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October 27, 2013

Week 8 Giants (2-6) 15 Eagles (3-5) 7
This was 2nd win in a row for the Giants. They had NO t/d’s; scoring on 5 FGs. The special teams allowed the Philly TD with a wild snap to punter Weatherford. The Eagles aren’t a tough team but they stopped NY twice in the Red Zone. I CAN guarantee that the Giants won’t lose next week (the 3rd week unbeaten in a row)- they have a bye.
Bengals (5-2) 49 Jets (4-3) 9
This was the big ruler game. What an awakening the Jets had. Cinci had 402 yards and NY had 240 net yards. Their heads must have been spinning as if they were in the exorcist movie. Dalton was 19/30 5TDs. Smith was 20/30 2INTs 4 sacks. Cinci had 7 TDs and the Jets had zero but gave up a pick-6.
More Melo
“Unlike when Melo was in Denver,” Stephen A. Smith (ESPNNY.com) wrote, “A place he wanted to leave, the Knicks’ star forward actually wants to stay here. He just doesn’t want to stay here and lose. Melo is not interested in continuing to marvel at the achievements of one of his best friends (LeBron James) for years to come. Either the Knicks need to facilitate a way for the two superstars to join forces or position themselves to get someone else to make the ‘Bockers viable. And Melo is smart enough to know the present roster won’t cut the mustard.
So this season — with impending free agency — is the perfect opportunity to put the franchise on notice.
First, secure coach Mike Woodson by getting the Knicks to pick up the option on his third year — which Melo has already done. Second, do everything you can to assure Dolan you want to stay … without actually committing to staying. Melo doesn’t need to tell the Knicks, with new president and general manager Steve Mills, what to do, because he knows they already know.
If Amar’e Stoudemire isn’t healthy again, convince him to retire so those numbers will come off the books. By acquiring Andrea Bargnani, whose $23 million comes off the books after the 2014-15 season, you now have either Bargnani or Tyson Chandler — or both — as bait in the final years of their contracts.
It’s all about maneuverability, the ability to position yourself as a franchise to pursue LeBron. It doesn’t matter that it’s a long shot to get him because Miami and Cleveland are his preferences. Melo knows it’s possible that LeBron will move on. That both of them want to play together. And that the possibilities are endless when your conversations are with a billionaire with ties to Wall Street.”
It’s too early to fret over this. But, we’ll be hearing a lot more about this as time goes on.
Shoulder the Weight
Ian Begley (ESPNNY.com) wrote about Carmelo Anthony’s decision to not have surgery. “I’m ecstatic going from a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum to not needing surgery,” Anthony said. “Let me take that back: Taking a risk in not taking surgery and letting it heal on its own. I took a huge risk in doing that. It meant I had to put more time in the offseason to do what I had to do to get it right.” Anthony has looked healthy through the Knicks’ first five preseason games. But the state of his shoulder will be closely monitored throughout the season. So any damage to the labrum can affect the stability of the shoulder, ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell says.
That’s why Anthony said during the playoffs that his shoulder “popped in and out,” according to Dr. Neil Roth, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and the attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital. If Anthony had opted for surgery, he might have lost some range of motion in his shoulder. “A labrum tear doesn’t heal itself,” Bell says. “Once you have damage, [the shoulder after rehabilitation is] not going to be as good as the original structure. [Anthony] can rehab all he wants and that labrum will [still] have damage to it; that doesn’t change. But functionally, he should be fine.” Maybe, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Neil Roth summarizes the situation best. “It’s always a difficult call as to what the right treatment is for a professional athlete,” he says. “You’re dealing with, No. 1, their livelihood, and No. 2, their ability to perform at the level they need to perform. Melo may have absolutely made the right call for himself; only time will tell.”
Molinaro Maranara
Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) wrote: “Couldn’t believe what I read the other day. Linda Ronstadt, whose voice is silenced by Parkinson’s disease, has only now been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after being eligible for more than 20 years. Short of pretending the ’70s never happened and that any woman in country, rock or pop had a stronger, more identifiable voice, how could anybody overlook Ronstadt for so long?” For me it was Rosemary Clooney in the 50’s, Connie Francis in the 60’s, and Linda Ronstadt in the 70’s.
Dwight Perry related that Norman Chad wrote the time “He attended a Raiders-Chargers game: ‘I would’ve felt safer at a Manson Family reunion.’”
RIP, Bum Philips
The Sports Curmudgeon paid honor to the late head football coach, “Bum Phillips was sort of like the Yogi Berra of the NFL; his quips were great. As a tribute, let me leave you with a few… When asked if he minded being addressed as “Bum”: “I don’t mind being called “Bum”, just as long as you don’t put a “You’ in front of it.” After star running back, Earl Campbell, could not finish the one-mile run that everyone did on the opening day of training camp: “When it’s 1st and a mile, I won’t give it to him.” Assessing Earl Campbell’s abilities: “If he’s not in a class by himself, it doesn’t take long to call roll.” On why he always took his wife with him on road trips: “Cuz she’s too ugly to kiss good-bye.”


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