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October 22, 2013

Week 7 Jets (4-3) 30 Patriots (5-2) 27
This was an “up-seesaw” game for Jets Fans. It had everything- passing, running, sacks, interceptions (some for a “pick-6”). There was even a penalty that affected the game’s outcome that had never been remembered as being called. It wasn’t a butt fumble, but a butt push. The Jets D was strong and only allowed 90yds NE rushing. They had 4 sacks and 1 int.. Ivory ran for 104. Overall NY rushed for 177 gross yds. Smith threw 17/33, 206net yds. Brady was 22/46, 205net yds.
It was a typical Jets-Patriots game where the score card doesn’t tell the whole story.
Giants (1-6) 23 Vikings (1-5) 7
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’m not predicting another Giant win, because they could easily lose the rest of their games. They weren’t the losers in the Vikings’ game but they didn’t instill any good feelings either. They only ran for 64 yds and passed for 200- that was against a team with no defense at all. Special teams for NY weren’t special at all. They allowed 209 yds in punts and kick offs.
Lets speak about the red zone (I’m sorry-I have to). The Giants were 1 for 4- 1 for 4!
Reuben Randall seems to be a magnet for bad things. Maybe it’s just that he doesn’t finish his route or runs the wrong one or fumbles a lot.
On the plus side – Jon Beason was in on 9 tackles from his MLB slot. He had 12 tackles last week. Peyton Hillis was an assistant HS football coach last week, after being cut by Tampa Bay, and looked strong grinding out 15 yds.
A Futile Mark The Sports Curmudgeon commented about the Chiefs-Raiders game that might have caused “Big Al” to spin in his grave: “The Raiders had a particularly fetid sequence in the 4th quarter of the Chiefs game. The score was still a manageable 14-7 in favor of the Chiefs and the Raiders had the ball at the 50-yardline and had a drive underway. Here is what happened next: 1. Holding penalty makes it 1st and 20 at the Raiders 40
2. Sack for a 12-yard loss makes it 2nd and 32 at the Raiders 28
3. Delay of game penalty makes it 2nd and 37 at the Raiders 23
4. Sack for an 11-yard loss makes it 3rd and 48 at the Raiders 12.
5. Incomplete pass makes it 4th and 48 at the Raiders 12. Now for the real ignominy… The Raiders’ punt went 46 yards; it did not make it to the first down marker the offense was aiming for.”
Special Delivery
Karl “The Mailman” Malone spoke of the NBA Jazz players in training camp to Salt Lake City’s KSL-TV and was quoted by Dwight Perry, “I’m not concerned with your elbow pads, your knee pads, all of your garb and your full body armor.
I had one of my bigs’ today, and he had body armor from his thigh to his neck. I ask him what he was doing, and he said he was protecting himself. I said, ‘Who you protecting yourself (from)?’ There’s no sniper in this building! Man up! If your hurt, see the trainer and play the game.
When I played, if you came out there with a sleeve on your elbow, I’m not going to attack it, but you’re a wounded animal and I’ve got to take a stab at it.”
When we played basketball in the playground, the rule was – “No blood, no foul.”
How Do You Spell Loyalty? $
Ian Begley (ESPNNY.com) wrote that Carmelo Anthony “Can opt out of the final year of his contract with the Knicks and test free agency.
Economically, it would make sense for Anthony to opt out and stay in New York. If he signs a max contract this summer, he can earn $33 million more with the Knicks than he could from another team.
Despite that financial advantage, some members of the Knicks’ front office have probably become a bit queasy after reading Carmelo’s comments. If Carmelo gets to the point where he’s being courted by other teams, anything can happen.
That’s why I think Carmelo’s quote to the Observer raises the stakes a bit for Knicks president/GM Steve Mills and the rest of New York’s front office.
Mills’ chief task is to build the Knicks into a championship contender, and retaining Anthony goes hand-in-hand with that goal. So it’s on Mills and the rest of the Knicks’ decision-makers to convince Melo they can surround him with enough talent to win a title going into the 2015 season, if not before.
Also, Jason Kidd was one of the prized free agents in the summer of 2003. As my colleague Ohm Youngmisuk pointed out recently, Kidd was almost certain came back from Texas torn between re-signing with New Jersey and teaming up with Tim Duncan.
Of course, Kidd ended up signing with the Nets, but it wasn’t an easy decision. And the same situation could play out with Carmelo.
If he hits the open market, plenty of teams will be interested in Anthony, who led the league in scoring last season. Most notably, the Lakers will have the requisite cap space to woo him. They also happen to employ one of his closest friends in the NBA, Kobe Bryant. How will a recruiting pitch from Kobe affect Carmelo’s decision? It’s too early to say right now. But one thing’s certain: Anthony will be willing to listen.”
Say What?
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) quoted ex-NFL great Rod Woodson talking to Oakland’s KGMZ Radio about Raiders’ QB Terrell Pryor’s upside, “The ceiling is through the roof.”
What A Grandpa
Dwight Perry wrote about Peter Edwards who placed, An $80 bet 15-years ago- at 2500-to-one odds- that his 18-month old grandson would one day play for the Welsh national soccer team.
Edwards became $200,000 richer when Harry Wilson-16, the grandson- made his international debut as an 87th minute sub against Belgium.
‘I’ve retired one year early,’ Edwards, 62, told BBC News. ‘Not bad for a daft bet.’’


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