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August 16, 2013

Proper Perspective
How do ball players taking PEDs, college athletes selling their autographs, and amateurs receiving appearance money affect my everyday living? They don’t. That’s why those reports don’t mean that much to me.
Biggest Concern For NFL Coaches
After the first week of pre-season games, the most important thing for coaches to think about is if the rookies can put on their uniforms correctly.
One player that I will keep an eye on is Damontre Moore, a 3rd rounder out of Texas A & M who is 20 years old and 6’4 250lbs right now. I said “Right now” because we’ll have to see if additional weight affects his speed. He’s penciled in as a rushing end, DE at the moment.
Ohm Youngmisuk, of ESPNNY.com wrote about the preseason game in Pittsburgh and said, “Moore has shown he could be more than just a prospect to develop. He was a presence with his speed, which was on display when he exploded out of nowhere and made a leaping block on a fourth-and-29 punt at the Steelers’ 17 with 11:27 to go in the first quarter.”
Not Getting Into That
Joe McKnight, Jets RB, had a pretty good revolving door going when he talked to the press about his head injury. Rich Cimini had this quote by McKnight, “I’m just getting back in the flow of things. When the doctors clear me, I can get back into the flow of things.” Or maybe he could put it this way, “I feel a lot more like I do now than I did before.”
A Look At 2014
Wallace Matthews (ESPNNY.com) gave us a peek. “With Mo getting the night off, it took two relief pitchers — Boone Logan and David Robertson — to do the job one man has handled exclusively for the past 17 seasons.
And while, when he is right, Rivera does his job with an effortless grace that makes it appear that literally anyone could go out there and do it just as well, Logan, and especially Robertson, generally turn the job of getting three outs into a kind of performance art played out on a high wire. And it was clear that the Yankee Stadium crowd, accustomed for so long to eight-inning games followed by a three-out exit recital, is not entirely happy with the idea of a roller-coaster ride at the end of the game. “I’m not him,” Robertson said, jerking his head toward Rivera’s locker, which adjoins his in the Yankees clubhouse. “I’m never going to be him. It’s not going to be silky smooth.” But it will be exciting, which might not be exactly what you want in a ninth-inning specialist. With his effortless efficiency, Rivera has spoiled a generation of baseball fans who have forgotten the kind of angst and agita that baseball fans in 29 other ballparks experience on a nightly basis. It was a David Robertson ninth inning, and, luckily for Yankee fans, there is always more than one way to reach the end of a ballgame. Robertson just happens to prefer taking the rough way home, a route that will take some getting used to. “I guess Yankee fans are just going to have to learn to adjust,” Robertson said. Like watching anyone other than Mariano Rivera pitch the ninth inning, it won’t be easy.
The Sports Curmudgeon Told Me That
The SC talked about my last column and said, “IF indeed all of the charges against him are false/misleading/wrongfully placed, the answer to the question posed to him would have to be “Hell NO!” IF he were totally innocent and falsely accused here, there just isn’t any other answer that makes sense – lawyered up or not. If I were charged with kidnapping and murdering Jimmy Hoffa and the question were put to me in a press conference, my answer – with my lawyer standing by my side – would be “Absolutely not!” I say that not to “convict” A-Rod but merely to point out that he does himself no favors when he opens his mouth. His best defense may be to ‘Shut the Heck Up!’”
Greg Cote wrote in the Miami Herald that baseball had suspended 13 players, including A-Rod, in one day. “Call it,” he said, “A Fakers Dozen.”
“Little Artie” Donovan
Artie Donovan was the first ever draft choice of the Baltimore Colts and was never little. He once proclaimed, “You know you’re big, when you get into the bathtub and the water in the toilet rises.”
Just How Bad Are The Marlins
The Sports Curmudgeon told me, “They are the only NL team whose winning percentage is below .400. The main reason they do not win is that they cannot score runs; in those 112 games, the Marlins have only scored 359 runs (3.2 runs per game). If you project that total to a full season, the Marlins will score only 519 runs. Let me put that into perspective for you- in the Marlins brief history, the team record for fewest runs scored in a season is 581 runs. The 1962 NY Mets – the team that lost 120 games that year – scored 619 runs.
Earth To Rich Athletes
Scott Ostler (SF Chronicle) told us about Drew Brees leaving a $3 tip in a fast food restaurant. “You don’t have to go all Elvis and buy your waitress a new Cadillac, but blow the dust off that wallet, old sport, and throw down a tenner for the woman making eight bucks an hour and sharing tips with the cooks, OK? You can write it off. By the way, seriously, Drew Brees makes $57,794.52 per day.”
Futurewatch Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) wrote, “Technology can be a wonderful thing. The San Francisco 49ers’ new stadium, set to open in time for the 2014 NFL season, will feature an app that keeps fans updated on the length of bathroom and beer lines. There’s a clear symmetry to an app like that.”
Brad Dickson (Omaha World-Herald) pounded Johnny Manziel, “The NCAA is investigating Manziel for allegedly being paid to sign autographs after he arrived in Miami to watch the BCS national championship game with his personal assistant. A college freshman with a personal assistant? How about investigating that?”


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