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July 9, 2013

Sad Beyond Words
This was the way Greg Cote wrote his 6/28 column: “This has been a bizarre half-year patchwork on the shake-your-head side of sports, hasn’t it? The Manti Te’o hoax. Heroic “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius charged with murder. Lance Armstrong verified as liar and fraud. Baseball’s latest steroids mess festering from a Miami clinic. Rutgers firing its basketball coach for abusing players. The NCAA’s corrupt bungling of the UM investigation. That’s not even including the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings that were only tangentially about sports at all. Now, this.” It’s the arrest of Aaron Hernandez. He’s a huge adolescent minded male who behaved badly.
HA! What a surprise. We see young guys (not men yet) with wheelbarrows full of money living thousands of miles away from their families. It doesn’t matter what sport they play- behavior problems are the same. Most of their agents are enablers not in the habit of saying, “You shouldn’t do that.”
What is surprising, though, is how many interventions that have been delivered to A-Rod with regard to his behavior. We keep hearing the same non-apologies and we’re tired of them. Ian O’Connor (ESPNNY.com) wrote, “Go ahead and review his recent history, never mind the past PED use in Texas he copped to in 2009. Flirting with women in the stands after getting benched in a postseason game. Reportedly engaging in high-stakes poker games he was warned against participating in. Reportedly hanging on the road with Cousin Yuri. Allegedly finding comfort in the care of Tony Galea, convicted HGH doctor to the stars, and Tony Bosch, besieged baron of Biogenesis. In response to MLB’s latest investigation, Rodriguez has denied receiving banned substances from Bosch. Of course, he pulled a Bob Arum four years ago (yesterday I was lying; today I’m telling the truth) when he opted out of previous claims and admitted to being a product of back-room pharmacology … but only in Texas, and only before the penalty phase of the sport’s drug program came into play. Whatever. The guy turns 38 next month, another strong indicator that he won’t temper his disruptive tendencies between now and the end of his contract, the fall of 2017, which only feels a million light years away.”
But- no surprises here, that’s who A-Rod is and what he does.
What Parade?
Alex Kaseberg said the ChiBlk Hawks brought the Stanley Cup to a Cubs game but had to explain what a Championship was.
Nothing But Nets
Yes, Mikhail Prokhorov does remind me of George Steinbrenner. Mr. Steinbrenner knew that NYC is a “star driven” town and that monetary success follows big names through the turnstiles.
“Mr. P.” is unafraid to open his wallet to get expensive stars. But, they have to do what they’re supposed to do in order to stay.
My suggestion to “Garden Dolan” is to be afraid, be very afraid of the growth of the Brooklyn fan base.
The Real Big 3 In South Beach Greg Cote (Miami Herald) pointed out Heat’s owner Mickey Rosen with his check book, Pat Riley- the architect, and LeBron James- the singular talent- were the three without whom the Heat wouldn’t ever have been successful.
Van Gone-dy
Ian Begly (ESPNNY.com) talked with Jeff VanGundy about his departure from the Knicks in 2001 in the light of Doc Rivers leaving the Celtics. Van Gundy said, “There’s a big difference between what Rivers did and what he did when leaving the Knicks in December 2001.
“Mine’s worse. I live with that regret every day. Not because I view myself, quote-unquote as a quitter. I don’t look at it that way. But I did leave that situation, I did quit that situation and I live with that regret,” Van Gundy, now an ESPN analyst, said. When asked about his reasons for leaving the Knicks, Van Gundy mentioned several factors: The team had lost to the Toronto Raptors in the postseason the previous year; Marcus Camby had to deal with the kidnapping of his mother and two sisters during the series; Patrick Ewing was traded before the 2000-01 season; Larry Johnson retired before the 2001-02 season.
“I had a great job with the Knicks. Like I said, I let momentary frustration, not even momentary, things that had been building up, this frustration, when I should have taken more time to come to that conclusion or a conclusion,” Van Gundy said.
Van Gundy credited Knicks owner James Dolan for providing him with every resource necessary to succeed. “The frustrations were real but it was certainly on overreaction and, like I said, I’m the only one to blame for that because I had a great, great job and I left it voluntarily and I still regret it,” he said. A Strange Business I always feel I have to wash my hands after shaking hands with a fight promoter; then I count my fingers. I watched the replay of the 6/22 Paulie Malignaggi (32-5,7KO)- Adrien Broner(27-0, 22KO) match in Brooklyn and from the first moments of the broadcast, Broner was hyped as the overwhelming favorite even though Malinaggi was the Champion. Broner continually fouled the champ without penalty. He hit on breaks, kneed Malignaggi during a clinch, used rabbit punches as well as kidney punches, and held and punched. The judge’s scores were 115-113 for Malignaggi, 115-113 for Broner, and unbelievably 117-111 for Broner who should have had at least 5 points deducted or even DQ’d. I scored it 114-114 with 6 rounds going to each man. Broner’s punch total was so much less than Malignaggi’s possibly because of the body work he absorbed. Be on the lookout for Marcus Browne. He’s a light heavyweight (5-0, 5 KO). He listens to Teddy Atlas and retired-NYPD Patty Russo. Marcus is the REAL DEAL. Year Round NFL Norman Chad told us what, NFL Commissioner, “King David” Stern did to keep his league in front of our eyes with hand in our pockets: July- Training Camp, August- Preseason, September to December- Regular Season, January- Playoffs, February- Super Bowl, March & April- Free Agency, May- The Draft, June- OTAs (organized team activities).


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