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July 26, 2013

Just A Minute
The Sports Curmudgeon told us about a report from CBSSports.com and said, “The report says that the NBA will now add to its instant replay rules provisions that will permit officials to use TV replays to determine if the correct call was made on a blocking/charging call. This is bad for lots of reasons so let me just give you one: NBA games have enough “down-time” as it is with the team timeouts and the TV timeouts and the incessant offense/defense substitutions at the ends of quarters and halves. Every instant replay stoppage adds “down-time”; particularly odious is the amount of time it takes to determine how many tenths of seconds to put on the clock at the end of a game. Those interminable stoppages ignore the fact that there had to be an error of tenths of seconds on every whistle and on every inbounds play during the whole game so that the starting point for measuring “time remaining” could be off by as much as 15 seconds. The world needs less “down-time” not more.”
MLB Downtime
MLB announced a 60 game suspension for Ryan Braun for PED usage. Greg Cote (Miami Herald) commented by asking, “Remember when sports was the escape? Somehow sports became the reality. The arrests, the failed drug tests, the seemingly endless parade of athletes letting us down. “It is not behind him, of course, and won’t ever be. Like so many before him and surely more to follow, the stink has become part of who Ryan Braun is.”
I’ve always liked Alfonso Soriano. Over 15 years he’s put up good numbers. With a need for only 11 hits to reach the 2000 mark and 11 more HRs to reach 400, he’s also scored close to 1100 runs. His career WHIP is .825. Bruce Levine of ESPN.com said, “Soriano has $25 million left on his eight-year, $136-million contract that expires after the 2014 season.” Soriano is 37 years old and will be 39 at contract’s end, so the timing is perfect.
G’s & J’s NFL Outlook I looked at the NFL schedule and I felt our teams would end up: My Giants should win 10 games as long as JPP can play and there is growth with the DB’s. I think John’s Jets will be 8-8 with Smith taking over for Sanchez. Talko Time Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote: “Available for sale online- an eight-piece Houston Astros barbecue set for $74.99.
Act now, and they’ll even through in an interactive meat thermometer that tells you ‘Stick a fork in ‘em, they’re done.’ Matt Snyder (CBSsports.com), on the Miami Marlins hosting ‘Legends of Wrestling Night.’ The Marlins will do just about anything to get fans to the ballpark- that is, other than putting a winning team on the field.” Latest News Greg Cote (Miami Herald) reported that, “NFL suspended Rams RB Isaiah Pead for a drug violation. So, if I have this straight … a guy named Pead failed a urine test?” Tunnel Light A-Rod said that his rehab process was a long ordeal, filled with dark moments. But he did say, “You definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.” I hope that it’s not an oncoming MLB locomotive.
Talk’in The Talk
Dwight Perry reported: “Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison, via Twitter, on PED speculation: “You know we’re clean. We haven’t scored a run in 37 innings.”
Can You Say Tooze Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) said that, “Forty-Niners linebacker Ahmad Brooks, accused of breaking a beer bottle over a teammate’s head. He’s been named an honorary 1970’s Oakland Raider.” Latest News Greg Cote (Miami Herald) reported that, “NFL suspended Rams RB Isaiah Pead for a drug violation. So, if I have this straight … a guy named Pead failed a urine test?” ESPN Counter Attack
Norman Chad (The Couch Slouch) gave us this reply: “Everyone’s coming after ESPN: It’s a cable cavalry looking to topple cable’s superpower. CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, now Fox Sports 1 — heck, al-Jazeera is probably gearing up for a big stretch run against the boys from Bristol — are all arming themselves with as much talent and programming possible to pilfer some of ESPN’s massive fun-and-games profit. ESPN has responded by rolling out a whole new group of channels and products to add to its family of networks (which, at the moment, includes only ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, ESPN Deportes and ESPNews). And here they are: ESPN 7-Eleven: The cable giant and the convenience mart — both 24-7 operations — team up to provide around-the-clock “SportsCenters” and Big Gulps at every location. ESPN Berlin Wall: The iconic wall is rebuilt at its original site — funded largely by a new national cable tax — imbedded with 424 large-screen TVs, making it the world’s largest outdoor sports bar. Projected to be Germany’s No. 1 tourist attraction by 2025.
ESPN 911: Police scanner dedicated to athlete crimes.” Dwight’s Flights Of Fancy
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) reported that, “Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips, calling his $72.5 million dollar contract a slap in the face after teammate Joey Votto got a much bigger one, was last seen crafting his cardboard ‘Will Bunt For Food’ sign.
Twins closer Glen Perkins recorded two outs the other night before realizing his pants were unzipped.
Guess he’s not a big fan of the Infield-fly rule.
Honda engineers have unveiled a riding mower that goes from zero to 60 in 4 seconds, with a top-end speed of 130 MPH.
Well, that’s one way to cu


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