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November 24, 2013

Week 12 Ravens (5-6) 19 Jets (5-6) 3
This wasn’t a pretty game. The Jets were able to only put 3pts, from a FG, on the board because of the wind.
Geno Smith was 9-22,127yds.,2ints,3 sacks. They rushed 28 times for 55 yds. 35 by Ivory.
Flaco was 17-26,273yds, 1 int, 4 sacks. The Ravens rushed 31 times for 67 yds. Cowboys (6-5) 24 Giants (4-7) 21
There were three bad-calls/non-calls by the Refs which accounted for 21Dallas points. At times it seemed as though the decision had been made that NY shouldn’t be in the game.
Manning was 16-30,179. They had 202yds on 30 runs but were only on 3rd down. They had the same number of penalties as Dallas but NY’s were more game changing than those of the Cowboys. I may seem to be more overly critical but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong
A Cry From The Toy Department
“Get Real,” Said the elf.
What planet houses Robinson Cano? He’s looking to go from $15million/year to $35 million/year with a 10-year deal.
The Yankees might be proposing $24million/year in a 6-Year deal.
These guys must live in an alternate universe filled with telephone number-like contracts.
Social Security recipients are receiving a 1 ¾ %, 1 ¾ %, increase this year that is coupled with rising health care costs.
Remember the suggestion made by Charles Finley to make all the players free agents every year. That might cut down some of those outlandish demands.
MLB GM’s Meeting- Yankees
Andrew Marchand (ESPN.com) “Since Joe Morgan is 70 years old, there is no one to sign to replace Cano as a home run-hitting, left-handed second baseman. So perhaps the Yankees go after Shin-Soo Choo for the outfield, even though they said they weren’t interested. His OPS last season was .885, which was near Cano’s .899. Cano slugged .516, while Choo was at .462.
Shin-Soo Choo 30-yrs old, 9 yrs in MLB, .288 avg, 20 hr, 81 rbi, .854 ops
Omar Infante 31yrs, 12 yrs in MLB, .279avg, 6hr,74 rbi, .721ops
Brian McCann 29-yrs old, 9yrs in MLB, .277avg, 26hr, 97rbi, .823 ops, 7 time all-star, 5 time silver slugger
MLB GM’s Meeting- Mets
Adam Rubin (ESPN.com), “Well, they optimally need two starting pitchers, two outfielders, a new shortstop, a veteran catcher to complement Travis d’Arnaud and some back-end bullpen help leading into Bobby Parnell and Vic Black. They also need to trade at least one of their first basemen. Presumably Ike Davis is the preference to deal, with Lucas Duda an option as well if the offer is better.”
I feel that the Mets should keep Davis and shop Duda.
Who’s On Your Team
The Sports Curmudgeon wrote about 3 of sport’s agent Dave Dunn’s clients: “Dave Dunn is an agent for NFL players – and one with an impressive clientele. I think that Mr. Dunn has had an “interesting year” working with and on behalf of some of his clients in the sense of the old Chinese curse that one should live in “interesting times”. Here are three of his clients in alphabetical order: Alfonzo Dennard: Convicted of felony assault on a police officer in February and sentenced in March to a jail term to commence in March 2014. While on probation, he was arrested for DUI, which is a probation violation, and he pleaded guilty to same. He will be sentenced for that transgression next month. Aaron Hernandez: Do I really need to review the bidding there…? Richie Incognito: [sigh…]
It’s hard to remember that the A-M talks aren’t in the courtroom this is between an individual and his employer. The U.S. Attorney’s office is watching to see what they can use themselves. Mike Fish (ESPN.com) wrote a little bit of a background piece. “For more than a year, investigators for Major League Baseball and Rodriguez have thrown tens of thousands of dollars at potential witnesses and tried various strong-arm tactics in pursuit of patient and clinic medical records. The documents have been key to Rodriguez’s arbitration hearing over his 211-game suspension. An MLB official denies impeding the Florida Department of Health investigation while also suggesting repeatedly that the health investigation was more a regulatory than criminal undertaking and therefore not as serious. A source told “Outside the Lines” the health department ultimately stepped aside from its investigation at the request of federal investigators, but that was after MLB had purchased the documents. The MLB official said its investigators have continued to cooperate with subsequent criminal investigations by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which are focused on a cadre of Bosch associates, doctors and pharmacies.”
The Knicks Haven’t Been Good Traders
Ian Begley (ESPN.com) wrote about a possible trade. I think they need a big more than an injured point, “The New York Knicks continue to dangle Iman Shumpert in trade talks, including a recent proposal to the Celtics that would send the third-year guard and Amar’e Stoudemire to Boston in an effort to obtain star point guard Rajon Rondo, league sources confirmed Sunday.
The Celtics, though, have yet to show interest in the deal, instead preferring to unload forward Gerald Wallace in a trade, sources said.
The Knicks have inquired about Rondo in trade talks before, but both times the Celtics made it clear they were not interested in trading him.
Rondo currently remains sidelined while recovering from February ACL surgery.
Sources did say the Celtics would be willing to take on Stoudemire’s contract if they could unload some of their longer deals, namely those of Wallace and Courtney Lee.
The Knicks may be reluctant to take Wallace back because they’re hesitant to take on salary beyond the 2014-15 season.
The Knicks have three large contracts (Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani) coming off their books at the end the 2014-15 season and would like to be in position to acquire a top-flight free agent.
A trade including Wallace and Stoudemire would seem to benefit the Celtics financially. Boston is in rebuilding mode, and Stoudemire’s contract expires a year before Wallace’s.”


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November 18, 2013

Week 11 Giants (3-6) 27 Packers (5-4) 13
The Giants opened the game by playing in a workmanlike manner. The Packers ramped up their game in Q2 getting 2 FGs including one of 57 yards at the end of the half. The Giants held the Pack to 55 yards on 20 rushes. The day belonged to the defense and special teams with 3 picks (a TD by Pierre Paul). Eli was 25/35, 271 1int and several hits. He was sacked 4 times. Cruz had 8 catches for 119yds out of 256 net yards for the team.
Bills (4-7) 37 Jets (5-5) 14
This is the 1st game after a win, after a bye week, so it was a disappointing frustrating loss where Gino Smith showed how much of a rookie he is. He also showed he was a tough guy.
It was a long, long day for Smith. He was 8-23, 103yds. 4 sacks & 3 ints.
The score card read that the Jets had 134 yards on the ground. But looking closely we’ll see that Chris Ivory ran for 98 on 15 rushes. One of his runs was for 69 yards. If we deduct that we have 22 runs for 36yds. If the pattern holds true, we’ll see a win next week.
Importance To The Jets
Rich Cimini (ESPN.com) listed the 5 players that he felt would have the most influence on the fate of the Jets:
1) Geno Smith as long as he keeps improving
2) Chris Ivory if he stays healthy
3) Santonio Holmes also if he stays healthy
4) Dee Milliner if he plays with maturity
5) Nick Folk- Cimini called him “Captain Clutch”
Jock Jargon
Norman Chad went on a rant about Mike Mayock and his language, “On Thursday nights, downfield blocks are “second-level blocks.” Receivers don’t jump to make catches; they “high-point the football.” Players never fumble; they “put the ball on the ground. In a 15-minute span, Mayock will mention “double A-gap pressure” and “double X stunts on the inside.” If a game goes to overtime, it’s possible he would make his way through the entire alphabet. Random Mayock: “And Hakeem Nicks with those big mitts. He’s got as big a group of two hands as I’ve ever seen. Wall-to-wall Mayock is like being trapped in a telephone booth with a pregnant hyena. If a player dives over the pylon, he’ll give you 20 seconds on the pylon. Heck, afforded the opportunity, he would analyze a doorknob. Seriously, if someone were saying all this stuff sitting next to you in a bar while you’re trying to watch a game, you would leave the bar. If someone were saying all this stuff to you in your own home, you might put your home on the market. I’d like to leave my beleaguered Couch Slouch community with Mayock’s sound bite of the year, from the Sept. 26 49ers-Rams game. I’d give you the context, but I think it’s better appreciated as a stand-alone monument to the maelstrom that is Mike Mayock: “Step. Step. Pat. Burp the baby. And now throw it.”
Carrying The Weight
After I heard a lot of concern being voiced for the physical health over the current group of NFL players( my feeling is that concern is more for economic health by owners), it reminded me of a statement by the late HOF Artie Donovan. He was playing for the Colts when during one play he broke his leg. After he was assisted of the field his coach, Weeb Eubank was advised of the injury. He told Donovan to get back in the game because the injury wasn’t a weight bearing bone.
The Real Reason
It has become apparent that the real reason “Garden Dolan” threw Glen Grunwald overboard and hired Steve Mills as GM is that Mills has even less basketball smarts than Dolan.
Grunwald’s Knicks won 54 games last year (no guarantee for an equal number this year) and he DID learn a lot assisting Donnie Walsh- especially how to say no to Dolan.
I remember the Knicks’ owner set his mind on acquiring LeBron James but wound up with Amar’e, when James went to Miami, because Dolan felt he had to do something, anything, even if it were wrong.
Ricky Rubio from Minny would look good in the Garden. His high-energy game would do a lot to energize the Knicks. Shumpert has heard his name being mentioned as trade-bait with Denver and put some oomph behind him. The Knicks need his D and his ability to play in the back and front court.
Marathon Mile Post
The Sports Curmudgeon quoted Brad Dickson (Omaha World-Herald), “Notwithstanding those items, the thing that seemed to generate the most commentary from the race was Pamela Anderson running – and finishing – the race in a little over 5 hours. She was running to raise money for Haitian relief. Here is an example of the commentary I referred to from Brad Dickson of the Omaha World-Herald: ‘Pamela Anderson finished the New York City Marathon in 5 hours, 41 minutes and 3 seconds. All the men who finished in 5 hours, 41 minutes and 4 seconds have some explaining to do to their wives.’”
More Perry
“Another hockey brawl- this one a postgame affair after Bemidji State upset Ohio State 3-2- resulted in an NCAA-record 303 penalty minutes and19 game disqualifications.
Still not impressed? It was a WOMEN’S hockey game.”
Dwight quoted Fark.com: “Chess grandmaster takes on 10 inmates blindfolded and wins, still has no idea what happened to his billfold and watch.”
Dwight told us that, “Police in Mayville, Wis., arrested a 42-yar-old Bears fan who carried out an alcohol fueled bet and zapped his wife with a taser three times when Chicago upset her beloved Packers.
Hubby got charged, too- with felony possession of an electronic weapon.” The Avis club Bob Molinaro gave us an interesting group of also-rans: “Finishing second in the MVP race in consecutive years puts Angels outfielder Mike Trout in good company. The other back-to-back MVP runners-up: Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Sandy Koufax, Dizzy Dean, Eddie Murray, Cecil Fielder, Albert Pujols, Johnny Mize and Mike Piazza.”

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November 10, 2013

Week 10 Jets (5-4) bye
Giants (3-6) 24 Raiders (3-6) 20
This week’s story is Andre Brown. In his first game back from injury, he had 30 carries for 115 yards and 1TD. His long run for the day was 17YDS. He changed the look of the team with his success.
Eli was 12/22 140, 1TD and 0 picks in the second
The Giants had a terrible 1st half. They gave up 17pts. on turn-overs- an opening KO fumble. A pick-6, and a FG after an int. The score at the half 17-14 R. Special Teams almost gave the game away, with a TD from a fumble and a blocked punt.
Say What?
Giants safety Antron Rolle said that the other NFL guy in the bullying incident was as much to fault as Ritchie Incognito because he didn’t stand up for himself. That’s like saying that it was the murder victim’s fault because he didn’t duck.
Cano’s Gift
Jerry Crasnick (ESPN.com) reported that, “The Major League Baseball Players Association is investigating whether Jay Z might have violated the union’s agent regulations for giving Robinson Cano a $33,900 watch during a recent birthday party for the New York Yankees second baseman in Belgium, sources told ESPN.com.
According to media reports and postings on Cano’s Instagram account, Cano received a limited-edition Shawn Carter Classic Fusion watch by Hublot during an Oct. 22 party in conjunction with his 31st birthday. Jay Z, who helped to design the watch, performed in concert in Antwerp, Belgium, the previous night as part of his “Magna Carta Tour. Cano is represented dually by Creative Artists Agency, which will handle the bulk of his upcoming free agent negotiations, and Roc Nation. A baseball source confirmed to ESPN.com that Cano is seeking a 10-year, $310 million contract from the Yankees, who gave him a one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer before baseball’s Monday deadline. Section 5(B)(5)(a) of the Players Association regulations states: ‘No Player Agent or Applicant shall provide, cause to be provided or promise to provide, any money or any other thing of value to any player, or any person related to or associated with such player, the purpose of which is to induce or encourage such player to use or continue to use any person’s or firm’s services as a Player Agent, Representative, or Draft Advisor.’ There is a clause allowing certain gifts if the player was already a client of the agent; however, any gift exceeding $500 must be disclosed to the union in writing. Players Association officials say the seven paragraphs of rules are meant to ensure that players choose their representatives on merit rather than what the union calls ‘improper inducements.’ Sources said that the Players Association has interviewed several of the principals and that Jay Z could be subject to unspecified discipline if he is found in violation.
Pete’s Take
“In the aftermath of two home plate collisions in the AL Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers last month, officials from other teams reiterated to ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney that they expect the topic of banning that play to be raised again in meetings this winter,” ESPN reported. The “World-Wide Leader” cited Pete Rose’s reaction. “Pete Rose barreled through Ray Fosse to score the winning run in the 1970 All-Star Game in the bottom of 12th inning, seriously injuring the Cleveland Indians catcher and adding a chapter to the hit king’s long place in baseball lore.
“You can’t eliminate that,” Rose said. “If the catcher blocks the plate, that’s what is going to happen. In the case with myself and Ray Fosse, he had the plate blocked. I started to slide head-first. And if I slide, I’m going to break both collar bones.” But Rose called it a natural baseball play. “I hit him before the ball got there,” Rose said of Fosse. “I tried to ask him if he was OK. I mean, that’s part of the game. You can’t take everything away from it.”
“Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane said he told A’s catchers to stay out of harm’s way and to protect themselves rather than block the plate, and Tigers manager Jim Leyland, who retired after the ALCS, said he was also in favor of a ban.”
You Said It, Pal
The Sports Curmudgeon took a shot at the Red Sox by quoting Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com), “Enough, already: The Red Sox have won three World Series in 10 years, so if the mawkish media doesn’t mind, can we drop the hackneyed storyline wherein Boston fans were characterized as captives of some cruel baseball fate – this time because it had been 95 years since the team clinched the Series at Fenway. Such deprivation. Tell it to Cleveland. Or Cubs fans.”
Cote’s Notes
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) quoted “Sir Charles” Barkley by writing, “I must admit this from Charles Barkley made me chuckle: ‘LeBron’s headband is so big, Spud Webb could use it as a shower curtain.”
Watch For It
I’ve already started hearing from PR guys that there will be a “Fight Of The Year” scheduled after the beginning of the new year. The talk is Peter Quillin (30-0, 22KOs) to go against Danny Jacobs (26-1, 23 KOs) in Brooklyn.
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) Patter
“Serbia’s new national airline, Air Serbia, has named its first airplane after tennis star Novak Djkovic, the first of 14 living serbs to be so honored. Royal Jordanian, not to be out done, immediately christened its first Air Jordan.”
“Jayson Carter, a 4-foot-9 walk-on at Rice, finally got into a game and rushed for 1 yard on second-and-eight against UTEP.
In other words, he came up short.”
Bowler’s Journal Magazine is celebrating its 100th anniversary. “Any celebration will be so understated, editors say, that you’ll probably hear a pin drop.” OOF!
My friend Billy Morrison e-mailed this quote to me:
Tennis Instructor Vic Braden-
“My theory is that if you buy an ice-cream cone and make it hit your mouth, you can learn to play. If you stick it on your forehead, your chances aren’t as good.”

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November 3, 2013

Week 9 Giants (2-6) Bye
Jets (4-4) 26 Saints (6-1) 20
This week belongs to the Jets defense. They played with intelligence, passion, and with a plan in mind. They limited the Saints to 41 yards rushing on 13 carries. This included 2 tackles for losses on rushes. The Jets had 2 sacks and 2 ints.
Drew Brees was 30 for 51 and 366 net yards. The Saints only had 2 TDs on the day for all of their yards.
NY rushed for 198 yards on 36 rushes. Chris Ivory had 139 yards on 18 rushes and 1 TD. He had a long run of 51 yards.
A Feel Good Football Story
Mike Wise (DC Post) give us a small insight into the Gallaudet University football program. “Coach Chuck Goldstein’s budget is $131,000 for the year — about $6 million shy of what Grambling State spends on football, counting full-ride scholarships. There are no athletic scholarships in Division III. Heck, there isn’t even extra money for homecoming jerseys — the Gallaudet kids had to take a vote before the season to see whether every player was willing to pony up $60 for a special gold jersey for this Saturday. “We voted yes,” Adam Talaat(6-foot-6, 270-pound-plus player) says, smiling as Goldstein pulls out the jersey from behind his desk. The first and still only institution of higher learning specifically designed for deaf and hard of hearing students, Gallaudet turns 150 years old in April. It’s also the school where the football huddle originated. Honest. Paul Hubbard, Gallaudet’s quarterback in 1894, realized his sign language could be read by the other team. So he pulled his players into a circle so no one could see. Gallaudet’s offensive secrets are still well kept. The Bison average 366 yards per game out of their triple-option running attack this fall, No. 1 in the nation. Gallaudet’s offensive secrets are still well kept. The Bison average 366 yards per game out of their triple-option running attack this fall, No. 1 in the nation. The Bison have 54 players. Their starting offense serves as the scout team for the defense. Their farthest league game is in Bangor, Maine — a 13-hour bus trip, one way. Their closest league game is five hours’ north — in the Bronx. When they bussed to Vermont and when Goldstein got near Albany, he asked Siri on his iPhone for the closest food run and then ordered about 75 sandwiches from Panera. We represent every deaf person in the world every time we step on the field,” Goldstein says. “Look, even if Adham gets a tryout or makes a team, I know I can’t sell the NFL dream here. But these kids love the game. A good football team is a good football team. And they’re never going to do anything to embarrass themselves or the school.” It’s too bad other teams can’t hear that as loud and clear as the kids do at Gallaudet.”
Why Did He Do It?
Greg Cote (MiamiHerald) wrote that Dwight Howard made his decision to leave the Lakers was inspired by a scene from the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. Not sure what’s wireder. That it was. Or that he’d admit it
A Tall Story
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us that, “The tallest man in the world, Turkey’s 8-foot 3 Sultan Kosan, got married. At least one well-wisher says he can’t wait until they start having children.
But enough about John Calipari.”
For What It’s Worth Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) wrote, “He’s served his time and done his public penance, yet according to a Forbes report of a recent national survey, Michael Vick remains the NFL’s most-disliked player. Poor Vick. Whitey Bulger has fewer detractors.”
My first take on the Bernard Hopkins (54/6, 32KO)- Karo Murat (25/1/1, 15KO) match held 10/26 in AC, was that Hopkins is no George Forman. This 48-yr old wasn’t looking to move up in any rankings and was in it just for the money- That’s really not a bad thing. If anyone wants to put up the purse, Hopkins will be there.
Murat only took one round, from a point deduction, on 2 of the cards. The 3rd card gave him 3 round total. Michael Woods the ESPN.com boxing writer gave this recap: “In the second, Murat acted like he’d been stabbed after Hopkins hit him in the body after a break, while he had his back turned.
In the third, a left hook landed on Hopkins. He got Murat back with a lead right late. It was a chippy fight and Murat was making Hopkins labor.
In the fourth, Hopkins did well with the jab and lead rights. Murat kept looking to land heavy shots, especially hooks. Hopkins had asserted more control by now.
In the fifth, Hopkins kissed the back of Murat’s head in a clinch. Hopkins slugged Murat hard after the bell, after he’d been holding his right arm and hitting him.
In the sixth, Hopkins worked the body, looking to sap some strength. Murat nailed Hopkins twice after he threw him to the mat, and got warned. Chippy, big time.
In the seventh, a left hook hurt Murat. Smoger then took a point for an infraction from him. The left eye looked cut but OK on Murat.
In the eighth, Hopkins went to the Murat corner, yapped at them and then turned back to fight. He growled at Murat, and traded and was in one of the most entertaining rounds of his career.
In the ninth, the two traded and Murat landed about four, clean hard shots, maybe taking the round.

In the 10th, the action was busy for so late in the game. Murat by no means folded, he was looking to land hard and clean throughout.
In the 11th, a sharp right for Hopkins excited the crowd late, after another tight round. A slice on Murat’s cheek bothered him some.
In the 12th, a right from Hopkins stunned Murat. Murat went cheap late, looking to headbutt Hopkins after the bell.”