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September 9, 2013

Jets (1-0) 18 Tampa (0-1) 17
The Jets circus is still in town. This time NY won the game with two seconds remaining on the clock. The BIG story is the successful debut of Geno Smith as the Jet QB. Smith was 24-38, 256 yds, with 1TD 1 INT, and was sacked 5 times. He showed a great deal of patience and confidence. Tampa was penalized 13 times for 102 yards The last penalty (unnecessary roughness) was called with 3 seconds left and put the Jets in position to boot the winning FG. Dallas (1-0) 36 Giants (0-1) 31
The Giants turned the ball over in their first three possessions and played catch-up for the rest of the game. Dallas was able to expose weaknesses of the Giants at RB & DB. The DB’s looked smaller than the Cowboys’ receivers and they couldn’t punch the ball over the goal line from the one. Coughlin has to pull the same magic he used on Tiki Barber to get the ball to stay in Wilson’s hands. Wilson also has to block for Eli when he stays in.
Mets Fans And Cubs Fans Aren’t Alone.
“Pittsburgh went to a baseball wilderness where hope and promise and even simple competence dared not dwell.
Mark Stover went to the United States Air Force, to Korea, and, after 9/11, to Afghanistan.
But now, Technical Sergeant Mark Stover is retiring, and, though he never has ventured much past the observation that it’s hard to believe the Pirates didn’t have a winning season the entire time he was in the service, the synergy, or at least synergy’s invitation to irony, can’t be meaningless, can it? With an 82nd Pirates victory soon to be on the table, I asked Technical Sergeant Stover, now just a couple of months from his return to civilian Pirates fan status, if he ever in the past 20 years thought his scarce free time would be better spent with another baseball team.
“Noooo,” was the short answer. “That’s usually one of the better arguments military people have with each other, how they decide their sports allegiances. With us, there’s no question. I was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. I am black and gold. There’s no question about it.”
The Pirates, of course, haven’t always deserved that kind of bedrock loyalty. But, as the streak ends on this little slice of symmetry with one Air Force career, I don’t guess anyone should be surprised that Mark Stover was someone they could count on.
Andrew Marchand (ESPNNY.com) praised Alfonso Soriano, “If Alfonso Soriano were to continue his home run pace with the Yankees over 162 games, he would finish with nearly 61 in a season. As it is, in his 32 games as a Yankee, Soriano has 12 homers, 35 RBIs and six stolen bases” with an .871OPS. He played 93 games with the Cubs, batted .254, had 17 HR, 51 RBI, and a .764 OPS. “One of the newest reasons why (the Yankee lineup is deeper) may be the emergence of Mark Reynolds. Reynolds suddenly looks like a different player from the one that Cleveland sent to the Yankees for nothing in return.
Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long convinced Reynolds to abandon the toe tap that had preceded his swings dating back to his time at the University of Virginia. This has allowed him to improve his timing.
On Friday, Reynolds had his second consecutive three-hit game. He has done that only twice before in his career. It appears as if he will be the everyday first baseman until further notice.
Strange Doings
The Sports Curmudgeon talked about the settlement in the NFL’s concussion lawsuit: “I am not going to pretend to understand the motivation(s) to move to a settlement in the case (for a rumored $760M). However, in one of the things I was reading about this whole matter, I ran across a statement that the attorney fees for all of this would probably come to $100M. It was not clear if that was the total for both sides or if that was just the fees for the lawyers representing the players. In either case, that seems like an awfully high number.”
Another Thought On Those Injuries
NFL players are well compensated and have a lot of medical people on the Sunday sidelines. However they’re present mostly to treat twisted knees, ankles, and elbows. They don’t treat the concussions as much because head injuries are harder to diagnose. But what about the players in college, high school, and Pop Warner level leagues who don’t have that same medical staff? What do they do?
Game plan for Geno: Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will tailor the game plan around Smith’s strengths. Look for a lot of shotgun. Look for a moving pocket. Look for some pistol formation. Look for some read-option plays. Above all, the Jets need to establish a strong running game, protecting Smith from obvious passing situations. We’ll see whether the pass-happy Mornhinweg can stay married to the running game.”
Recent Report
The Sports Curmudgeon sent this along (I whole heartedly agree): Recent reporting suggests that Bobby Riggs may have tanked his tennis match against Billie Jean King 40 years ago. There are hints that there may have been a mob influence in the outcome of the match. You can read the reports and form your own conclusions on this matter but here is what I think of the entire matter: Who cares?
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) Patter
Barney Fife Lives
“The Maury County (Tenn.) Sheriff’s Department has reprimanded Lt. Andy Jackson for firing his gun into the air to scare off a turkey defecating on the hood of his patrol car, The Columbia Daily Herald reported.
So consider this your final warning shot, gobblers: Just 12 weeks until Thanksgiving.”
Son Of Sampson
Brad Rock (Deseret News, UT) said that, “Real Salt Lake midfielder Kyle Beckerman claims he hasn’t cut his hair in eight years.
Beckerman will play five more seasons after which he will donate his hair for use as a goal net.”


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