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September 15, 2013

Patriots (2-0) 13 Jets (1-1) 10
This was a “S-C-W” game (shoulda-coulda-woulda). Smith should have seen all of open receivers. They could have been TDs. The Jets would have won the game. The D was pretty good; they rushed pretty well on O & D. This was Smith’s 2nd game and had rookie mistakes. Let’s see if he learned from them.
Broncos (2-0) 41 Giants (0-2) 23
YUCK! The Giants didn’t win, didn’t pass, didn’t rush the ball or the passer, and didn’t defend. Eli completed more end zone passes to Broncos than Giants and had 4INTs. The G-Men had only 33 yards on the ground from 19 rushes. There were drops, misplays, and not that much pressure on P. Manning. Aside from that they played well.
Jet Headline
At SportsPickle.com: “Jets say they were planning to give Mark Sanchez season-ending surgery even if he wasn’t hurt.”
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us that, “A billboard shilling for UNLV season tickets shows football coach Bobby Hauck alongside basketball coach Lon Kruger with the slogan ‘Come To Our House.’
Just one problem: It’s 1130 miles to Kruger’s house. He left to become coach at Oklahoma in 2011.”
Say What?
Tim Hunter said, “A sure sign you’re into football a bit too much: You tailgate before everything- even church.”
This What We Live For
Paul Newberry of the AP wrote in the Boston Herald with some possibilities in the new season: “BAN THIS: Showing just how much influence it has over all elements of society, the NFL’s ban on purses larger than a piece of gum becomes the latest fashion craze. All across the country, women willingly start carrying tiny clear plastic bags that require them to leave wallets, phones, bobby pins, sunglasses, mirrors, someone else’s purse, and 17 J.Crew receipts at home. Everything but gum, that is. JETS GEL: Rex Ryan is fired before the season is a month old. In a stunning move, the Jets bring back Tebow as a player-coach. He names himself the starting quarterback and leads the Jets to an improbable playoff appearance despite a passer rating of 0.04. Miley Cyrus even concedes she should’ve Tebowed instead of twerked at the MTV Video Music Awards. What Extravagance? Dwight Perry told us that Brad Dickson (Omaha World-Herald) commented after a critic called Alabama’s Football locker room “too extravagant”: “It was the Sultan of Brunei.” Side Business The Sports Curmudgeon delivered a five page rant about the hypocrisy of the NCAA with regard to raking in side money. Here is a bit of it: “Supporting my assertion that colleges are running this “business enterprise on the side” is the simple fact that they are admitting football and basketball players to their campuses whose applications for admission would be laughed out of the room when the admissions committee met to make final decisions. Many of the players’ high school diplomas are of questionable value; if lots of players had to sit and take the GED exam to obtain a diploma equivalent to the high school diploma they have in hand and if they were monitored during the taking of the exam, a large fraction would not come close to passing. I cannot prove that with data because none of the players has ever been forced to do that. Nevertheless, you and I both know that to be the case.”
Wrestling For Approval
Tracee Hamiton (DC Post) commented on an IOC vote: “In February, the IOC voted on 25 “core” sports that would make up the Olympic program beginning with the 2020 Games. In a stunning move, wrestling was not on the list. To the sport’s credit, it immediately began grappling (couldn’t resist) with its perceived problems. Three days after the IOC’s decision, Raphael Martinetti resigned as president of FILA, the sport’s international governing body. Nenad Lalovic of Serbia was named acting president, and the sport immediately turned its attention to problems with its rules, gender equity and the internal workings of FILA.
On May 18, FILA met in Moscow to vote on the changes, and Lalovic was elected president, losing the “acting” from his title. Eleven days later, the IOC trimmed its list of eight possible sports for 2020 to three — and wrestling made the cut. FILA changed some of its inner workings. It added two weight classes for women in time for the 2016 Games. And it adopted new rules that will make the action more aggressive. There will be less stalling and more scoring, and the winner will be decided on total points, not the best two-of-three periods. Stalling will be penalized. Offensive takedowns will earn two points. The matches will be faster and more exciting.”
Coach Worm
Dwight Perry told us: “Dennis Rodman says he will coach the North Korean basketball team.
In honor of Kim Jong-il, they’ll play the Demilitarized Zone Defense.”
The Worm’s Turn
Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) chimed in with, “Dennis Rodman reportedly met again with the leader of North Korea. That man is crazy. But then, again, so is Kim Jong-il.”
Talking The Talk
Dwight Perry related, “Reggie Hayes (Fort Wayne News-Sentinel) talked about the two men arrested for trying to pilfer some Wrigley Field ivy, ‘In keeping with Cubs tradition, the steal was unsuccessful.’”
Highly Rated
The Sports Curmudgeon passed along this rating from Greg Cote (Miami Herald), “Miami’s Booker T. Washington High is ranked No. 1 nationally in some high school football polls. That’s the highest ranking for Booker T. since Booker T. & the M.G.’s reached No. 3 with Green Onions in 1962.”
Random Greg Cote (Miami Herald)
“Floyd Mayweather is reported to keep $123million in his checking account. His checks don’t bounce. They take private jets.
“The U.S. men’s soccer team beat Mexico 2-0 to qualify for a seventh consecutive World Cup. We pretty much have the getting-there down pat. It’s the winning-there that’s been problematic.
“A man named Tom Garfinkel is the Dolphins’ new president/CEO but he has nothing to do with the football operation, so his title might as well be president of we’re-not-interested.”


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