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May 31, 2013

Stephen A. Smith (ESPNNY.com) analyzed some Knicks problems. “The Knicks are old, and not just because Prigioni (35 years old), Jason Kidd (39), Marcus Camby (38) or Kenyon Martin (35) are old. It’s also because most of them are under contract, with the Knicks being committed to $78.6 million next season, not to mention neither Kidd nor Amar’e Stoudemire (30) — whose knees are so questionable he might as well be 50 years old — has expressed any interest in retiring.” GM Glen Grunfeld feels that these players should be kept together. But based on their contracts, they’re not going anywhere. Smith added, “Another young, more creative point guard would help, as well. So would more playing time for the restricted free agent-to-be in Copeland, assuming he sticks around. More than anything, what the Knicks need is an attitude readjustment. Something that tells New Yorkers they have no reason to be spoiled because the Knicks haven’t given them a reason yet.”
Walton’s Mountain
In a phone discussion with Mike Wise (DC Post), Bill Walton gave his opinion of this year’s NBA playoff: “Basketball, like everything else, is completely cyclical. This is the first incarnation of a new style in the post-Shaq era. You have three legitimate post players that control the paint, and another freak of nature in LeBron who can play with his back to the basket as well as any of them.” I don’t count Zach Randolph. His game is more pushing and shoving. He’s extremely talented, but he’s a bully in a game that now allows bullies.” But he kept going on about Hibbert, Gasol and old man Duncan. “They’re all selfless teammates whose goal is to win the game,” Walton said. “These guys are not about self-promotion, whose egos are out of control. Their games are based on skill, timing and position. And even though they are winners of the genetic lottery, they’re not successful and good because they are jumping over people nor pushing them out of the way. They’re really good passers, they have terrific touch and all their games are hardly about dunking. It’s refreshing, invigorating and it’s really fun.”
No Surprise
Let me get this straight- NY Jets RB Mike Goodson was so intoxicated that he had to be hospitalized. Police found a quantity of grass, a loaded hand gun, and hollow point bullets (which had been banned by international courts). The press release claimed these items were found, in an auto in which Goodson was a passenger, during a traffic stop. Traffic stop- my eye. Goodson’s car was found stopped in the middle of route 80. Goodson pled not guilty in his arraignment.
Swim Meets
The Sports Curmudgeon forwarded this from Greg Cote (Miami Herald) dealing with swimming competitions, “A USA Grand Prix diving meet happened in Fort Lauderdale. Olympic divers, don’t take it personally, but you have our attention for two weeks once every four years, and barely then. Don’t push it.” And… “The International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale is threatening to relocate unless the city upgrades its facilities. Lauderdale residents who regularly visit the Hall are upset. Both of them.”
The Sports Curmudgeon and Sally Jenkins (DC Post) commented about the US Golf Association and its ruling to ban belly-anchored putters.
The SC asked, “Why is an anchored putter something that jeopardizes the history and traditions of golf but carbon-composite shafts and driver heads twice the size of a Big Mac do not?”
Sally Jenkins went to that “Ultimate arbiter of silliness in golf, P.G.Wodehouse” for thoughts about disrupting someone’s concentration, “The least thing upset him on the links. He missed short putts because of the uproar of butterflies in the adjoining meadows.” Then comes the Sergio Garcia-Tiger Woods flap,
“Garcia claimed Woods disrupted his play, and Woods disputed him and called Garica a chronic complainer. That left Garcia in a state best described by perhaps Wodehouse’s greatest line. “I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.”
Then Garcia departed from half-suppressed unpleasantries to unrestrained ones, calling Woods a chronic liar — “I know what he’s like. You guys are finding out,” he said — and snidely remarked he would invite Woods for dinner and serve “fried chicken.” Now that sounded like nothing out of Wodehouse. To the contrary, it sounded just exactly like a racial slur.”
Old Guys
I didn’t get the name of the golf group correct. The right name is “The US Golf Asso. and the Royal and Ancient.” That second part sounds like the Muppets’ two old guys- the pipe smokers. They ruled on the use of the under-the-chin putters, “Protect and preserve the game and its challenges” and to maintain and uphold the spirit and integrity of golf, it is essential to ensure the “free swing of the entire club.” Norman Chad (DC Post) quetiond those writers: “ “●Do the rules prevent a player from getting hypnotized before every putt? ●Do the rules prevent a player from stroking the ball while holding the putter between his teeth and swinging the club by shaking his noggin? ● Do the rules prevent a player from getting down on his knees and putting? ● Do the rules prevent a player from standing on his head and addressing the ball?”
● And if a player did Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and shouted out, “Swing low, sweet chariot!” before hitting a tee shot, would that be disallowed? Medical Report Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) quoted Ian Hamilton of the Regina (Sask) Leader-Post as writing, “Beleaguered Cowboys QB undergoing surgery to remove a cyst from his back: ‘doctors report that the thing was shaped like a large monkey.’” College Rivalries Exist In The Ivory Towers Also OSU’s President E. Gordon Gee went off on Notre Dame, showing rivalries don’t always exist on the playing field. He talked, at an OSU Athletics Council meeting, about critics who pointed out that the Big Ten has 14 teams, “You can tell the SEC when they learn to read and write, then they can figure out what we’re doing.”


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