the Jets open this season against the Falcons.

Ian O’Connor (ESPNNY.com) weighed in with: “So it turns out the New York Jets are capable of butt fumbles in April, too. They are capable of taking one of their two greatest players ever, a talent right there with Joe Namath, and running him out of town before he made it to his 28th birthday.

Darrelle Revis wanted badly to be a Jet for life. He was planning on buying a place in Manhattan, on spending the rest of his career as a citizen of the city, on being in the secondary when the Jets reached the Super Bowl for the first time since man landed on the moon.

Now man might land on Mars before the Jets return to the big game. They traded Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two picks — including one first-rounder (No. 13 overall) in this week’s draft — a deal that doesn’t look any better than the clip of Mark Sanchez running facemask-first into Brandon Moore’s rump on Thanksgiving night.

Revis is getting his money in Tampa, and Jets season-ticket holders are getting the shaft in New York.

Jeter Jitters

It seems to me that Derek Jeter’s latest ankle fracture is near the first one but is not a displaced fracture needing surgery. It seems that the ankle has become brittle and if that’s so, hr might be done.

Wallace Matthews (ESPNNY.com) wrote, “It is possible that Jeter will come back after the All-Star break and play the way he did last year, when he led all of baseball in hits and batted an impressive .316. His remarkable history tells you that to discount the possibility would be foolish.

After all, Mariano Rivera, nearly five years older than Jeter, made it back to take one glorious season-long victory lap after suffering a serious knee injury last May.

But take Jeter’s name out of the equation and just plug in ‘38-year-old shortstop, 17 seasons on his résumé, two broken ankles in the past six months,’ and how likely does it really seem?”

Met Fans Rattle Strassburg

I don’t think that DC’s “pheemom” pitcher Stephen Strassburg ever heard anything like the full Citi Field chanting “Har-vees    be-tter” before. It’s no wonder the Mets beat “The Nats” on 4/19. Ian O’Connor (ESPNNY.com) commented, “Stephen Strasburg, everybody’s all-American, was taking it on the chin in the sixth, first from the people who pass for sluggers in the New York Mets’ lineup and then from a beleaguered fan base thrilled that the joke was finally on someone else.

“Har-vee’s be-tter,” the crowd chanted. “Har-vee’s be-tter.”

Ike Davis and Lucas Duda had belted homers in the inning to make it 4-0, and suddenly all of Citi Field told the defending division champs, the popular pick to win it all this year, that the Mets’ young stud was better than the Nationals’ young stud. And as he stood on the mound, all alone with his thoughts, Strasburg had no right to argue the claim.

Matt Harvey electrified the Citi Field crowd Friday.

Matt Harvey was better on this night, and maybe Matt Harvey will be better over the next 10 to 12 years. Who knows? But under the Friday night lights, matched against one of the few pitchers anywhere said to have a brighter future than his, Harvey did all he could to elevate his loserville franchise.  

NCAA vs. Univ. Of Miami

Greg Cote (Miami Herald) is close to the big “hoo-ha” going on between U of Miami and the NCAA. Neither the NCAA or the school don’t have clean hands here.

Greg wrote, “What is it they say about no animal being more dangerous than one wounded or backed into a corner?    Apparently the same is true of a staggered NCAA, which suffers from the national embarrassment.                                                                 This cannot be good news for the University of Miami.                That risky, unprecedented strategy left the NCAA little choice but to acquiesce or fight back. Miami pushed the. It pushed the wounded animal into a corner. The question, though, is whether UM might have played it smarter with behind-the-scenes lobbying rather than a scathing public demand.                                              It was the latter that brought Sunday’s pointed NCAA response accusing Miami of “grasping at straws” with “merit-less claims” and “unsupported attacks.”                                                           Miami now finds itself in an uncomfortable position partly of its own doing: Hoping for mercy — or at least fairness — from the same NCAA it has publicly denounced and angered.                               Fairness alone in this case was a lot to ask under the best of circumstances, given all that has turned this investigation into a blooper reel.                                                                                      All UM can hope now is that the NCAA in its June ruling acknowledges the extraordinary circumstances of this case, weighs fully its own wrongdoing, and ends this surreal saga so that the embarrassed on both sides can start to leave this mess behind.” We’ll be hearing more about this again.





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